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believe that for the education Network and 169 of the network users, proxy server is more familiar. Having a good agent not only can access most of the resources on the Internet, but also can sometimes improve the speed of the network, save us a lot of money.

So what is a proxy server, what is the advantage of it, how do we use it? Here we will explain:

What is a proxy server?

Agent Server (proxy server), from its name is not difficult to understand, is acting, its role and now a variety of agents almost.

as the Education Network and 169 of users, they can not directly visit foreign sites, and the network speed is also surprisingly slow, so many network functions can not be used. The most typical example is not to use ICQ, because ICQ servers are abroad, not directly connected. So at this time the proxy server plays a vital role.

usually we visit the site is directly connected to the destination host, using a proxy server, you can first connect with the proxy server, and then our request (such as we want to know which page content) to tell the proxy server, by the proxy server to help us take down. General Proxy Server has a large cache, buffering, which keeps the new data stored on its memory, and if the browser's requested data already exists on its native memory and is up to date, it does not get the data back from the Web server. The data is transmitted directly to the user's browser, which can significantly improve the browsing speed and efficiency.

There are usually two types of
proxy servers, HTTP proxies and SOCKS5 proxies. HTTP proxies are used to browse Web pages, its ports are typically 80 and 8080, but there are 3128 other ports, and the SOCKS5 proxy can be viewed as a versatile agent, whether Telnet, FTP, or IRC chat, which typically has a port of 1080.

second, proxy server settings

use a proxy server does not need any special software, as long as the proxy server to know the address and port on it. Here are some of the most common software setup methods:

Proxy settings for

1, view (V)

2, Internet option (O)

3, Connection

4, accessing the Internet via a proxy server

5, insert the address and port of the proxy server you find in

6, OK--Start browsing

Proxy settings for

1, Tool

2, Internet Options

3, Connection

4, set (S)

5, using Proxy server

6, insert the address and port of the proxy server you find in

★ for LAN users, you should click the "Connection" tab under "local Domain Settings" to set up the agent

NETSCAPE 4.x Proxy setup method:

1, Edit

2, Preferences

3, Advanced

4, proxies

5, Manualproxyconfiguration

6, View

7, insert the address and port of the proxy server you find in

Opera Proxy setup method:

1, set (P)

2, Proxy option (P)

3, insert the address and port of the proxy server you find in

above is a number of browser proxy settings, are similar, as long as the proxy server and prxoy the words on the line, such agents are generally HTTP proxy, and the following agent mainly used SOCKS5 agent.

ICQ Proxy Settings method:

If you are using ICQ for the first time, you will be prompted to choose whether to use a proxy when you install it. If you want to change the agent, please see below:

1, start ICQ

2, change simple mode to advnced mode (if it is advanced mode, you do not have to change)

3, point ICQ (Main menu), select Preferences (attributes) option

4, in owner Prefs for: ... Window select connection (connect) page

5, select I ' m using a permanent Internet connection (LAN) (LAN) and I an behind a firewall or I. (using a firewall), click Firewall settings (firewall setting)

6, select I am using a SOCKS5 Proxy server (using the SOCKS5 type Proxy server, ICQ2000 later version supports HTTP proxy) then click Next

7, in the SOCKS5 host box, fill in a proxy server address and port number (default is 1080), click Next

8, click Check My firewall/proxy Setting (verify firewall settings), after a while, if your Proxy is available, it will show success success (success), Dot done

9, in owner Prefs for: ... Window dot OK

Network Ant proxy setting method:

1, Edit

2, option (options)

3, Proxy

4, choose "Use proxy"

5, fill in the HTTP proxy server address and port you find, User ID and password not fill

6, you can also set the FTP proxy, set the method and HTTP as

7, press OK to

Proxy settings for

1, Options

2, Setup

3, Global settings

4, Firewalls

5, in the firewall IP address column to fill the proxy server

6, firewall port number fill in the mouth, the default is 1080

7, below selected socks firewall

8, determine

three, where to find the agent

usually people do not use their regular proxy server to tell others, because the use of more people will naturally slow. But there are many Web sites and BBS posted proxy server address, you can use the search engine to check the proxy or agent.

