I dragged it to the last minute to get it done.

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"I procrastinate ... To the last moment to get things done. ”

"Sometimes I put too much pressure on a day's work ..."

Is that you?

Time management is difficult for many people, especially in this focus is not easy to focus on frequent switching screens and work tasks of today, the good GTD products seem to be unable to meet us. When time management has become a lot of people knee injury, a call timeful intelligent time Butler may have the opportunity to come out to treat. The product has not yet been launched, but has taken 7 million of dollars in a round of financing, investment institutions include Khosla Ventures, Kleiner and so on.

What the hell is this suspense app for? Because there is no product, we can only find some clues on the official web. From the description, Timeful will first be a more intelligent product, timeful team members in artificial intelligence, large data and behavioral science has a certain expertise, through a time management algorithm combined with behavioral data to help users maximize their lives.

Dan Ariely, author and professor of psychology and behavioral economics, also joined Timeful. In Timeful's video, he mentions the logic of subtraction: "The biggest challenge for time management is dour no, you don't want to say no when someone else is looking for you, so you say yes." Then you're going to have one more thing to put on todolist this day, something to think about, but you won't have time to do it by the end of the day. If you had known it would be better to reject others? Then you will not agree with others, and then push off, do not have to worry about a lot of things. "It seems that the product can help you make some suggestions to refuse."

It is also known that timeful will be available first in mobile applications and more automated in managing user time. Bold conjecture, it may be the product of my dream: complete understanding of my day's trajectory, help me sum up the daily time allocation, and know when I am most efficient, and will automatically help me on the trip to optimize and recommend products. Such products should have appeared long ago.

Well, don't dream, wait for the product to come. There is a small test on the timeful, you can do it first, they will give you a response to the situation.

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