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Recently a lot of sites have been down right, as for the reasons are not very clear. Either speculate is the reason for changing the title, or that the revision led to. If we are not clear what causes the right to fall, then how to take a targeted approach to restore the rankings? Below describes how to find the reason, how to recover:

The first thing to understand is the Baidu algorithm update rules:

Baidu's update will be based on the weight of the page to distinguish, not all the content of the internet Baidu need to be included, Baidu's server is also limited, so just included part of the content. For example, the Aladdin algorithm of Baidu said, Aladdin algorithm is a dark net. If the Internet content is an iceberg, Baidu included content is the tip of the iceberg, so there is a large number of content is not included. So what are the rules for inclusion and renewal? According to our analysis of more than 2000 cases of power down in 6 years, we found that if it is a structural change, that is, the changes in the station path, the changes in the program, the site's revision, and the hanging of the horse will lead to the inclusion of problems need 4-6 weeks. If the outer chain and space cause, this with the external chain effective time is related, according to our statistics, about 2 weeks and more than 2 weeks time. With this rule is good to do, with time as the Axis record in the right before the fall of the time inside what we do, and then find out why.

How to operate to find out why

First of all, we have to take the time to record down the right before the 2 months of all our operations, such as the right to fall from the first one months before the loss of the chain, and then pushed forward 1.5 months to modify the title. Then you can judge the site down right is not related to the chain, because the outside of the chain of effective time is 2 weeks, and your site is outside the operation of the one-month down right, so do not need to repair the chain. But if the site down the right before the 2 months without changes to the title and no revision, and not be linked to the trojan caused by a sharp decline, but the right before the one months or half a month lost a lot of the chain or links to cancel a part of the link or one months time changed space. So this time that our site is due to the outside chain or space for the cause.

To sum up: in our mastery of structured updates (title modification, Revision, change procedures, hanging Horse delete) is 2 months of time, unstructured update (chain loss, space) is half a month to one months after the time, we began to record time for the previous 2 months of operation, and then exclude, find the reason.

The ranking caused by the restoration of the right to fall

1, if it is to modify the title caused by the right to drop, then we have to see whether the spider has crawled our new title. You can see from the IIS log after we modify the title Spider has come to our site to crawl content, if not then we can revert to the previous title, if the content has been crawled, then we do not modify.

2, the revision, change the procedure caused by the right to drop. Usually this kind of problem needs to restore the site before the content, if the space backstage has been documented, so long can restore the database, if there is no record of recovery. At this time only through the 301 jump to the previous page, if the site only dozens of pages will be a page jump. If it is a good thousands of tens of thousands of page, then the other page to jump to the home page, submit 404 pages.

3, Hanging Horse Delete. After the horse site will generate a large number of pages, these pages will lead to a substantial increase, from our deletion after the beginning of the half month or one months will lead to the right to drop. After the deletion to the Webmaster platform to submit 404 pages, and use robots to screen dead links.

4, outside the chain led to the right to drop. We say the lack of what is not, so the chain after the loss of the need to do some high weight outside, such as soft text links, links, shops links.

Summary: For the right to reduce the problem we first have to do data analysis, analysis from the right of the day from the 2 months of all operations. Then according to Baidu Algorithm update law to find the cause of the right to fall, for each reason to take targeted measures.

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