In addition, there are many search agent tools available online, and you can use these software to find many useful agents.

four, attention matters

1, some people may ask, who is so stupid in the provision of free agent AH? Yes, it's really confusing, usually because of an administrator's negligence, or a strategy that a website takes to attract users. So everyone in the process of use do not do illegal things, so as to avoid the agent to bring unnecessary trouble.

2, do not use agents to transmit the sense of data. You use the agent, although the outside world can not know what your IP is, but for the proxy server, it is completely transparent, which means that all the data you transmit by the Proxy server record. Do not use proxies if significant economic problems are involved.

3, when using the Search Agent tool software, will greatly consume network resources, which may cause your other network applications can not use, such as not even a site. So don't worry, just stay awhile.

Agent Hunter is a very good domestic software, the author's homepage "" to provide software free download, and have detailed instructions, in addition, the following Web site also has the use of instructions:

below, I also said some of the simplest operation, is to not like to see please experts do not joke.

For example to search for a university Kluwer online database Proxy Server, the operation is as follows

The first step of course is to open the program, set the IP range, and then click "Add Task" in "Search task" in the task type select "Search URL range", click "Next", "Add", type the URL you want to search the range, such as: to "OK".

set the port range: "Next", in the port and protocol to select "Add", select "Single Port", 8080,http, must search, OK, repeat this step, 8000.80 are selected as a must search port, complete

Set Search parameters: System, parameter settings, verify data settings, add, verify the address is, verify the string as "Kluwer Login"

Then, click Start (blue arrow)

How to find a proxy server

1. Find all your databases on the home page of the corresponding school. (such as: Skynet search: Kluwer Online), mostly in the library.

2. Find the IP range of the school and find it in previous posts.

3. Find the proxy server you want by proxy hunter, add a task---Search the range---Add---Type the range of URLs (such as to to search for, and set the validation parameter to http://"IP Login" and start searching

4. Wait patiently for your own proxy server.

the Division of network resources.

with the development of the Internet, and the rise of the global information industry, more and more traditional rely on the print edition of Science magazine to use the network as the media, even, there is a full reliance on online media magazine. The online magazine is divided into so many categories.

1. Free, such as PNAS and Sciencemag, for Chinese users, all articles are free to see the full text.

2. Not completely free, such as Jbc,plantcell, the latest installments of these magazines can not get the full text, the need to wait until a certain period of time before you can see the full text, this period is different from the magazine, from 1 months to 2 years. See also: Http://

3. Completely not free, such as Nature,cell and so needless to say, if you want to read the full text, you must first pay enough money to do, and, these magazines are very expensive, an article, probably need to 8~30 dollars.

4. In addition, large log magazines are included in some commercial databases, if you can use these commercial databases such as Ideal,sciencedirect, then, a lot of medical and biological magazines, can see the full text.

5. The above classification, is my own opinion, not completely reasonable and strict, such as, nature, the latest issue of some articles are free to see the full text, ginseng

for the above categories, the first category is not considered in the list, the second category if not hurry, also can not be considered, the third, the fourth can be used to search the password method, or find a proxy method, in my view, the latter may be more stable and more reliable, after all, the password can be changed at any time, And also with the expiration time.

I sleepy, tomorrow to tell you the specific method

for the above analysis of the network literature resources, for the literature can not be free, we have two main countermeasures:

1. Search for passwords, this is mainly for some of the less stringent control of the literature site or data companies, for English magazines, Google can find the required password, such as the use of "magazine name" or "Database name" + "password" or "username" Often can find some important magazine's password, this aspect information, Hashimoto,huangwei's predecessor's album, All has the very splendid elaboration. For Chinese databases, such as Wanfang, Journal network, etc., I feel skynet more effective than Google,, keyword can choose "Wanfang" + "username" + "password", generally can be found, but note that the issue of the Mirror of the periodical network, A mirrored user name and password may not work for another mirror.

