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Picture burglar: Is not want their own pictures to be used by others. Picture anti-theft chain: is not want their own pictures are used by others, and consumption of their own server traffic. Picture burglar is difficult, perfect picture burglar that is almost impossible. But there are still a lot of ways to reduce image theft, below are 10 kinds, choose one you like.

Hide Picture

Overwrite real picture with blank picture


This method makes it impossible for others to get the real picture unless you view the source code. You can take the real picture as a background image, and use a transparent picture to match the size and overlay the real picture.

For example:

<div id= "Image1" style= "Background-image:url" (originalimage.jpg); >

<img src= "blank.gif" height= "250px" width= "300px" >


That way, when someone uses the right button to view or save a picture, it gets the transparent picture. Here are 2 JavaScript frameworks that can implement this kind of picture anti-theft chain method: Dwprotector for MooTools ( Mootools-image-protector-dwprotector) Dwprotector for JQuery ( Image-protector-plugin-for-jquery)

Auto Cut picture

Super Simple Image Tiles (


This is a very effective picture anti-theft chain method. It supports two scenarios: let the user download the cropped picture. Let the user download to the watermark image. When the user tries to download the picture, it will truncate or add watermark operation, but this method also has a great disadvantage: caused too much server request load, the overall performance of the site is not good you will have a lot of picture files

Use a picture with a watermark (pre-build)

Pre-add watermark is also an effective way to prevent the image stolen, even if others want to steal, at least for you free publicity for your site. But the downside: the picture will not be clear or beautiful (this is especially important for the site of the image display class, but it is this kind of website special especially picture anti-theft) can download and then crop watermark (of course, if you are kind to put the watermark in the middle of the picture or watermark there are pictures so 1/3 big guys, You don't have to worry about it. To manually add watermarks, you can use Photoshop,gimp, easy watermark and other software. You can also choose some of the following online image watermark tools: Picmarkr (Details) (


Watermarktool (


Using watermarks (server-side builds)

Using the server side to automatically add a watermark to the picture, is a matter of worry. Just need some scripting knowledge. Here are some examples of the various scripting languages involved: asido:php Image 處理 Library


Asido is a PHP image processing library that can run in GD2, Magick Wand and image Magick. Here is a detailed description of the Asido to add a watermark to the picture.

Other PHP Solutions:

Put watermark on images using PHP ( watermark Your images with PHP 5 and GD ( watermark images on the fly in PHP ( /article/watermark-images-php/) solution:

Thumbnail and watermark images on the fly with ASP. NET ( newsid=10287) watermarking Images in with a HttpHandler ( watermarking-images-in-aspnet-with-an-httphandler.aspx) Coolwatermark (paid) ( products/coolwatermark.aspx)

Ruby Solution:

Rmagick ( watermarking your images with Rmagick ( 6014) P.S: I occasionally found the conscience of the time, will consider the copyright issue: This automatic watermark method is to add a watermark for each tension picture, but is there any right to add a watermark for each picture? Unless all the pictures are original. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are fewer websites for drawing water and water prints abroad.

Use Flash to display pictures

Swfir (Detailed introduction) (


SWF Image replacement can let the picture display in the Flash interior, lets the right key downloading become impossible. Also, the picture can still be styled using CSS. The disadvantage is conceivable: Drag slow Web page load speed.

browser-based Picture Burglar

Disable right-click menu (

Through JavaScript to disable the Click menu is a picture anti-theft method, but it is only for the network rookie, medium users can easily see the code to get the image address, and then the higher point can easily cracked, disable your disable! So this is not a good way, and more importantly, it is extremely detrimental to the user browsing experience. There is a compromise approach, and you can use a jquery plugin to implement just disabling the Save feature.

Disable IE6 image Bar


Under IE6, when the mouse hovers over a picture, the toolbar appears with the Save feature, which you can disable using the following code:

<meta http-equiv= "Imagetoolbar" content= "no" >

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