Improving visitor quality is the key to increasing the number of visitors

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Every webmaster wants to improve their website's traffic, will adopt a lot of promotional methods, such as SEO, Baidu know, forum posts, QQ Group, etc., the number of visits through the site will certainly have a certain degree of improvement, but if only to pay attention to the amount of access does not pay attention to the quality of the words, so that the increase in the number of visits , what we want is not a number, but a real benefit.

So how to improve access to improve the quality of access at the same time, Lao Cao to give us a few strokes:

First, the choice of the appropriate way for your site publicity is to improve access to the quality of the key

We all know to do the promotion of the most taboo is the lack of focus, when there is no focus on the Huidong a rake, a broom West, so that not only will cause waste of time, but also the effect is very few. So how to choose the right way to promote you, you can operate from the type of website, if you are running a regional station, whether it is a regional wedding station, or a classified information station, or other stations, you are facing the customer community is the local, so the promotion should be local, if you find that every day hundreds of people visit, If there are half in other regions, then these flows cannot be regarded as high-quality visitors.

Second, soft promotion will make it easier for visitors to accept

In the advertising rampage today, everyone almost tired of advertising, a little creative ads can also attract attention, but because most of the advertising is not creative, causing people visual fatigue, not to mention that you can remember things. Soft promotion will sometimes play an unexpected effect, if you can write a few words, you can try writing a few soft wen, to many places hair may be netting to a lot of people to your site. can also use Baidu to know, after all, many people are through him to solve the problem, a detailed and useful answer will let the questioner thank you very much, so you leave the ad will be fully accepted.

Third, a good website experience is to improve customer retention key

A good customer experience site is very high, most netizens are lazy, because lazy so how to save how to do, if found a site can easily find their own want and there are many he did not think of the part, will naturally have a certain favorable impression on your site, if the next find the same content, He'll think of you first.

Above three points is the old Cao simple for everyone to share about improving access to quality skills, we can in the website operation, combined with their own website, really to operate. Reprint Please specify:, Cao original

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