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Tags are tags, can be very convenient to classify information classification, form and site of the topic is the same, but more convenient than the topic. At present, the General CMS, blog system has tags, tags can enhance the chain, improve the content of the crawl, but things always have two sides, to clearly understand the pros and cons of the relationship, in order to better use.

A positive side

tags of the benefits of too much, the two webmaster net about tags benefits of the article are many, tags the biggest advantage is that the entire site has links to the article together, so that spiders can more smoothly crawl to more content, weight can be very good transmission, and some details, I do not say more here, Want to know more clearly can webmaster Web search under Tags, a lot of webmaster said very well.

Second, the adverse side

tags and the theme of the difference lies in tags to create a convenient, many like to use tags webmaster in each content will add a few tags, over time, tags data volume is bound to be huge, I love mule early contact tags when doing a website, At that time 2000 article content already has more than 3,000 tags, can be imagined, tags data volume is much horror.

As we all know, the total number of a station has a limit, this line is based on the weight of the site to decide. If your site weight is not high, the volume is still very large, if you add tags, it is bound to the content of the site itself will be very difficult to improve, because, tags occupy a large amount of included. And most of the webmaster in Add tags when all think the more the more, we can see, a lot of Web site tags page only one or two articles, such a page for users and SEO are no use, and such tags also difficult to bring traffic, specific reasons not to say.

In addition to some articles are very few tags useless, there are a lot of tags are not good, for example, a website about SEO, if you want to add tags, each article can add SEO tags tags, But this tags and the site itself or SEO column is almost exactly the same, so what is the use of tags? and such tags generally have a large number of pagination, occupy more of the included.

Clear tags of the pros and cons, you should know how to use the tags, if the webmaster more diligent, I think it is better to use the topic instead of tags, after all, the topic calls more flexible, you can better optimize; if it's a webmaster who is as lazy as I love mules, In the use of tags must be as little as possible to add useless tags, can not be abused, like the above mentioned only one or two article tags or with the column itself repeated tags, or ignore his good. This article is provided by my love Mule, the original text comes from: http://www.ebaite.com/blog/post/7.html, welcome reprint, reprint please indicate link source.

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