2. Find agents, for some databases, especially for some important databases, such as ScienceDirect and ideal, they mostly rely on the IP address restrictions, or the IP address and password of the double restrictions, then, for these databases, The mere search for a password has not been resolved, which requires that we be able to identify some reliable proxies for using these databases or magazines through proxy servers.

Another advantage of
using a proxy server is that it also provides some information resources beyond the database resources. For example, some schools offer book, and CA is also resolved by proxy.

the content of the parameter set part, how can the setting of various time be more reasonable, and what mechanism, the problem of the agreement and the difference point?

The setting of the
parameter section is not very difficult,

like the setting of time, set at 20 enough, usually over 20 of the search out agent speed is usually not very fast, like what I found today, Thai University, I found 414 agents, I set the time parameter is 50, of course, about half of the agent speed is relatively slow (I found so much is purely funny) , usually an efficient and fast agent, the time to verify free is usually very fast, probably <=3.

another is to verify the data settings, this is also very simple, if just search a university agent, verify that the site with Sohu, Yahoo Ah, enough, if it is to search for a proxy can enter the database, you must use the characteristics of the database string, I give an example, If you want to verify that an agent can enter ScienceDirect, we set up a verification site, feature string: Quick search:.

In addition, the port setting is also very simple, the specific port corresponding to the specific protocol, such as: 1080 corresponding socks,80 http.

more than just simple parameter settings, generally enough for the Agent hunter!!!

from the Proxyhunter parameter setup, continue our discussion about the agent. I am a superficial person, no time and energy to study the deep-seated things, I just put my experience and lessons in practice to tell you, if you can search for good, I have been very satisfied.

First of all, from the support of the operating system, I feel that windowsxp,2000 's support for Hunter is better than the 98 system, which has two reasons, 1. Is the proxy search in proxyhunter default settings (connection timeout setting 5, validation timeout setting 20, Number of concurrent connections), XP and 2000 can be browser browsing at the same time, while 98 often cannot be done, 2. In some cases, the same parameter settings, in 2000 and XP can be found in the results of the search in 98 can not be searched, on this issue, if there is a master can explain, I am very willing to listen to the teachings. Based on the above conclusions, I prefer to use the 2000 and XP systems for Proxyhunter.

Some other parameters, Phoenixmoon said has been very good, I have some additions, I am in the agent search, never changed his time parameter settings, I think, the default time parameters for everyone, is already very good, the default settings in the loss of a certain agent speed, To ensure the integrity of the search results, I mean, if there is an agent, in your search for this time period, due to more users, and may lead to the connection and verification of the time is longer, if you set the connection and validation of the time parameter is too small, then in your search results, you may miss this agent, Perhaps the number of users in this agent is not like so much in this time period.

If you use a cat to surf the internet, or find one or two agents available in a short time, I suggest you set the time parameter to a very small, general connection can be set to 3, or even set to 1, and the validation parameters can be set to 3 to 5. In fact, this setting is enough for most people.

added that for foreign universities proxy Server, we may wish to have some patience, the time parameter set a little longer. My experience shows that the connection time abroad is generally 3-5, verification time is often greater than 5, but if used up, speed is also very fast, no more than the domestic connection time 0.0, verification time 0.* agent slow how much, this is experience, specific why, I am not too clear, or consult Master bar.

for validation parameter settings, I only talk about some of the domestic institutions of higher learning settings, because I and many friends, like every day, are only in the domestic circle of the Education network computer, so, or to the inside on par. In our opening posts, I am talking about these things, but, too simple, listen to OKCXL's advice, let us say in detail:

And look for foreign agents different, take the most concerned about the ScienceDirect as an example, Foreign agents often refer to, but the domestic agent is not so, they are just connected to the domestic sdos mirror, so if you just look for domestic proxy server, and the validation parameters set to http://'s character string Quick Search, then, unless you can be so fortunate, to find a network can be directly outside the education Proxy server ^_^ (do you think your luck index is so high?) Otherwise, your search should be without a result because the domestic sdos mirror URL is not

Web site of various bibliographic databases

Chemical Mainstream Database




know the proxy server!

What is a proxy server?

