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"Entrepreneurial State" March 20-21st, the eighth annual "> Innovation China Spring Finals held in Shanghai Ying Yi Golf Crowne Plaza Hotel, The event invited the founder of the Xiaoping, IDG Capital Founding partner Shong and other well-known domestic investors as judges. The spring competition in China is divided into four special sessions: Internet, mobile internet, cultural creativity, energy saving and environmental protection. Nearly 40 companies participated in the spring Finals held in Shanghai Jiading to compete for "star of Innovation" and "Star of Growth" award.

The following is a live speech record:

Shenzhen hundred digital technology: everyone good morning, before I start I would like to ask you to cooperate with me to do the corresponding data survey, everyone here in a year to change mobile phone please raise your hand? This is enough for our market base. Everyone in this room has 200 bucks a month to raise their hands? We have a very large profit margin. Everyone here who pays for the content of the mobile phone games, paid download Ah, E-commerce? Our future is also very good. In that case, I will begin to share with you today.

First we take a look at what they are focusing on from the stakeholders in the mobile phone industry chain, and we look at what they were looking at from their trading structure, which is that through traditional trading structures, brand operators offering subsidies, carrier companies, etc. all want to be in the mobile phone industry, In fact, the future mobile internet industry to get a place. Users are concerned about what, the user is also looking at the value, style, more as a simple he entertainment, shopping and so on tools. Operator's profit is thinner, the brand business model is unsustainable, the operator pays a lot of cost. Internet careers also consider their promotion, and so many entrepreneurs in front of them also consider their promotion. The direction of the solution in the whole industry chain is that the user wants an integrated solution, and then the retailer wants to improve the mode of their operation, whether it is a product or a profitable way. Then the distributor considers that he has to change the traditional distribution to a comprehensive direct supply. Brand makers must have a brand change, Internet company application developers are considering the entire flow of the user's stability and so on. These aspects of our entire industrial chain are related to the exciting points we present our own solutions. The Trinity of services, hardware, services and content are presented together. Another is through the line of online integration, operators and channels to integrate the way to improve its efficiency. Because we have formed a cooperative relationship with China Telecom, with the entire value chain in the various channels have made good relations of cooperation. Through the line online service sales and physical store sales proposed Trinity, terminal sales, contract services and content promotion. This service is the whole line of online integration is the mobile Internet virtual operation platform. Our platform operates with Chinese operators, and on this basis we integrate resources and provide our direct supply model. The end user gets the experience of a economical mobile internet. Both O2O channel coverage, there is a large supply chain of the big backstage. We help operators reduce their costs and help brand operators continue to channel sinks and channel coverage. In the store to help their online operation of the promotion, so that the formation of our one-wing business. The front three business independent operation, formed an independent relationship, the second is direct offerings platform and experience point. We have existing and telecom 9 provinces operating platform, have our own direct platform. We are creating an Internet phone 2.5 mode, walking with millet and other different ways. Our direct supply platform today has a quota of over 10 billion. Our first step direct machine customization is with Baidu customized the first mobile phone, will sell 1 million units. Development of 10,000 chains in the next three years. So what our model room is, the equivalent of us laying highways, contacting various retailers. We used to move houses, and now we sell hens, the old hens that lay golden eggs, and we get income and latter in the preceding paragraph. In this case, our source is five aspects, the existing platform service fee, joining fee, business split, terminal profit and so on.

Our team from the first-class internet companies, Huawei, cool, Tencent and so on. We are a platform, one wings, small direct supply, business-to-business direct platform, as well as our partners.

Compere: OK, also come down to listen to our judge's voice.

Judge: That was a very quick speech, I would like to ask, your business model is not through the cooperation with China Telecom, and then through the way of direct access to your two income, one is selling the hardware revenue, one is sold through the implantation of some software, through the future of these value-added services to make money? Is this the business model?

Shenzhen hundred digital technology: Yes, we are to pave the way, the road repaired we shipped goods, and then each village we go to integrate, open shop. Shop is not open, is integrated.

Judges: Your first and second stage, the first stage in the process of direct-supply and China Telecom's cooperation Commission is how much, the second piece of words in the whole process of selling direct supply machine, Huawei they appear in the time will also be built in some of the things they follow, this level, Coordination of China Telecom and hardware manufacturers what kind of situation is it?

Shenzhen Hundred digital technology: our most basic is to help China Telecom to do 9 provinces directly to collect service fees, with this relationship with China Telecom is a natural strategic partner, is our common operation of this direct supply system, this direct supply is not only we also help Huawei shipments, but also to help cool send goods, Our custom is not our brand, we help other areas to promote. For example, the first is Baidu's mobile phone, Baidu means that there is a full range of its cloud system and other game systems will come in. This profit is higher than that of our Huawei freight. Latter income, we are talking about the 55 split, and China Telecom we do each cell phone sales is 30% of the split. The third block of revenue is the operator to give money we can give them the whole retail resources, to decorate subsidies, change the number of incentives for all integration, we do open Network mesh point of integration, he paid me to the whole. Direct supply machine relatively large, direct supply platform below 100 We also accept, this service charge is lower this is just the breadwinner.

Judges: You are now working with China Telecom, the future will expand more provinces?

Shenzhen hundred digital technology: more provinces and other operators.

Judges: These operators such as mobile, Unicom store is their lifeline, they will cooperate with you, for example, in their disadvantaged places, China Telecom in the north to do it easier, the south does not necessarily with you?

Shenzhen Hundred digital technology: We in China Telecom is basically the south.

Judge: China Telecom in mobile phone is a weak, it is only a small part, do you think with the two mainstream operators have more cooperation?

Shenzhen Hundred digital technology: There are a lot of opportunities, now have this contact. We have a six-year platform with China Telecom, this model has become a good way to direct the field, before and after the integration of the supply chain, so as to form a logistics, warehousing, services, operators of the policy bundle, the retailer's services throughout the system, the system quickly copied to other operators system.

Judge: The user's phone interface is actually how much you can control it? Just now you said that Baidu did a deep cooperation, the above some of the apps you pre-installed, or according to China Telecom's method pre-installed?

Shenzhen Hundred digital technology: technically according to our plan, but China Telecom they also have their requirements, in addition to all of us are carried out, we are based on all the app and application is a three-step, first pre-installed, the second is to promote, three is the joint operation. We are not only pre-installed on the end, we have to change these into the use of stores, we have a lot of ways in the store to apply one-to-one promotion.

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