Hu Yufung: "Original" Harvest Beyond my Imagination

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I am a person at the same time operating three sites, each station I have to update every day, promotion, every time to A5 collection of articles, always think, if one day my article also can appear on the top, that how good ah! But think about what you do every day, have that time to write an article?

So, know A5 more than a year of days, I have been diving, not do not want to surface, but always feel that they have no time.

Until last week, in other promotional means ineffective, I bite the bullet, also try to write articles, try the soft text promotion will be what.

As a result, the harvest goes well beyond what I expected, as follows:

First, please look at a group of my soft text to promote the data.

Promotion time: September 7-September 13, exactly one week.

Soft number: 10, of which in the A5 is cast 10, published 6 articles.

Number of platforms: 4, of which A5 and webmaster forums are running through 7 days, pushing and falling behind, and going in the last 2 days.

Reprint website: Baidu -33,google-54, Sogou-30, what data is this? This is I go to these search query out, which station reproduced my soft text, that is, the above data is only included in the search, there are those not included, search updates slow, not here. On average, turn 2 posts per station, and then remove those reprint went to my link (i coarse look, most of the site are very friendly, keep my links, remove the link is very little, probably 1/10), calculate see, I increased the number of chain outside the week.

Two, seven days, I have made a lot of webmaster friends, this is my biggest harvest, which, like Giang, old Xie such a master, had long wanted to communicate with them, but there is no way, soft wen set up a bridge between me and their communication.

Third, the promotion of personal brand image, even this morning's an article, A5 has published a total of 7 articles, after writing, the number of clicks is obviously higher than the beginning, in this more out of the click, can not say all, but partly because of my personal brand to, that is certain.

Four, the website image promotion, now said only seven days time, can enhance the website image, is not realistic. But as long as I insist on, my soft wen get everyone's approval, my soft Wen has the link of the website, the website is accepted by everybody, that is sooner or later thing.

Five, the original article, itself can expand the number of their own web pages, improve the quality of the site, this again come out, seems to be superfluous, hehe.

How about it? Seven days, the harvest is not bad? You have to try it, certainly more than my harvest!

If think I write a little meaning, this rookie QQ 654622307 Welcome to my small station Chinese stationmaster net ( Exchange

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