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Recently, China Mobile Communications Research Institute Dean Huang in 2010 China International Communication Information Exhibition "ICT China 2010 High-level Forum" predicted that cloud computing for the entire IT industry to bring change, and this change is the future of cloud computing will be the same as the large IT industry infrastructure, to provide computing services to the public.

Huang and predicts that cloud computing will eventually evolve from "corporate cloud" to "personal cloud". "Now we are not used to putting the data in the cloud or in the cloud, as if there were no banks, and we were not used to putting money in the bank," he said.

2010 China International Communication Information Exhibition held in Beijing October 11, the theme of this conference is "Innovation leading development, integration achievements in the future", will be three network integration, 3G applications, 4G forward-looking technology development, the Internet of things and other communications industry hotspots to discuss. As one of the theme forums for this communication exhibition, "ICT China 2010 High-level Forum" was held in the same period October 11-12th. Tencent Science and technology as the official designated cooperation portal site to this forum for a full range of video, text live and interview.

Speech by Huang, director of China Mobile Communication Research Institute (Tencent Science and Technology)

The following is the transcript of the speech by Dean Huang of China Mobile Communication Research Institute:

Huang: Ladies and gentlemen, the media friends of the IT industry, I am very happy to introduce to you in the cloud computing, we do the work of China Mobile, but also talk about our development in this field some experience, first we can see a relatively macro perspective of cloud computing development, If we take the time back to 50, we will find that in the field of computer science, we have experienced a first innovation to promote the market, from scratch, and then gradually towards the support of large scale integrated circuits, we call the PC era, and then the network driven by the internet era. In fact, in the PC era and early in the Internet era, the entire industry has been studying the network can be used to achieve remote computing methods, we have 20 years ago, we have put forward the so-called Network computing concept, However, due to the speed of the network transmission and the ability of the terminal devices can not achieve a very effective level of graphics processing, so the network operation and innovation at the end of the failure. Today we see in the Internet era, first of all, because of Google's work in search engines to build a new set of computing facilities, coupled with the growth of network bandwidth, so that we today cloud computing has brought great changes, This change is what we call computing. From the facility construction of a technology gradually to a new kind of infrastructure construction, we talk about IT infrastructure in the future will be like tap water, like gas as a public infrastructure, like the grid for everyone to provide computing services.

The traditional mode of operation is all the operations of the main user of their own construction computing facilities, whether we look at a government department or a small or medium sized enterprise or a large business, any company has a conceptual data center, whether it's a server, multiple servers, or hundreds of servers, or geographically distributed servers, any enterprise has a conceptual datacenter. Of course there are users, every employee theoretically has a terminal device, in other words, the existing mode of operation is actually to dig their own water, we still have the network, but we rely on the network is not the internal operational requirements, is the need for external communication, so in fact, we now have overlapping infrastructure, overlapping technical requirements , what is the result? Energy consumption, difficult to centralized management, difficult to scale, modern operation, all social costs are very high. So I think, in the information society, a very important development trend is to turn these discrete computing resources into a centralized, optimized, large-scale operation of the operational resources.

Cloud computing main service objects and main directions we have these important considerations, in any case, any enterprise must first meet the needs of users, this user's needs may start to appear in the virtual computing institutions, that is, many traditional applications have been built on the existing server platform, from the customer point of view, It's best to transplant my current application to a new virtual platform, where we call virtual infrastructure applications. We see the United States, most of the early cloud computing is a virtual infrastructure, the more famous is Amazon. These virtual infrastructure applications will be relatively low barriers to industry access, I just buy virtual storage, virtual infrastructure, computing and bandwidth, many basic applications can be directly moved to the cloud. Then we think of the future development of the entire industry, will gradually move towards the platform-type and application-type development. Eventually it will evolve into a consumer, a personal cloud-computing development. Now we are not accustomed to put the data into the cloud or cloud computing provider place, as if there was no bank, people are not used to putting money in the bank, but in the future we have a lot of data, this may be very important, you have to use the services.

