Hundred Tour of its products "dowager" will be opened on September 16 not to delete the file

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More Play Network news (reporter/Kangsui) hundred tour of its products "dowager" will be opened on September 16 not to delete the file. A few days ago, "Dowager" project team leader Chen received more play exclusive interview. Chen said, "Dowager" in a big bright spot is "beauty system", the system specifically for female players set.  Women who have been certified by the video will be rewarded with a personalized fashion, title, gift bag and extra skills in the game. In addition, these certified female players will be in the future version of the "escort copy" as the "VIP escort" position.  Chen said that there will be more play in the future around the female players to expand.  According to the introduction of Chen, specifically certified female players in addition to the advantages of social relations, in the game system will get a special for male teammates plus gain buffer skills. Also because of this skill set, Chen is not very worried that there will be a large number of false "beauty title" male players. He said: "Because we give are some girls like things, not how practical benefits, and will not affect the balance of the game, so I think there is no need to be false, the reliability of our female player certification is still very high." On the other hand, we create many systems in the game that make women feel interesting, such as giving away flowers, such as fashion, and even future escorts and bride. I think this is effective for improving the fun of female gamers and promoting the activity of the entire gaming community. "For the" dowager "in do not delete the file after the development, Chen said that the hundred tour in its full implementation of the game to upgrade the service standard strategy, so that players focus on the account security, Novice Guide two aspects to enhance the experience. The new game content is also in the process of preparation. (Edit/Heavy)

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