Hubei Qianjiang investment nearly 2 billion yuan to create "drama capital" controversy

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"This year is the 100 anniversary of Mr. Cao Yu's birthday, the second Qianjiang" Cao Yu Culture Week ", sponsored by China Federation and Hubei Provincial People's government, was opened. Since 2004, Qianjiang invested nearly 2 billion yuan, the construction of Meiyuan drama culture theme park, Cao Yu Park, Cao Yu Memorial Hall, Cao Yu West Building, Civic Sports Center and other cultural facilities, successfully created the "Cao Yu culture" brand, and explicitly put forward the Qianjiang into the "Chinese drama Capital", "Oriental Strave" and " The goal of the Chinese drama Capital. "The culture of worry is going through a thunderstorm," said Cao Yu's masterpiece, "Thunderstorm" and "Sunrise". Qianjiang invested 2 billion yuan to build "Cao Yu culture", and then to create "the capital of Chinese drama" is well-intentioned, but also won the "Thunder Storm" works of "the". Relevant data show: "Thunderstorm" in a day (from the morning to midnight), two scenes (Zhou Jia and Pu), concentrated on the week, Lu two and 30 years before and after the complex contradictions, showing the works of rigorous and superb dramatic structural skills. The play repeatedly write Cicada, frog noise, write a thunderstorm before and after the sultry, the intention is not only to render Guxia "Yu-heat" atmosphere, but also to imply the character's emotional, psychological, character.  As a Qianjiang of Cao Yu's hometown, he invested heavily in the "Cicada-ming" and "Frog-noise", and the "mood, psychology and character" of the government decision-makers leap. After the ancient celebrities were "excavated", people would think of the "commercial value" of the modern celebrities, but their paths and purposes were the same: culture set up Taiwan and travel in an opera. Whether "Oriental Strave" or "Chinese drama capital" is not necessarily the "sunrise" of culture, the utilitarian purpose of tourism "rise" is very obvious. Tourism playing culture card is beyond reproach, but the culture of "indiscriminate development", so that the development of tourism into confusion, misguided. In fact, tourism and tourism culture is experiencing a "thunderstorm", some have been "thunder and lightning" knocked down, some in the wind and rain, the most need "storm", the most Need "Sunrise", the most need to "experience the wind and rain see Rainbow." Wang reflection on the metaphor of "cultural nouveau riche" in the name of culture, there are more and more big money everywhere, almost to the point of no cost, of course, all of this is done in the name of "Beautiful", but the governors have forgotten a fundamental problem: culture is really the accumulation of cash?  Is the culture of money accumulating or "culture"?  Essentially, Hubei Qianjiang 6 years to invest 2 billion yuan to create "the capital of Chinese drama" is the current "cultural nouveau riche" mentality refraction, and terrible is the accumulation of a large amount of money "culture" just became the product line, away from the culture more and more distant, from the public's expectations more and more distant. In the eyes of Qianjiang officials, the so-called "Cao Yu culture" brand means the Meiyuan drama culture theme park, Cao Yu Park, Cao Yu Memorial Hall ...  If the appearance of these buildings means the emergence of the "Chinese drama capital", can Mr Cao Yu in the underground agree? A city no matter how many textsThe city's cultural thickness cannot be represented by the square or the memorial. The reason is very simple, the culture is not the money, cultural city is not the emergence of individual officials "build" out.  If you do not respect the laws of culture, do not say 2 billion, is 20 billion, I am afraid it is only a false. Mr. Feng clearly pointed out that "culture is never a line can be created, culture to rely on time and soul Brewing, is a generation of common spiritual achievements, is a natural accumulation." In other words, true culture is a long-term accumulation of history, is a self-contained system. Zhu four times times questioned the lack of a forced connection to the atmosphere in the "cultural platform, economic opera" in the local economic development model in the context of the great, in even the Sun Wukong, Ximen Qing, Pan-jin-Lian "hometown" are some places looting a empty reality, Qianjiang as a modern drama master Cao Yu's hometown, to create "the capital of Chinese drama" It is justifiable and logical.  Even so, I still have to pour cold water on Qianjiang's dream of creating "the capital of Chinese drama". First of all, although the ancestors of the 14 generations of Cao Yu lived in Qianjiang, but he had left Qianjiang since the infancy, he has never returned to his hometown, his education, his theatrical creations, in fact, with Qianjiang "out."  Therefore, Qianjiang to create "the capital of Chinese drama" to pull on the "banner" of Mr. Cao Yu, very far-fetched. Second, although Qianjiang to build "Chinese drama capital" investment nearly 2 billion yuan, is "big money". However, "the capital of Chinese drama" is not only made up by the hardware facilities, but mainly by the drama creation, the performance master and the rich drama cultural background and the atmosphere synthesis, but the latter is precisely Qianjiang very lacks. Moreover, in the drama of nearly 2 billion yuan in the Qianjiang seems to be a lot of investment, but compared with Beijing, there is still a big gap. It is reported that Beijing National Theater only investment near 4 billion yuan. Therefore, no matter from the input, or the creation, the performance team and so on, Qianjiang to create "the Chinese drama Capital", basically will fall a matter of reality. It is said that the hometown of Guan, which is famous as Shakespeare in the world, is also creating "the capital of Chinese drama"! Min Rock to explore the productivity of celebrities not long ago, we all unanimously questioned the "Night Lang Ancient Country", can be questioned, "Night Lang Ancient" project is still on the horse, but also investment 5 billion yuan. This is the recent example, and then forward, Simon Qing hometown and even the Monkey King, such as unreliable, not so random as the so-called "celebrity" hometown, are a few scramble. In the eyes of the local government, there is no doubt that the doctrine, that is, historical celebrities are also productive forces, the celebrities to take a Taiwanese economy in an opera, these "celebrities" as a development of tourism development of the local economy is an important resource.  However, please do not forget that historical celebrities, even if they really are productive forces, it is not directly generated by the productivity of money, but the production of cultural and ideological productivity, but for the ideological and cultural excavation everbright, we have never done well. Moreover, generally speaking, there is an inherent law of culture.And their own requirements, these internal laws and their own requirements, determines that cultural construction is a step-by-step process, impossible, and more should not be simply seen as a tool for economic development. There is a comment on the point that the culture of the platform, economic play difficult to sing, after a lively and scenery, the local harvest often in addition to a pile of "cultural empty shell", is a few generations of people are not clear "political performance debt", which seriously restricts the development of local various undertakings, that also talk about what productivity? Baojian
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