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As a novice is mostly timid, fearing, want to build a website but do not know where to build the site, even if you know that the host is also afraid of IDC is a dishonest trader. On the host of adjectives: fooled, unstable, unsafe, expensive, very poor, downtime and other words can be used on.

How do you choose a host as a novice? Today is a simple talk.

At present, the domestic server industry is a mixed bag, let stationmaster suffered torture, don't say novice, is mixed in the network of veteran also often worry about the host.

The main problems of domestic mainframe are as follows:

1, the record. Now to build a station in the country, then only a Web site, as long as there are independent domain names are required to the local authority for the record, which is a mental oppression, not very cool. Of course, you follow the requirements of the record can be, not so headache, photo, mailing materials, patient waiting. But then there is a problem, such as you in the host company for the record, the record number down, but not long time to find this host is really rubbish, technology, services are poor, unbearable, change the host business bar. Of course, but change the host to the record, you say you how to do, say really sometimes want to die or want to let some people die feeling have, don't say hello to whose mother.

2, True and false. Site anyone can build, through search to find a host, optimistic about a host, through chat also feel good, but always feel wrong, dare not easily pay. Because you have not heard of this host, Baidu information is very little, there is a certain amount of search, but comments mixed. Formal has the license to record, but the website who can not do one, not easy to check. This feeling is like buying a lottery ticket, or good or bad luck.

3. Quality. 1G Virtual host has more than 200 year, also has more than 1000 year, there are more expensive. What the hell is going on? Price Bureau has no documents, the NDRC has no approval, in the end how much money to sell?? NET friends say a penny price, in the end how? 200 is very bad, 2000 more is good? To tell you the truth, only you pay the money you know who the good who the poor, do not care how much, this is just a gimmick.

3. Line. Telecommunications, China Unicom, Netcom, the global Qualcomm, in the end how to pass, BGP, CDN, VM and so what are the birds, I am a novice I fear who ah?? Indeed, the line problem is also webmaster friends to consider the issue, telecommunications, Netcom has its own distribution area, if not so much on the line. "I just went all the way," said Nurhachi, who was the key to the Thrall victory, and we were only so tender.

4. Type. At present, the domestic host market is still relatively hot, the economic development speed, and all enterprises have a website, the number of personal stationmaster also rises year in, no matter stationmaster earns not, do host business must be earned. Virtual host, VPS, cloud host, shared host, dual-line host, BGP host, rental, hosting, rental and so on, flowers blossom Ah. A host business a gimmick, how to choose, we still have to carefully ponder ah. In fact, this is the host business strategy, either the virtual host, or VPS, or the host rental, the other is a number of technical terminology, is purely fooled consumers, the difference is there, but the general user where to experience.

The above is only a number of domestic host business problems, there may be other, but these are the most play people. So many questions, how should the novice choose his own host? Use Chinese Medicine "Hango" to solve.

1, look, is to see. One depends on the certificate. The normal host has the operating permit, has the record, sees the license, looks at the record file, verifies the good, certainly this is only a means, even if all has also cannot say is the good host, the celestial land on what magical thing all has. Second look at the characterization. Since it is the host business that can not only you a customer, to see if there are other cases, the station of others how to run, if someone can release a probe and things like that would be better. Watch more and test more.

2, smell, hear, is to find comments. There are a lot of host evaluation site, you can check, or some use, but do not rule out collusion between the collusion, pay attention to observation, praise can not believe, poor evaluation can not be full letter, most of the fancy commentary. In addition, you can also go to Baidu to know, search and ask questions and answers platform to find related issues. Since you have a problem, maybe someone else has the same problem with you, and you have asked before. Similarly, do not only look good, especially these platforms are entrusted, or carefully observe it. Not really. We Taobao, Pat such a shopping platform, some host operators also use the shopping platform to sell their host, since the dare to use 7 days Package Exchange Services, you are afraid of what, do not come to the evaluation. Oh, yes, nothing to shoot. To the shopping platform to see what the good sales, there is no your goal, if you have to see the comments of friends, of course, not only the poor, or more reference to the review.

3. Ask and question. Bullish, ask customer service, general again poor host has customer service, or who dares to pay. Contact customer service to ask the host, your station can put, there are no requirements, record how to do; At the same time also look at customer service attitude, technical content, etc., the best you have to pay the first few nights, at midnight you can start to see the Spectator service is still not working, ask some difficult words, and then look at customer service attitude. Because the site is 24 hours running, the site in the night the odds of an anomaly is much larger than the day, say a lot of webmaster use night traffic, server pressure, small impact of the case for the record, update, maintenance and so on, then the problem to find customer service you unavoidably. There is a friend of the peer, the general server with the individual site has webmaster contact, you can find and good sound good language to ask some questions, General webmaster Friends are very enthusiastic, don't be afraid of, ask a few more, not all is entrusted bar. Ask no questions. You can also go to some webmaster forum posts asked. Ask Baidu, ask customer service, ask Netizen, ask stationmaster.

4, cut, is to start. Many hosts have the opportunity to test, one day or 7 days, and so on, make good use of your test opportunities, it is best to upload a probe, record the parameters of the host, to see the formal operation during the period of your testing a different. More observation and your IP site situation, if you are independent of the IP to see other hosts on the site, is not very stable. How long does it take for FTP to upload a compressed package? Whether support on-line decompression, there is no webmin such control Panel, support does not support two domain name, can open multiple stations and so on, that is, your production environment will appear problems you have to test the next look, even if you can not test, the best in advance and customer service communication, In order to avoid disputes also have a chat record as a voucher.

Hango finished, do not know whether to speak clearly, this is only the way to speak, did not say who the host good. Eight recount, this is just a little bit of my experience, perhaps you do not agree, it is because you have more combat operations. If possible, please share it out, let us these grassroots webmaster live more chic point bar. My experience can also be used in the U.S. mainframe purchase, but test your foreign language level.

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