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21st century, the network is the most popular way of communication in society, is a home can be contacted to the four corners of the rapid access to the octopus. Today's traditional enterprises are also slowly from the reality of the use of façade sales evolved to the network sales, forming a only rely on network sales to quickly earn money in the era trend. Then an enterprise to carry out the network to promote their own brand, the most effective way is to build a business site of their own. Blog Promotion is also the best way to promote the network. With the expansion of the trend, the use of blog success income tens of millions of years, as well as small brands of small enterprises abound, everywhere is the spirit of the network, has a new set off the network to promote an extra emphasis on the concept.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, blog most effective promotion can be from the promotion of blog weight, the use of blog promotion to expand their turnover, as well as the brand effect of the enterprise, to achieve low costs to high benefits of the best advertising effect. Now let me share the small and medium Enterprises blog promotion methods, so that enterprises more clear understanding of blog promotion, accurate knowledge of the way blog promotion, to achieve a multiplier effect.

Use blog Group to promote Enterprise blog

This is the broad masses of blog marketing the most sensitive way to promote, but also the most effective way. Enterprises can be built by a group of high weight blog platform, such as Sina, NetEase, search blog, the weight is very high. When it comes to group-building blogs, you need to build hundreds of blogs, all of which are open to famous blogs. Have a blog can be linked to the blog, to determine their main promotional blog, so that the group built blog outside the chain are pointing to the main blog, you can quickly improve the weight of search engines, improve the ranking of the site. Have a blog to insist on every day to update the original article, this can be based on their own brand to write content, according to the theme around the product and keywords. The content of the original article can be written about the suit care, suit cleaning methods, as well as maintenance channels. Write articles must be as much as possible into the site's keywords, enhance the site keyword density, but also the most conducive to enhance the site ranking advantage. An enterprise website, every day to update several articles, you can reprint those boutique articles, readable quality articles, search engines if the content of the article is good, many people look, will become high-quality imitation of original articles, are original content. How in the Forum, blog, SNS and other WEB2.0 site extracts good original content, in Baidu Search, and then point the latest release, List of the latest articles are recent high-quality, if only a few appear then your article will also be original article. Google is the most accurate WEB2.0 website to find original articles. Forum on the odd tiger as an example, after the search to determine the first-day content, can be reproduced. For the original article to take or Google the most accurate.

Build brand blog and promote Enterprise blog

This is also the most concerned about, if the establishment of a blog, want to build a brand image, to create a high-profile blog. First of all, we need to determine the location of the blog, you can find differences, to find gaps in the field. For the blog is now very high-profile blog, only to find the difference in the side can get a treasure to build their own blog. such as the current hospital, have a network of their own marketing team, specializing in network marketing promotion, is currently the most professional before the network marketing form. There is also the need to determine the needs of users, as well as their own target users. The face of the user is a low-end users, or to meet the needs of high-end users, must have a plan expected. Quality articles must be more hair, again stressed the importance of the site content. If the original article can reach the expert-level writing, the article can be read by the public users, and even the virus-type reproduced to the major sites. For the blog itself, but also need to promote, you can go to the major well-known industry forum to publish their own articles affiliated to the site, can be quickly upgraded, Baidu Spider will go to your site every day.

Promote corporate blogs by posting in other blogs

This is effective in the industry to stay outside the chain method, through the blog in others to promote their blog, if you can browse a very large number of blog posts before leaving comments on the site, it will be a small increase in the weight of the site. Blog in the morning of the 8 update, I believe that their eyes know bead, found the most potential to become a popular article and leave their own links. The industry also has a lot of Use Reply blog message to enhance visibility, take mouchangqing as an example, he is relying on the use of blog messages to promote their own fame, answer more than 500 blog posts a day, a serious and careful message, I believe most of them can not imagine his insistence. If you want to build a well-known blog, this is also a good way to promote the blog.

Blog Building to promote corporate blog

If is the group builds the blog, may go to the third party platform, in Sina, NetEase and so on large-scale high weight platform constructs. If it is a brand blog need independent blog, this is to better in their own blog to play a brand effect. Why would you do that? That's because the Third-party platform is advertising, and your weight is high, and if it's closed, it's a big loss. and your own independent blog can be published related ads. For enterprises, it is recommended to build PHP language blog, because it is safe.

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