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Super users are named Root, and in Linux Superuser can access all system resources and files without any restrictions. A superuser has a user ID of 0, and all Linux applications treat it as a user with the highest privileges. You need to log in as root to add a new user to your Linux server.

Note: When you install ">ubuntu Linux system, you are prompted to create a user that is not the root user." Root is automatically created but without a password, so initially you cannot log in as the root user. With the sudo su command, the first user can become the root user, which is discussed later.

Add users need some planning, before you start to explore the following steps:

1 The group you want to add to the user by function. In this example there are three groups of "parents", "children" and "Soho".

Parents Children sohopaul Accounts Derek Jane Alice

2 Add Linux groups to your server:

[Root@bigboy tmp]# groupadd parents[root@bigboy tmp]# groupadd children[root@bigboy tmp]# groupadd Soho

3 Add Linux users and assign them to their respective groups

[Root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g parents paul[root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g parents jane[root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g Derek[root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g Children alice[root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g Soho accounts[root@bigboy tmp]# useradd-g Soho Sales

If you do not specify a group with the-G, Redhat/fedora Linux automatically creates a group that is the same as the user name you add; Each new user will be prompted to set their new permanent password the first time they log on.

4 Each user's personal directory is set in the FileSystem directory. The name of the directory is their username.

[Root@bigboy tmp]# ll/homedrwxr-xr-x 2 root 12288 June 20:04 lost+founddrwx------2 Accounts soho 1024 June 24 20:33 ACCOUNTSDRWX------2 Alice children 1024 20:33 alicedrwx------2 Derek Children 1024 June 20:33 derekdrwx------2 Jane Parents 1024 20:33 janedrwx------2 Paul parents 1024 June 20:33 pauldrwx------2 Sales Soho 1024 June 20:33 Bigboy tmp]#
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