In our major commercial market development of cloud computing, we see that it is very important that some of the special technical resources are first established, these technical resources, first we talk about the mass storage system. The traditional storage system is a special system for storage, we are in the cloud computing with the traditional storage system is not the same, it is the operational model of the storage system, in other words, we look at a basic cloud computing platform, using a standard server, storage is an application, Make huge low-cost storage with standard servers. This is different from the traditional IT market storage, operation, network completely separate situation. From this we can see that companies such as Cisco are now in the cloud computing field, as you can imagine, it is technically fully integrated. The second is the distributed processing system, the biggest feature of cloud computing is that I use a large number of servers to the huge work and into a very small small block for it to operate at the same time, this is the traditional mode of operation and traditional programming mode is not the same, traditional programming CPU core no more than 32, 16 or even less, So an algorithm is a linear programming method. If we have a very large amount of data, 1 billion, tens of billions of data resources, such operations can not quickly get results. In the early days of Google's search, they found out that if they wanted to search for all of the pages in 100 milliseconds, they could start 3000 to 5000 servers and search the entire Internet Web page in miniature, where there might be fewer early days, only 2 to 300 million pages, Now the number of Web pages is tens of billions of computing, of course, now the computer is much faster, but to use a large number of computer operations. So we all found that in daily life, there are many similar applications that need to be calculated in the same way, otherwise it is difficult to achieve business value. To cite a more typical example, from the telecom operators themselves, we have a more classic application, a lot of customers will be contacted, is our telephone inquiries, phone calls if we are from a single customer is not much, if all the customers, all the time, all the expenditure records gathered data is very amazing , with the normal database can not be queried, many times found unable to provide such as 3 months before the phone calls, but the use of cloud computing, may be three years or even longer time charges are gathered in a database to query. Of course, we can directly imagine that other industries have the same for example, the banks, such as the Transport Department, to check the history of past transactions, you find that this is a huge problem, these problems are very difficult to do, but it is a service, it is impossible to invest a huge cost to do, so cloud computing may be the only translation to solve these problems , but the cost is not a very high method.

We want to be in the communication technology and IT technology in the future development of a very important intersection is the development of cloud computing, we want to cloud computing first its platform and its algorithm and infrastructure can not be separated from the development of computing technology, but the cloud if it is to spread to society, universal to society, universal to all Also inseparable from the very broad, high-speed network development. A lot of times we know that while we want to put the data center in a centralized position, many companies are looking at the problem, even though our big companies want to put the data in China and around the world in a few fixed places, like IBM and HP, Have experienced the final compression of the world's dozens of data centers to only a few to improve efficiency, but if there is no high-speed interconnection network, so that the branches of its enterprises effectively access to the data center, such a connection is likely to be unable to achieve. The second is that if we're going to take cloud computing to a new peak of application, its user experience to achieve a very high level, to support the video, to support the two-dimensional, three-dimensional graphical interface, to support the emerging Web protocols, which require a large amount of bandwidth, so gradually effectively enable the computing industry and communications industry need high speed development, Cater to the advent of this era.

We want the era of cloud computing to bring business opportunities to our industry, the first one I think he has brought us the most effective business opportunities is to give us the opportunity to effectively transform the overall network, and then to provide users with solutions to a new definition. Traditional communications operators, we provide pipelines as our main infrastructure operation, in this new era, we have actually become a combination of computing and piping a new infrastructure, two major infrastructure. In fact, it does not really provide a good user experience in infrastructure, but also a terminal infrastructure. We know that the iphone platform for our users to bring the user experience is well recognized, we can see that Apple actually provides the optimization from the hardware, software, application to the backend server for complete, seamless integration, which with our traditional understanding of the multi-platform, There is a certain conflict between the idea of adapting the user interface. Our research proves that, in fact, every era we will face a great development of the user experience a chance, we remember when the PC just began to appear is DOS, command type, to become windows, the use of more and more people, very good use. Why does Windows end up being the only user interface to unify the entire PC industry, because Windows wins all users ' learning with its unified user interface, because no one is willing to learn two times, so a unified user interface is driven by market forces. We are now in the new era of mobile phones, touch screen user interface has become a hot pursuit of us, there will be multiple vendors, if Apple provides software, I believe that the iphone user interface will become the future of windows, but because it is a single vendor, will allow a more open, A unified user interface and platform that all vendors can use. So we say that network infrastructure, terminal infrastructure, and cloud computing infrastructure are the three most important infrastructures for future information services.

