IDC estimates: Cloud computing can be popularized in five years

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After more than a year of research in the field of cloud computing, in the IT market, cloud computing embryonic form has been gradually formed. Cloud Computing provides a new opportunity for suppliers and drives the transformation of traditional IT products. The forecast for IDC consultancy shows that spending on it cloud computing services is expected to grow 3 times times over the next five years, to $42 billion trillion in 2012, and to occupy 9% per cent of the five key market units. More important, spending on cloud computing will enter a phase of accelerated growth that will reach a 25% share of total IT spending growth by 2012. Therefore, the popularity of cloud computing is not a distant thing for us.

"Recently IDC has conducted a market survey of IT management, CIOs and key business executives, and the results show that cloud services have started to come into view after more than a year of cloud computing," says Frank Kim, senior vice president and chief analyst at IDC Consulting. and has been universally recognized and accepted. In addition, according to IDC estimates, the financial crisis also played a role in the development trend of cloud computing. The cloud model provides a more cost-effective way for businesses to purchase and use it, and the cost advantage is undoubtedly the most attractive in a downturn. This advantage is particularly important for small and medium enterprises.

In order to determine the extent of cloud computing opportunities, the direction of this opportunity to go, IDC consulting analysts focus on cloud computing trends and reach a common opinion.

In the early days of cloud computing, people often refer to online delivery and consumption patterns of business and consumer services. But in most cases, cloud computing is running in the background of a recognized service, such as banking, online shopping or online storage. As a result, IDC Consulting believes it is important to differentiate cloud services from the cloud environment that implements these services.

Cloud services are commercial products, services, and solutions delivered and consumed over the network.

Cloud computing is an emerging IT development, configuration and delivery model that enables real-time delivery of products, services and solutions over the network.

The attribute of cloud services is to make products and services more simple, affordable and better than the traditional delivery model. These attributes reduce enterprise costs, simplify and accelerate access processes, greatly enrich the number and variety of available services, and inspire the potential for these services to be integrated.

As cloud services are created, cloud computing is made up of a series of technologies and it products that implement cloud services, including infrastructure systems (generators, storage, networks), applications, systems and application software management software, IP networks, and price agreements.

The trend towards cloud computing has been driven by three of market forces: the search business has grown rapidly in some important new areas, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises; traditional methods lack solutions to meet these development needs in these growing important markets The competitive pressures of emerging firms that benefit from these new models.

IDC Consulting Company believes that for it vendors, there are two major opportunities for the development of cloud services. One of the opportunities for it vendors is to consider delivering their IT products or services to consumers through cloud mode. This means that they have to consider whether they can access the software as a service business, storage cloud business, server cloud business, and so on. The second opportunity for it vendors is to consider how current and future products support user development, configuration, global delivery, and consumer cloud services. In other words, it is a tool for others to enter the cloud services business.

To be successful, cloud service providers must deliver hybrid products and services that combine traditional and cloud. According to IDC's market research results, the cloud service provider two of the most important thing is to provide competitive price and performance assurance. If necessary, it is also important to understand the user's industry and the ability to apply cloud services.

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