Proxy Server is a server between the browser and the Web server, when you surf the Internet through a proxy server, the browser is not directly to the Web server to retrieve the page but to the proxy server to send a request, the proxy server to retrieve the information required by the browser and sent to your browser. Also, most proxy servers have buffering capabilities, it keeps storing new data on its native memory, and if the browser's requested data already exists on its native memory and is up to date, it does not re-enter the data from the Web server and transmits data directly from the storage to the user's browser. , which can significantly improve browsing speed and efficiency. Proxy Server (proxy) is an important security feature provided by Internet link-level gateways, and it works primarily in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)-Type dialog layer, with the main features:

1, connect the Internet and the Intranet as Firewall (firewall): Because all intranet users through Proxy server access to the outside, mapping only to an IP address, so the outside can not directly access to the internal network, and can set IP address filtering, Restricts access to external to the intranet. For security reasons, many places have established firewall, and using proxy can break through the limitations of the firewall. Similarly, proxy can be used to restrict the blocking of IP addresses and prohibit users from accessing certain Web pages. For example, most domestic proxy is forbidden to access the * * * (IS * * * COM not * * * org, the latter is American volunteers! , the forbidden Word will appear as a warning once you attempt to access it. If you want a playboy to the newsstand, you may not only get it, but you will be taught a lesson. What a @#$%^&&*. This restriction is man-made, different serve to the address of the blockade is different. So one can try another if you can't. (for example, a geocities blockade of the previous period)

2, Save IP Cost: As mentioned earlier, all users only occupy one IP, so do not have to rent too much IP address, reduce the maintenance costs of the network. Of course, there are disadvantages, such as many network * * * through this method to hide their real IP address, and escaped surveillance.

3, Improve access speed: Typically, the proxy server sets a larger hard disk buffer (which may be as high as several gigabytes or more), and when there is outside information passed, it is also saved to the buffer, and when other users access the same information, the information is directly removed from the buffer, passed to the user, To improve access speed.

two, what person set up proxy server?

set up proxy server is mainly ISP and some intranet companies, enterprises and units. ISP set up proxy server is generally to reduce data traffic, improve the user's browsing speed, it lets its users through the proxy server to access the WWW network, so that for a considerable number of recurrent data access, the proxy server can be directly transmitted to the user without duplicating the download; They may rent a dedicated line or dial-up Internet, but only this one machine can surf the Internet, then install a proxy server software on it, so the other machines of the intranet can also access the Internet through this proxy server.

three, who uses a proxy server?

The most direct users are, of course, the Education Network and the network of Science and technology in the IP restricted access to foreign resources of the poor masses, they can search through the ChinaNet of those who do not have set restrictions on the proxy server, so that access to foreign resources through proxy server.

The second largest user base for the
proxy Server is 169 users, who typically only wander within 169 networks and must access the Internet through proxy servers spanning 169 networks and chinanet. (This is what we need, hee ...) )

In addition, some 163 users or education technology network can directly access foreign users for some kind of need (such as hidden identity) also search and use proxy server.

Four, what is a free proxy server?

in the use of proxy hunters and other software search Proxy server address, will appear in the validation status bar similar to the "to password", "free" and other words.

If you set the proxy address for password to be a proxy server, when you visit the Web page, a dialog box pops up asking for "username" and "password". This means that the proxy server is not free to use, you need to register with him to get the username and password to use. Of course, if you are a code master (***! ), let's go! If you are lucky, the following "username/password" may be used: "USER/PASSWD", "Demo/demo", "Guest/guest", "Temp/temp", "Share/share" (sometimes add numbers to the password, Like Guest2, etc.).

If you set your "free" address to a proxy server, you will find that you won't be asked to enter your password when you visit the Web page. This is the "Free proxy server". Why would there be free?

1, is the system loophole, once be found by network management will be blocked;

2, is a kind of network management and other people have the opportunity to approach the mainframe, the machine set up a proxy server;

3, is the real kind-hearted people, is the machine as a free agent for the benefit of our colleagues. That's admirable! But the closure is also the fastest.

