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Old topic, how to create a good soft article. A lot of webmaster are soft wen headache, I do not know how a high-quality soft text. Many people are looking for some cliché questions, complaining about no good topic to write. From the life of some things, a scene may give us a lot of hair, if you are good at discovering that you will explode a lot of good ideas, if the computer in front of hollowing out the mind is hard to think of.

A few days morning and the wind boss discussed how to effectively promote the Web site, discussed how to write a soft text problem. Good soft text can bring thousands of outside the site chain, increase the weight of the site. The wind boss said that the whole day with the spread of the link to increase outside the chain, or to A5 forum hair outside the chain rather than quiet down to write a good soft article. Spend a few hours writing a good soft wen is more useful than going to some stations doing repetitive things every day.

Below I sum up a few, give everybody a train of thought.

First, write soft text to find some new topics, the title to attract people and content related. It's not the case that you can't write a tempting question and open it. For example, a few days ago, my friend and I said that we had just seen a movie, "Old boy," saying that the movie was good. Later found that a lot of people in the search for information about old boys, if you build an old boy's blog can bring a lot of traffic, around this topic to write a soft text words can also be thousands of people reprint. Then the old boy's search volume rose to Baidu search the top of the list. I'm just trying to illustrate that there are a lot of good topics in life that await your discovery.

Second, to see what the public most concerned about the problem, and then choose to use this topic to package a soft article, in the article it is best to add a few pictures this effect will be better. The topic that people pay attention to is spread quickly, can spread quickly in a short time. Soft text should have the characteristics of communication, let people read and think about sharing to others, let more people know.

Third, the soft text can also be some of their own experience to share with others, do some tutorial materials to disseminate, as long as your soft text has read value OK. Advertising to moderate, grasp this degree can play a very good effect. If the advertising is rampant, let people look at the annoying, then no one to spread to us. Some stationmaster has done several years of website, regardless of achievement size always some experience, share out own experience, let more people know you. There will be some unexpected gains.

Some people find it difficult to write articles, or nothing to write, in fact, many of the problems are very simple, but we do not consciously put on a very difficult hat, for their familiar things to do it easy, unfamiliar things to listen to others say it is difficult, As long as you get in, you will find that it is very simple and feel that time is so fast, and then feel a sense of accomplishment. Now a lot of the transformation of GG before doing E-commerce, in the E-commerce industry do well, as long as in a certain area to do well, to other areas will soon be familiar with, in some of their own areas of expertise if not to do so do not want to go to other areas, I always believe that as long as concentrate on doing, brave to go, There are always vista when you are in trouble.

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