How to use Outlook to set up an autonomous domain name e-mail

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Recently, Google announced the closure of Google's application package for free registration, including custom domain name of the Gmail Mail service. Many users ask if there is an alternative option. The domestic site can use NetEase Free Enterprise mail Service, foreign sites can use Outlook. Today we give an Outlook solution. is a free mail service with an autonomous domain name provided by Microsoft. In this article, we will teach you how to use to set up your own domain name professional email.

What is an autonomous domain name email?

An autonomous domain email is an email with its own domain name suffix. For example, emails, which are much better than the style. Of course there are many ways to set up such emails as you can use the corporate Post Office, the general hosting provider paid for. But there are a few problems, one is the charge, and the other is the function of the mail service is not strong.

Ii. How to set up professional e-mail through free

To use Outlook to configure your own domain name for professional e-mail, you need to configure the MX and TXT records for the domain name. The MX record tells the domain name server that you are using Microsoft's Mail service. TXT records will be used to verify the ownership of your domain name.

Step 1: Register to use the custom domain name service

Go to Windows Live Admin Center Click Get started to start registering in

Enter your domain name on the next page:


Here's how you choose to use your domain name or Microsoft. We are of course choosing to use our domain name like In addition, you need to provide a message that can receive authentication.


If you want to use a Microsoft account, then you need to log in. If you create a new account, you need to fill in the relevant form.


The next step is to accept the Microsoft registration terms and activate your account. You then complete the first step in setting up your professional email.

Step 2: Set the DNS MX record to use

After registering, you will arrive at Windows Live Admin Center's Domain control page and will display MX and TXT record characters, which need to be added to your DNS settings.

Many WordPress hosts provide Chanel for account management. Different hosts have some slight differences. Regardless of which management panel, there will be a DNS link, let you point to edit. If it is not found, ask the provider. This tutorial is demonstrated using the Chanel management panel.

Log on to Chanel and click the MX entry icon:


Select a domain name:


You will then need to select a message routing method. Select Automatically detect revisit to automatically detect the configuration.


Add MX records provided by


To prevent spam, you need to set up TXT records, which are provided by Outlook, such as:

V=SPF1 ~all

If you want to use login email, you need to create a CNAME record and then parse:


The next need to wait for the resolution to take effect, generally about half an hour or so. You can refresh the Outlook management panel to see if it takes effect.


Step 3: Create a custom domain name e-mail account

To Windows Live Admin Center and click the active domain name. On the left you will see the option to manage the domain name account. You can choose Open Membership to register your email account with your domain name mail account. Other options can create accounts for your employees, family members, friends, or community members. In addition you have the right to cancel anyone's account at any time.


Microsoft's email service is great and is a better alternative to Google Apps. For foreign trade site is a good choice. Domestic site or recommend the use of NetEase free enterprise mail. This article for the original compilation, dot gold theme Network Welcome reprint.

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