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"Sadie Web News" IDC research shows that the large number of structured and unstructured data is growing at a rate of 60% per cent a year, and that by 2020 global data volumes will grow by 44 times times to 35.2ZB. "The word ' big data ' is already ubiquitous and is used to host all types of concepts, including massive data, real-time data, social media analytics, and next-generation data management capabilities," said Dr Zhou, director of the computer Internet Center at the Institute of Science and Software, a leading domestic data scholar. For enterprises, the understanding of large data should not be limited to the technical field, but should be a business priority task, because it can bring the global integration of the economic era of the great changes in business models. The industry has developed from the understanding of the importance of large data to the implementation phase of the need to practice large data, and the latest IBM white paper is of great guiding significance for the vast majority of Chinese companies looking to be in the ' Big Data age ' nuggets. ”

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Analysis: The application of large data in the real world is developed by the IBM Institute of Business Values and the Oxford University School of Commerce. Through the Global 95 countries, research by 1144 business and IT professionals in 26 industries, and interviews with more than 20 academics, business-themed experts, and business Executives, the research provides constructive guidance for companies to gain a better understanding of large data market trends and more accurate measurement of current large data returns. The results of the research paper show that nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents said that the use of information (including large data) and analysis created a competitive advantage for their organization. This ratio has increased by 70% in just two years, compared with IBM's 2010 global executives of new intelligence companies. ”

The research draws five key conclusions indicating that global organizations are starting from business needs using a pragmatic approach to large data, the white paper provides five key recommendations for companies to step up large data initiatives and get the maximum business value from large data, including: "Customer-centric" and "early-stage" Large data strategic planning ", to develop a comprehensive and complete enterprise" Big Data Blueprint ", starting from the existing data, setting and completing short and phased" Big data strategic objectives ", according to business priority, gradually set up an analysis system, step-by-Step Upgrade" Large data analysis capabilities "and customized measurable indicators analysis of large data ROI (Return on Investment) ".

IBM Global Business Consulting Services Division business Analysis and Optimization service Greater China general manager Santa said: "The big Data age has two distinct differences-the large number of new data is no longer applicable to traditional databases, while analytical capabilities are crucial to enterprise implementation of large data." These two distinctions come mainly from 4V characteristics of large data: quantity (Volume), multiplicity (produced), velocity (velocity), and authenticity (veracity). IBM believes that while the first 3 v covers key attributes of the large data itself, authenticity is an important dimension that needs to be considered by the current enterprise, prompting them to use data fusion and advanced mathematical methods to further improve the quality of the data, thereby creating higher value. ”

"Intelligent Analysis Insight" as the core: IBM gathered a full range of resources to build the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end, high integration of large data value system

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