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IBus Full name Intelligent input bus for Linux/unix OS is the next generation Input method framework (or "platform"), the project exists in Google code-http://code.google.com/p/ibus/ This project contains text entry requirements for most languages in the world ———— maintained by a number of national developers worldwide. It exists to replace the old Scim, and most Linux distributions have replaced SCIM with it.

IBUs is a framework that supports multiple input methods.

Problem 1:ubuntu System Select the Pinyin input method is wrong, it can not enter Chinese and Chinese phrases by default, please install other IBUs based input method independently
Problem 2:ubuntu system with a IBUS1.2.0 version of the bug, after using the BACKSPACE key to remove characters after the input method will not continue to work, please use the third party source of PPA to upgrade IBUs to 1.3.6 and later versions. (Ubuntu's official software source has not been updated to the latest version)

How to upgrade IBUs using a third party source in the PPA:

In the terminal input:

sudo add-apt-repository Ppa:shawn-p-huang/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ibus-gtk ibus-qt4 ibus-pinyin ibus-pinyin-db-open-phrase

Next, you can use the taskbar-ime-reboot. Install commonly used Pinyin Input method Ibus-pinyin:

In the terminal input:

sudo apt install ibus-pinyin ibus-pinyin-db-android

Or click on the top left corner of the application->ubuntu Software Center in the right-hand search box to search Ibus-pinyin and install Ibus-pinyin and ibus-pinyin-db-android.

After installation, click on the upper left corner of the system-> preferences->ibus preferences switch to the Input Method tab, click to add the Left Drop-down list box to select Chinese-> spelling Pinyin after the click Add button.

Then delete the other items except the pinyin. Later you can press CTRL to switch English and pinyin input method.

Install common five Input method:

In the terminal input:

sudo apt install Ibus-table-wubi

Other actions ditto use the left alt to switch pinyin and five. Install another pinyin input method Ibus-sunpinyin, suitable for a large number of input-support phrases.

Perform the following steps

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ibus-dev/ibus-1.3-lucid

(This step adds a PPA)

sudo apt install ibus-sunpinyin

Other Operations ditto

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