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Recently found that the blog began with a lot of linked ads comments. Despite the daily deletion and exhaustion of various plug-ins to prevent malicious comments. But there is no way to solve the problem, or many people will be manually to publish some linked comments. There is no way, can only admire them this tenacious production of garbage spirit. However, it is impossible to think, these people do what good, in order to increase the chain, it is certainly no effect, do not say that I now a lot of people's comments are using JS call the way, the search engine has no effect. Even if the search engine can crawl to these content, the effect will not be obvious. Rather than write good content, and then the grand to the major web site to promote, save time and effort effect, and have a sense of achievement.

Talk about the benefits of writing soft text:

First, the publicity effect is obvious. At present Stationmaster collects the wind. Casually published an article, published to the popular website, will be collected or reproduced by other sites. The equivalent of a lot of websites for your free publicity, if the article with links, but also bring a lot of outside the chain, to enhance the weight of the site is very helpful.

Second, the webmaster and visitors are good. General soft writing, the purpose is to introduce or Wi Guang their own websites or products. Only brilliant soft writing staff are often able to write soft text like technical articles or empirical communication articles, so that people do not feel that advertising. And the level of ordinary people tend to write more straightforward, although it can be written as a sum of experience, but discerning is very easy to see. But no matter how well written, the reader can learn from it or learn something. Posted on the website of others, only a little value, the general webmaster will not be deleted. Instead of directly sending a link, just finished, it was immediately deleted, wasting everyone's time, no effect.

Website How to start the soft writing propaganda:

First, do a good job of user group positioning. Web site Soft Writing, the first is to consider the site's user base, you have to write the target user groups interested in the content, so that the article will be better publicity, to achieve a multiplier effect. If your site is an entertainment site, you can write some eye-catching star gossip content, if it is a technology site, you can write some popular technology applications, or industry news.

Second, write out the content of interest to the target user group. After the target user group is positioned, it is also necessary to understand the psychology of the user group in order to write the content they are interested in.

Third, choose a good accurate distribution channels. After the soft paper is written, it is also important to choose the channel to be released. Distribution channel selection. The first thing to consider is the number of users of the channel, the second to consider whether the user base of the channel is your customer base or close to your customer base.

Friend is a life manager, opened a forum, easy Road Forum is a fortune teller forum, the goal is to establish a life of the teacher and test the Exchange platform, so that the life manager can make money through this platform. To form this platform, the first to attract a group of life-manager to communicate with each other, and then attract some people to come in to fortune-telling. So I helped him write an article, "The learning experience of the 13," inside the propaganda of his this forum, published to the more popular two Fortune teller forum Long Yin and Yuan Li Zhen, the same day attracted more than 100 fortune tellers to register, and then prepare for the test also write a "blind teacher's word changed my fate 》。 It is believed that the platform can be built quickly by a soft article every day.

In short, write a good soft side of the secret is to write, no matter how good the writing. This article by the webmaster feeds!

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