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First of all, thank you prawns see me this article, younger brother New one, is learning to operate the website, through the A5 to improve a lot of learning, now summed up I do the site drip. From my current operation of the two stations, it is estimated that Baidu, Google these days in the operation is relatively fast, spiders can quickly read my station, half a month time included a lot, and the snapshot also speeded up. For the new station in such a short period of time can do so, there must be his value, it is worth studying.

The first possibility is to first select a good keyword. The key word is the most important and the most crucial step, is the site positioning. To run what kind of Web site, it is best to first look at the existing situation of similar sites, because as long as your site online, it will become your competitors. Query the corresponding method has, first view the weight of the type of Web site, followed by the flow of information, if the number of visitors, then the type of site can become the first step to be sure. The second step is to locate the keyword, you can go to Baidu Index to check the corresponding keyword search, not the more the more favorable, the more, the more competitive index, your site to the front is difficult, too little, others old sites have done so long, not to mention you a new station, to bring rankings is also difficult. Here we have to consider the tradeoff between the choice and good analysis.

The second possibility is the domain name. Do the station before, read a lot of books to check a lot of information, Domain name choice is the most important. First, the domain name preferably with the content of the site has a certain degree of association, it is best to input English letters in the search engine, while the search box Drop-down list can show the corresponding Chinese name, if you choose the domain name that has been registered by someone else, you have to analyze whether the domain name has been punished records, if punished, It's hard to get a good ranking, not to be registered, preferably.

It may be said that the site's domain name is estimated to register for a long time, before the site also do related content, accumulated a certain chain, Baidu has a certain weight so included fast, but my site can exclude this possibility, because my site is no one used, is in this year March 27 only registered, April 3 on-line; Another website was registered last year, but it was March 30.

The third possibility is the content of the website. Originality is very good, general a new station out, a lot of stationmaster in order to be able to fill the blank of the website quickly, a lot of collect other people's website to paste over. It was a beautiful mistake in the beginning. New station to be recognized, the first and most important things-content, must be the original basis to be modified, become original, and even original. Just started to do the station, certainly can not escape the hard energy, so I chose to use time to do in return, the site is almost all original works.

Four may, outside the chain of help. Just start to think good links to help estimate is very difficult, so the chain to do a good job. To often to some of the weight of the site above the spider, such as Tianya, Sina, A5, webmaster home, such as large web site to publish articles, write soft text. If the article is a good wave reprinted, then your site will be the weight of a certain increase. So the search engine included the opportunity to speed up greatly increased.

There may be other factors, of course:

First: The problem of space, it is best to choose some stable and relatively good speed of the space to store their own site, so as to avoid the problem of space and affect the operation of the site. Of course, I am not satisfied with the space of my website at present.

Second: "Content for the King", the site should pay attention to regular updates every day, and the best is original, false original articles, must not be able to squeeze other people's articles, affixed to their own website up. Otherwise, this will not only be useless work, but beware of being punished by search engines.

Third: "Outside the chain for the Emperor", the site has just begun, need to do a certain chain, but to moderate, not too much. Because every move you have is likely to be monitored by search engines. or the content as a guarantee of the situation to do outside the chain, to the major well-known sites published articles, Post replies is the most basic.

Four: Website structure optimization. As we all know, search engines hate site code a lot, irregular. Used to be most of the table, which is familiar form, but now the opportunity to change to the div form, the reason is here, the DIV layout can make the site's code volume greatly reduced. Here you choose Template, CMS should also be noted.

This article first A5 net, by Http:// stationmaster original, reprint please keep the website.

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