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With the rapid development of society, everyone for convenience, internet shopping has become a way of people's lives. The advantages of online shopping: High transparency, simple operation, save time, purchase a wide range, fast logistics. Believe that most girls have the habit of online shopping. So how to let customers as a business faster in the vast Internet to find their own it? Customers enter the site at the first glance is the page layout, with the optimization of the means to set the layout can guide customers to click, to Buy, thereby contributing to consumption. The following Fujian SEO blog based on their own experience to talk about the layout of the shopping site page How to set it?

Offline store and online shopping site is different

1, Offline entity shop, the most prominent feature is that there is a special sales staff to introduce products to customers, shops need rental costs, customers pick things to see touch.

2, online Internet site. Do not worry about rent issues, the site has online customer service to customers to consult the relevant problems, customers choose their own products-orders-completed.

General Online shopping site customer service can not guide customers, is very passive. For this online shopping page layout is very important to display.

Set up feature modules for product detail pages

Webmaster are aware that the offline entity stores have a special staff for you to describe the product details, said that you are satisfied. Online shopping? The user will do a detailed understanding of a product, if the product page is not attractive enough, the customer will not order. Offline entity stores often have marketers involved, will tell you a lot of words, introduce a piece of clothes how good? Wearing on the body is almost like an angel, the customer feel for their own beauty, everything is worth, the last deal is thus produced. So stationmaster should have creative spirit, call today Net buys Hot topic, can introduce certain activity in product page, for instance "five anniversary, full 10 percent", this is not very attractive customer, want not buy to buy hard.

Optimize META tags for web sites

Keyword layout must naturally appear, do not let customers feel deliberately in the accumulation of keywords, affect the effect. You can appear 1-2 times in the article where it appears. Good keyword layout can give customers a good user experience, naturally make the list more likely.

As the saying goes, a good title has half the chance to make a list, the title to be written to be enough to attract people, so that users have a strong desire to click.

For product description, you can add some shopping messages, baby sales number, with the number to speak! Data can represent everything, and can also make customers buy accounts. Try to highlight the customer's purchase of the product after what effect and use, more to say some benefits.

Finally, to lead customers to consume, in fact, these are only a small part, Zhang Yuxi share a little of their experience, more on the small details of everyone to practice, do not let the site passive for customers to guide services, improve user experience, should take the initiative to collect information, understand the needs of users is the key. Third, the customer refinement, targeted recommendations and personalized service page layout, so as to guide customers to achieve the psychological needs of consumption, facilitating transactions.

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