Implementing an Android Device Enterprise database synchronization using IBM Mobile databases

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This article is an attempt to explain how IBM Mobile database works and to combine examples to show how to use IBM Mobile databases to synchronize the data of an Android device with a back-end enterprise.

IBM ">SOLIDDB is a memory relational database that is 10 times times more efficient than a disk database, with a throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second and a microsecond response time. As a migrating version of mobile devices, IBM Mobile Database inherits many of the benefits of SolidDB. At the same time, IBM Mobile Database specializes in a number of improvements and optimizations for mobile devices. This article is an attempt to explain how IBM Mobile database works and to combine examples to show how to use IBM Mobile databases to synchronize the data of an Android device with a back-end enterprise.

The article mainly divides into four parts, as follows:

What is IBM Mobile database How to use IBM Mobile database to develop Android apps how to keep the security of IBM Mobile database closing

What is IBM Mobile Database

IBM Mobile Database (mobile DB) is the memory database of IBM SolidDB (hereinafter referred to as SolidDB) designed for mobile devices to optimize mobile databases. On the one hand, Mobile DB inherits the characteristics of memory database performance (10 times times faster than the disk database), on the other hand, utilizes the SolidDB Advanced Replication function with the Universal Cache component, Enables bidirectional data synchronization with back-end enterprise databases such as mainstream databases such as Db2,informix,oracle,sql Server. In this way, mobile DB is not only an offline mobile database like SQL Lite, but it can also be used as a mobile client cache for back-end enterprise databases. Figure 1 shows the topology of the Mobile DB data replication solution.

Figure 1. Mobile DB Data Replication solution topology

The introduction to Mobile DB is mainly divided into two sections, as follows:

Mobile DB main features mobile DB working principle

Mobile DB Main Features

Mobile DB is an industry-standard moving database with the advantages of good performance, high reliability, off-line, lightweight (less than MB). At the same time, Mobile DB also fully supports ACID transactions, standard database access interface, data security, and enterprise database bidirectional data synchronization characteristics. The main features of Mobile DB are described below:

ACID properties that support transactions

From the database transaction perspective, Mobile DB fully meets the ACID requirements, i.e. atomicity, consistency, isolation, persistence. Even if the connection is lost, Mobile DB can provide transactional-level data persistence storage.

Supports standard database interfaces

For upper-level applications, Mobile DB fully supports standard SQL operations and JDBC access interfaces. For more complex enterprise applications, Mobile DB also supports advanced SQL operations such as stored procedures, triggers, and so on. In addition, from the perspective of large data, Mobile DB also supports data types such as BLOBs and CLOB.

Data security

Mobile DB complies fully with database security standards. On the one hand, mobile DB is based on the OpenSSL data encryption algorithm to effectively protect sensitive data; On the other hand, mobile DB supports VPN security protocols to prevent privacy information from leaking through the network.

Bidirectional data Synchronization

With SolidDB collaboration, Mobile DB supports bidirectional data synchronization with enterprise databases. In this model, SolidDB plays the Hub role of data replication.

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