4, is the ISP in order to improve the impact, in a period of time free open, generally very short.

v. About Proxy server speed

use Agent Hunter 2.8 and the following version of the search authentication proxy address is, will appear similar to "Free 3 seconds", "Free 15 seconds", and so on, where 3 seconds, 15 seconds refers to the response time of the proxy server, the shorter the time, indicating the speed of the proxy server faster, the use of course the more fun!

in the following version of the Agent Hunter 3.0, the validation time bar changed to "Time feature", the display is similar to this: "0.9|1.3|2.6", "26.3|0.0|26.3", these three time is represented: Connection time, first receive data time, total verification time. Of course, the smaller the value the better.

determine the speed of a proxy there are many factors, mainly:

1. The network where the free proxy server resides. We use proxy mainly to go abroad, therefore, the four networks of export bureau bandwidth directly determines the speed of the proxy. At present, in addition to the net in the 16M above, the other is around 2.6M, the speed of its proxy is naturally different.

2. Performance of the proxy server. The previous article mentions that proxy is just a big cache, so the size of its hard disk and the bandwidth of the network affect speed. It's the same as your own machine.

3. The distance between the proxy server and your machine. As mentioned in the previous article, Proxy is primarily for a particular object, and its geographical distribution is usually not too extensive. And the majority of netizens are not necessarily with you use the distance between the proxy is how far. Naturally, the farther away the distance, the slower the speed.

4. The situation of the site you are visiting. This is also the reason that affects the speed of proxy. I accidentally connected to an American Web page, with traffic reaching 27k/s! Saw it's introduction just found that the other side set up unexpectedly is T3 line! You want to visit each other's site, naturally to the other side of the standard, like two different speeds of the same modem. Unfortunately, many netizens often overlook this point.

5. Local machine. The performance configuration of the machine you are using. Generally speaking, the speed of the proxy is not very significant. Might as well add some memory, set more cache and so on.

Several misunderstandings of
proxy server author: Flying Snow Xuan

now Proxy Server (proxy) is a hot issue on the network, many newsgroups have opened a special discussion of the column, and almost all the more famous browser, download software, mail transceiver software support proxy server, it seems not to support proxy server is very backward. But is the proxy server really as powerful as it claims to be? The following is the author's theory and the use of experience to talk about some of the current proxy server misunderstanding.

the speed of browsing is faster after using the agent?

probably a lot of people will tell you that the use of proxy server after a lot of speed of browsing, and many books also said that many are not rich friends to choose a proxy server because of this----since the book said so, should not be wrong? But is this really the case? Unfortunately, This is not the case in most cases. Let's see, what is the principle that a proxy server can speed up browsing? Its basic idea is to keep the content of the Web site that the user has browsed on the cache (hard disk) of the proxy server. When other users want to browse the same site, the proxy server can direct the information from its own disk, saving time and data traffic from the real server. And we know that the most important factors restricting the speed of data transmission are:

1. Line quality;

2. Connection speed of your modem and ISP modem;

3. The physical distance between the proxy server used and your computer;

4. The level of busyness of the proxy server itself.

Of these, 1 and 2 are already settled, we generally can not change, 3 is a very important factor in the speed of control. Let's make a metaphor: you choose a foreign proxy server, to browse a domestic 1 63 sites, at this time to use the proxy server quickly? or just browsing the site quickly? The answer goes without saying that everyone knows. If you don't believe it, you can use ping to test who has a short response time. For most of the 1 69 users who are only around the country, using a proxy server may be slower. And for the fourth constraint, some friends might think that a proxy server is helpful when we browse some very busy sites----because the proxy server keeps its content on the proxy server, no longer downloading pages from a real web site during the visit, so avoid the heavy traffic jams on these busy sites and the speed of browsing should be faster. But they may have overlooked the problem: the number of proxy servers is not many, can provide free service of the proxy server is less, and these free servers are not designed for one person, you can use, other people of course can also use, especially many friends also through the proxy server on foreign sites, so, The level of traffic congestion on proxy servers is likely to be more severe than that of popular websites. Therefore, the proxy server is not necessarily able to improve browsing speed, only you choose a closer to your computer and not busy proxy server, in order to effectively enhance the speed of browsing. In my opinion, the most important proxy server application is common Internet cafes in the proxy server, it is responsible for all the workstations in the LAN browsing requirements, all the data has been browsed buffer, because the LAN server and workstation is not far away, and the workstation is not much, So at this time the Proxy server acceleration function is very prominent. And we directly use modem Internet users can hardly enjoy the "blessing".

second, the use of Proxy server can browse the site more?

