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I did a few years of web research, but also like the user's use of the site behavior of some research, through a large number of users to find a shocking fact, from our view that households are using the network, but in fact, the gap is huge.

When we create a website, we usually think that the user will stare at all of our pages, carefully read our carefully prepared every paragraph, feel our carefully designed layout, but the fact is always cruel, we believe that "carefully prepared text" in the user's view can be said to be blind or basically do not look, Perhaps the designers feel some sadness at this time, but it is undeniable that this is true. Let's look at the following two graphs:



It may be said that this is a special case, but since I surveyed so many users, this view of the site users accounted for more than 80%, although a bit strange, but this is true.

This means that when designing a Web page, we should not think of a very focused user, but instead shift the focus of web design to 80% of users, because it represents the real situation of users using the Web. So if you want to design a valid Web page, We have to accept three facts that you may not normally accept, and these three facts will guide you to the right path to Web design, and I'll talk about it in the next article.

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