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Baidu Auction back April 1 full online two-level regional promotion, not only to narrow the range of geographical delivery, but also a new account delivery and optimization ideas, the following small brain intelligent bidding software small set of detailed information on the next two-level region how to launch and optimize the account;

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1, analysis of data reports: To understand the impact of different regions;


2, the adjustment account structure: will put the effect of the region to create a separate new plan, independent launch;


3, analysis and evaluation of budget adjustments: Transfer from low ROI to high ROI plan according to the result budget;


4, adjust the bid: enhance the high ROI region bid, focus on optimizing the effect;


5, adjust buy word strategy: High ROI area try to buy more traffic words, enhance the keyword display and conversion rate;


specific operation methods are as follows:


first, through the business, website statistics background analysis of the city data, to find a high conversion rate, ROI High City, focus on the launch;


Second, adjust the structure of the account: increase the geographical extension of the project; structure: Increase the high ROI City promotion plan; Promote the material adjustment: The original plan of the material through the Promotion assistant, copy to the new plan, but in the new plan does not audit period, be sure to keep all the original plans Set the planning region: according to their own actual situation to set up a single promotion of the city, and the new plan on the line, the key words price needs to be readjusted;


Third, continuous observation of the effects of various regions and plans, optimize the adjustment in the later stage, for the transformation of better geographical distribution of more budget; the transformation effect of the region where the plan needs to focus on optimizing the click-through, to ensure the keyword ranked; for a good conversion rate of the region where the plan to try to add more flow of common words, industry words, product words , if it is found that the account plan is more complicated and the organization is complex, it can reduce the complexity of the account by trying to combine the conversion effect in the account and the area with similar bids in the later stage.


two-level region before the line, had to provincial-level as the smallest region, carry out, part of the budget wasted in the business can not cover the area, so two-level region after the line, should fully seize the business coverage area of traffic, to obtain more transformation. So how to replenish the flow? Of course, we need to improve the display, increase the click Rate, the specific operations are as follows:


new words, change the old words (high flow words replace low flow words), optimize the matching, add old words Show, extend the promotion period, bring the surrounding area, optimize the rankings, optimize the creative


flow Expansion of the teleprompter:


a new word. (Baidu promotion system for the account recommended for the account of the word)


Second, replace the keyword without place name, such as, the original account words "Dongguan Plastic Hospital", "Dongguan plastic Beauty Hospital" use two-level region, you can add "plastic hospital", "Plastic surgery Hospital" not only to ensure that the region accurate and effective expansion of the flow. (in the account with more geographical prefix, and a narrow matching mode of advertisers)


Second, add industry words, product generic words, crowd words, such as the full flow of keywords (previously due to limited budget, account flow words do very little, can now add a batch of traffic words for high ROI region).


Three, use the system more teleprompter tool, data Report. such as intelligent optimization package, search term report, etc.


Optimization matching of
flow expansion: Optimal matching is one of the most rapid and effective ways to enlarge traffic coverage.


First, the exact phrase is optimized; (On the premise of sufficient budget).


second, the exact inclusion of the phrase to the synonym contains the optimization; (for projects that show a low volume, you can try).


"core contains" unique "redundancy" strategy, while retaining the core meaning of the keyword, the removal of redundant information, matching more relevant traffic.


by data verification, "core contains" than the original phrase "synonymous inclusion" traffic is about 20% higher, at the same time, the expansion of the flow of relevance, CTR and the original phrase matching basically no difference.


Flow expansion Optimization ranking: Optimization ranking is a good way to improve the display and the number of clicks synchronously.


first, lift the display: Find a high correlation in the account, but show a low number of keywords, enhance the bid.


This part of the word because of the fierce competition in the province, unable to enter the display queue, refining the region should be guaranteed to show. (The province launches when the competition is limited, but Local has certain strength advertisement advocate).


Second, increase the number of clicks: Strive for a higher ranking, get more potential customer attention. (The pursuit of rankings and brand categories, in the local have a certain strength of advertisers).


third, when optimizing rankings and bids, you can use system tools to improve efficiency. Using the "Look at the rankings" package, fast positioning needs to optimize the ranking of the key words.


is not on the left side of the keyword: optimize the bid, achieve keyword push left, enhance the display and click-through


rankings Drop Keywords: optimize bids, keep and promote key word rankings. (Enable the two-level region, the flow of precision greatly improved, must maintain and upgrade the original ranking of key words! )


Search Invalid Keywords: optimized bid, can increase the amount of account display.

expansion of the extension of online time: now reduced in the non-business areas of the show and click, and then the previous set time does not appear ahead of the line, so should be combined with their own situation, increase online time and length. And then get more of the show. (suitable for non-full time promotion, and to enable the two-level area after the situation without hitting the line). The collision line is set after a fixed length of time due to consumption in the setting period before the offline budget and the situation. Such as: An account set promotional period to 21 points, in fact, in 19 because consumption is more than the budget and offline.


flow expansion of the optimization of creativity: creativity is to attract users to click the important link. Optimization of creative ideas can promote the results of clicks, resulting in a click growth.


first, you can try to add in the creative region name, according to the "regional fluttering red" strategy, can enhance the number of creative floating red, the relevance of Internet users to improve, the click rate naturally increased. (applicable to the key words in the account with a non-geographical prefix; Added non-regional keyword after enabling level two)


need to note: Creative add place name, apply to "non-place name prefix word"; If the key words in the unit are more geographical prefix words, in order to ensure the creative fluency, you should not add


second, creative content. Try to optimize creativity according to local netizens ' search habits and language habits, and increase the content of local advantage, "Urban key", "City Top ten" and so on.


third, increase mobile delivery, increase mobile bid ratio column, increase mobile display. (for advertisers who are low in mobile bids or in pursuit of mobile promotion effects).


four, with the surrounding area promotion: for the traffic developed, its own good reputation, holiday want to increase the field of patients advertisers can expand the surrounding area of the launch.


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