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Now many beginners in order to let their station by the major search engines included and headaches, today I came to publish according to my experience how fast I let my new station let the major search engine included it. In the early days of site production many beginners began to do with the top-level domain, some found that their site has not been submitted to the search engine is included, so here I recommend everyone in the site has not done before using the two-level domain name to test the site, with the two-level domain name also has a benefit is that SEO novice in the site to optimize the title is sure , if your station Baidu has been included just not released, so you carry out title modification, Baidu will reduce your site rating, in order to avoid not submitted search engine on the included situation, and we are not filled in the content of the site, and the title, keyword, description is not determined before the use of two domain names, Below to give you a detailed next procedure.

1, the site upload space after the top-level domain name temporarily do not bind, with a level two domain name to test, we do not bind the top-level domain name before, but also in the major forums to leave our top-level domain name, so you can advance the time included.

2, to determine a good page title (title), Keywords (keywords), description (description), to avoid modification.

3, the contents of the first page filled.

4, binding top-level domain name for major search engine submissions.

5, in a forum such as A5 to send their own domain name is best to add links.

6, exchange links, as long as two to three search engines included in the station can be.

The above is my personal to do a new station of the operation of the description, I believe we have a new station how to let search engines have a certain understanding of the operation is also very simple, in the case of no accident, three days your station must be indexed by the search engine.

This is my SEO operation in some of the experience to share with you, welcome everyone to have time to visit my website,, contact: qq:595976867. Reprint please keep this link!

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