How to use the following four ways to promote their own web site?

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Forum Promotion

Forum Promotion method is the most ancient is the most webmaster use method, the main use of the forum's personality signature, the general webmaster are using the signature to do the promotion, but we forget that there are many functions, such as the Forum has a personal space, we can in the personal space to send a log ah. Then, by posting the topic on the forum, leave your space address. This way even if the administrator see will not delete your stickers, because they are links in the station, generally will not be deleted, unless it is those audit very strict forum, but this will not have to send a link exists. Forum Promotion In fact, I have said a lot of methods, such as Avatar Ah, name Ah, custom title, and so on, these can be used up, and if the funds are sufficient to the popularity of the relevant forum to compare fire ads, so more easy to save trouble.

Free Blog Promotion

A few days ago, a colleague sent an article NetEase added the nofollow attribute, so the free blog and a way out. So there's a lot more. One less serious, we can use Sina, Phoenix, CICC, Tianya and so on. A lot of searches. Free blog Promotion is relatively the second oldest promotion method, according to my two years to now I have only used more than a few, not every day with OH. Free Blog Promotion has a little advantage is that you can not worry will be deleted links, if you send the content should be legal. If you send the illegal content, in which forum or blog is deleted, the heavy number of the letter was prosecuted. Do not challenge authority! Free Blog relatively to use more people, because the article to write this promotion method a lot, see more people also use much more. And now the search for free blog to do the weight of the chain that is simply a drop again, can be in the list of the penultimate second.

Weibo promotion

At present, the second popular method of promotion. Because microblogging promotion, a prerequisite is that the number of fans is large enough. In fact, this can also be obtained, the key is that you have to pass the certification. If certified, fans are rolling in because each new registered person receives a referral list after the registration succeeds. The General people will be directly concerned. So the fans are straight up. Microblogging promotion can not be an article. Because that promotion box is so big, only put 140 characters! One more. You write a 200-word, that's embarrassing. He'll tell you to start out with a few words that can't be released. Therefore, micro-bo promotion is refined, to promote the content of streamlining, enrichment, like the classic quotations such a sentence to point to the theme.

Soft article Promotion

Soft Wen can be said to be the most popular is also the most effective way to promote, a lot whether the webmaster or celebrities are through soft wen to upgrade their products or services. Webmaster use soft text to improve rankings, included, weight and so on. Celebrities use soft wen to improve their popularity, so soft wen is the future development of an effective way to promote, which is why more and more people to join the soft Wen marketing this industry. resulting in more and more people soft writing, soft paper generation, and so on, of course, I am no exception, I often help others write soft wen. Soft text promotion can be very good for their promotional intent into the article, so that users can be taken for granted the promotion of information, and will not produce a terrible sense of rejection.

Promotion is actually such a few points. No matter which method you use, the most important thing is that when you use this method, you should know how to penetrate the idea of this method, such as the advantages of this method and what effect it can achieve. What kind of moves can you use this method.

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