Huawei senior suspect staged "fu second generation Force Palace"

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-Reporter Qin Chuan the world's third-largest telecommunications equipment Shanghua for the recent storm-ridden, according to industry insiders and a number of media reports, its internal executive layer is staged a "rich second generation forced palace" drama, the protagonist is Huawei founder and President Ren and chairman of the Yafang, the latter has been "retired" in advance.  Yesterday, Huawei had a mass letter to the media, saying the rumors were rumors. According to several media reports, in this year's National day of the previous Huawei routine management team meeting, Ren proposed to bring his son Ren into the EMT as a director, to take the helm of Huawei, but the move was the chairman Yafang and other executives of the strong protest.  At the same time, Ren's daughter, former Huawei Hong Kong company financial director of the Meng late boat, will also take over the company's CFO, the former CFO Liang is processing exit procedures. It is rumored that Yafang was asked to retire early because of a public-and-Ren Challenge, and that Huawei would pay a huge sum to buy its stake. "Ren forced Yafang and his men to pave the way for a smooth succession of Ren, and Yafang is now leaving the process," a senior practitioner said in his microblog. The legend of severance compensation 900 million RMB, there is a said is 1.4 billion RMB. Because it is against Fu second generation succession.  But by the time the press was published, the tweet had been deleted. In the outside world, Yafang is one of Huawei's main heroes. It is understood that before joining Huawei, Yafang to rely on their own relationship to solve the financial difficulties Huawei, in the most critical time, "saved Huawei." Since 1998, as the Chairman and executive vice president of Huawei Company, Yafang became the real second-in-command of Huawei Group, even Ren himself respected her very much. In Mr Ren's own article, other executives are usually named after Yafang, who is called "Sun General." "Huawei denies it," he said. In its statement, the current media in the news of the senior changes in Huawei, the pure false rumors, and the facts are completely inconsistent with the company's malicious slander.
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