Many people think that the use of Proxy server can browse the site more, many people also plausibly: Before I used 169 account to surf the internet is not able to browse foreign websites, now use the proxy server can be on the! Indeed, using a proxy server allows you to access some Web sites that are not already available, and I believe this is the most important reason why the majority of domestic 1 69 users use proxies (as far as I know there are many people using the proxy server to use ICQ). But using a proxy server is also likely to be able to browse some of the sites can be changed to "disappear." Why? Many people overlook the problem: proxy servers are still a form of firewalls. An important function of a firewall is to prevent users from having access to some untrusted sites, so that when a user makes a browse request to those sites, it is rejected by the proxy server. For example, in the past you use n etants can download to a Web site file, and the use of Proxy server after the netants but "strike", it must be your proxy server to prohibit access to this download site. Why should you be barred from visiting this site? is very likely because this site is not free, information from this site to be counted according to the flow of money, so the proxy server in order to save costs, are prohibited most non-free site access. Only all proxy servers do not restrict the Web sites that users visit, and a proxy server is used to access more sites. But unfortunately not connected.

third, the use of Proxy server can reduce Internet costs

Using a proxy server does reduce the cost of some of the Internet, but the object is not us, but those who go directly to the Internet through the network of fixed IP users. Because the net fee of the direct Internet user is calculated by data flow, this type of user if set up through the free proxy server on foreign websites, then the user's fees will be transferred to the server, by the server to pay you (of course, if the user is visiting a free foreign site, then the server does not have to pay for you). Because this time you did not go abroad to visit, all the data are sent to you by proxy server, and foreign server is the data transmission to the proxy server, this part of the flow of course, the Proxy server money! So the proxy server must open a large buffer on the server's hard disk and limit the sites that users can access----to not increase the amount of data traffic. But throughout the country, in addition to some famous universities, we "retail" who is the direct Internet through the network card? Even a lot of friends do not know the concept of direct access to the Internet! For our ordinary users, the form of access to the Internet through the M odem to the Post Office server, and then on the Internet, then the cost calculation is through the connection time to calculate. So we do not enjoy the advantage of free proxy server to save the network fee. Conversely, if the proxy server you choose is inappropriate, limiting most of the sites you previously had access to and you don't know, you might spend a lot of time trying to browse through websites that you could have visited, and the cost of surfing the internet would be much higher.

Four, set proxy server can be once and for all?

Many use proxy server friends have the experience: at some point in the day when all the sites are not going to go, and the cancellation agent after everything back to normal. And why? The reason is that everything is in the development of change, the proxy server is the same. Let's take a look at this question first: why would there be such a good thing in the sky??----Free proxy Server, there are two reasons: 1. System vulnerabilities; 2. Some websites in order to improve visibility, probably understand the interests and needs of users, and to achieve the purpose of publicity and the server set to a free proxy server. For the first case, once the site administrator found this loophole will certainly immediately remove the free agent service----if he does not want to be the company "fried fish" also do not want to handhold words; for the second case, when the purpose of the website publicity has been achieved, they certainly will not be willing to pay for your white money, It's normal to stop the free service, don't you see how many requests for Proxy server address on the newsgroup? Therefore, the free proxy server may "disappear" at any time, you have to reuse proxy hunter again scan free proxy server, but hunt free proxy server is also a long process ...

so, in my opinion, setting up a proxy server in many cases does not make you benefit from it (in addition to being able to visit abroad, but the site is quite limited), on the contrary, if the proxy server is not set up, may cause trouble and loss, because of this, I've never used any proxy server for proxy dumping. And for ordinary users, set proxy server or not on the use of the network has little impact, I personally think, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, or not set proxy server to the Internet for good, especially now 163 and 169 have been connected to the case.

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