Traditional operators are facing a lot of opportunities and challenges in the new field, and I think we'll talk about opportunities. Traditional operators have huge user resources and network resources and operational capabilities, as well as customer trust between the ability to enter the information age, these foundations are building large infrastructure and provide low-cost services more important guarantee. Therefore, after entering the information age, telecom operators must be effectively positioned as operational service providers, and it has an important opportunity to contribute to the understanding of customer needs, understanding of operations and optimization of various resources. But inevitably, this is a completely new area for our telecoms operators, and this is a simple area where we have a lot of partners to solve this infrastructure problem today, so to speak, cloud computing hardware infrastructure is actually a very inexpensive server, but if built to save energy, To build a container container for the purchase, even a center for the construction of a data center, is a new concept, to now find solutions, such as Google is its own design of its data center, container, Microsoft also do a more consistent, The so-called fifth generation of warehousing data center is not a supplier can design, for our operators, this is a great deal of concern to us, we want to promote the industry gradually to the cloud computing solution provider. The second, more difficult place, in these key software, in addition to we see some kaiyuan projects, just like doing Linux, there are many people to find ways to replicate Google Cloud computing capabilities, we have not seen the commercial, mature cloud computing system structure. In terms of future development, because the operation system and traditional switches, traditional routers are not the same, computing systems and our software development, application integration has a huge environmental relationship may become the Internet enterprises need to face every day, we also need to re-cultivate the talent, to more computing environmental information experts to cultivate , this is the challenge and development that we face.

China Mobile has taken the future development of cloud computing and cloud computing as a very important blue sea area for China Mobile's future development, we also do a lot of research and planning in the cloud computing, in our planning, we China Mobile first of all our own internal management, our own operations, the internal needs of a cloud, This is the cloud of our own business in China Mobile. The second service to provide cloud computing to our customers, we call the public cloud, which is very important. Third, we believe that the future development, especially the future development of the Internet, there will be a whole new business model, and this new business model is a new and effective interaction between us and internet companies, and China Mobile, like all telecom operators, is a platform supplier, and we won't say go and some very energetic , innovative small and medium sized Internet companies competition in one respect, we are not able to compete, but we are complementary because their small and medium sized internet companies do not have the ability to build cloud computing platforms, save energy and reduce emissions, and do not have the ability to build data centers across the country. So in the future, the development of the Internet will bring a new integration of the entire industry, which has become a win-win situation.

In the past three years, the platform research has developed a big cloud plan, ready to adopt Kaiyuan, open software to build cloud computing platform, hope gradually become can share the API, we know cloud computing if I use a system to build cloud computing platform and cloud computing application, What we are most concerned about is that these applications can be from one carrier to another, so that we can form an international open platform like Unxi, which is what we desperately want in the cloud computing world. Currently in the United States, Amazon has its own api,google also has its own API, you use their applications you have the risk of not being able to transfer to other suppliers. So in the future, China's cloud computing industry, should be relatively open.

To address these development issues, we have also participated in a number of standards organizations, including the ISO standards group on cloud computing, including the important Kaiyuan program, and we are actively participating in the industry, China Cloud Technology Industry Alliance, Electronic Association Cloud computing Experts Committee, As well as global Opennebulna global organizations, we are jointly promoting the global development of cloud computing. At the same time, we also participate in some important academic research organizations, so that our industry to a better direction.

We see from all countries, cloud computing has become a matter of concern, the most important point is the Government's attention to development, in fact, we may have a lot of people understand, in fact, it industry and communications industry in the whole society is a very large energy-consuming industry, some people have made estimates, A 100,000-server Google data Center is equivalent to the power consumption of a medium-sized city, and it is easy to understand that one server consumes 200 watts, and 100,000 servers may be equivalent to 100,000 ordinary families and are open for 24 hours. So is a very huge energy-consuming industry, how to reduce the national level of energy consumption, cloud computing is also a very important direction of development. The U.S. government has put many government websites into the cloud to encourage all industries, Japan, Britain and Europe are building these industries, so the government's push for cloud computing is very important.

Finally, we would like to put forward in the future of broadband mobile Internet, LTE and other next generation of mobile communications technology led by mobile communications and cloud computing will become the future development of China Mobile is very important direction, will also promote the Chinese ICT industry leapfrog Development, improve the overall information capacity, thank you!

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