I'm one of the victims of the record.

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I. Reasons for not filing:

My site is a corporate site, mainly because the space and web development is in 2 network companies, so the development of the site of the company is not active, they said that the personal name of the record is not good record. Damn it, I'm a corporate website. In the name of personal record, through, they are nonsense. and to the enterprise website record I too troublesome. Plus I think the filing is not mandatory, so I took it lightly. The result is blocked!

Ii. Solutions:

That day I found this problem, I immediately contact the space access provider, provide information, ask them to submit to me for the record (the record does not seem to be submitted to their own, must be an access provider). After submitting my daily check, at least 3 times a day, the official said the record to wait for 20 days, because my other sites on the record of a week down. So I think it should not be that long time, indeed, about 4 days, finally approved. So immediately notify the access provider, binding domain name, and finally back online.

Iii. sequelae:

I've been watching the rankings after being screened, my about the Vacuum packing machine website www.yupack.net before is on the first page (Baidu), was shielded the four days to fall to the second page, after the on-line, or is the second page, to the third day after the return on-line I discovered that my rank did not have, the site, Baidu included in the vacuum packaging machine home http://www.yupack.net/index.html has become: your current site can not be normal access, may be due to: 1, the space has not been bound to the domain name, please to "space management", the domain name binding to space above; 2, the site stopped. Please contact customer service for processing; 3, the space expires, please contact the service provider in time; 4, if not the above reasons, please contact customer service personnel ...

I looked at all dumbfounded, so immediately in Baidu submitted to the site of the portal to resubmit the website, now the situation is still so, I am waiting. I believe the rankings will go up.

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