In fact, we only have one opponent, cash.

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"In fact, we have only one opponent, that is cash." And this year's Alipay wallet and another opponent, is the wallet you put on your body. Said Genming, vice president of Alipay.

Mobile payment three kills

The internet giant always has a common dream to see the land of milk and honey. Their melee in the payment area is inevitable.

50 years later, the famous folktale will be rewritten, Alibaba's opponent is not 40 thieves, but a penguin. Alibaba strongly shows their innate wisdom, the penguins with plump and extensive warmth to save popularity.

"Independence Day" to pay the treasure purse

November 13, Ali small Micro Financial services group, the President of the domestic business group Genming said, Alipay Wallet users have been over billion. As Ali is the most competitive product in the mobile Internet field, Alipay announces that it will move the end of Alipay-"Alipay wallet" as an independent brand development.

Compared with the established PC-end payment market, mobile end will have more space in the future in the fields of finance, life service and electricity business. Genming also revealed that Alipay Wallet will be independent brand operation, the opponent is the physical wallet.

For the independent operation, Genming of course has the emboldened. Alipay Wallet launched in 2009, positioning as mobile payment platform, released in October 2013 7.6 version, users can not only through its credit card, transfer, payment, collection, payment, charge, card management, but also the balance treasure product finance. According to Alipay released the latest data, "Alipay wallet" users nearly 100 million, Alipay mobile payment users have broken billion.

Outside the industry's more and more clearly see that the future of mobile payments to replace cash signs more and more obvious, some foreign countries mobile payment is almost 70%, which undoubtedly makes Alipay wallet market space is growing wider.

However, it is not Ali's wishful thinking. Originally thought to launch the Alipay Wallet will change the mobile payment ecosystem again, the result mobile Internet Subversion mode, surpasses Ali present imagination space. At this time, Genming clearly indicated that the opponent is only a physical wallet how much more deliberately.

Micro-credit Payment spread syndrome

This time "Double 11" period, micro-letter combined with the rapid network, in the north of the core cities such as Guangzhou to create "micro-letter store." November 11 The same day, micro-letter stores more than 80,000 transactions, accounting for the total station of Xun 13%.

November 18, Tencent Micro-letter in Guangzhou held the first "micro-letter • Public" partner communication, announced at the meeting nine interface capabilities, including "micro-letter payment" to become a hot spot. It is understood that in the future, micro-letter payment will be divided into sweeping code payment, app payment and public number to pay three kinds. Industry insiders generally believe that the popularity of micro-credit payment to achieve a complete closed loop from line to line, through the O2O of the last ring.

In the desktop computer-dominated era in the e-commerce sector is not very popular Tencent, when the mobile terminal began to become increasingly dominant in the situation, with 500 million users of mobile Internet tool micro-letter, let Tencent's electric Shangmeng again become possible.

In July this year, the 5.0 version of the micro-letter, added a bank card payment function, joined the ranks of online payment competition. Because there are hundreds of millions of users of the emboldened, micro-letter seems inadvertently, become Taobao's direct competitors.

Jack Ma, who has always been confident, is beginning to feel the pressure. He is worried that once the micro-letter payments mature, may be able to change the entire electric business ecology, and the end of Alipay and Taobao monopoly situation.

Not only that, in the entity shop using micro-letter 5.0 version of the micro-letter payment function and binding bank card, you can scan the way directly to buy coffee, snacks, print photos, recharge the phone, but also remote control air-conditioning, television. In a good network environment, the entire payment process is smooth, averaging 10 seconds to complete the entire payment process.

Alipay also has a real sense of pressure from micro-credit payments. In the "micro-letter • Public" partner communication will be the same day, Alipay Purse official announced that enterprises to pay treasure Purse public service platform will be exempted from any certification fees and other fees. Alipay Wallet will be a strict audit of each of the settled enterprises to ensure that all settled businesses are real and credible brand enterprises.

"Alipay Wallet" began to test the water public number, the mobile client access to clothing brands, banks and other merchants. The nature of financial payment attributes, information subscriptions, merchandise browsing, purchase and online Exchange can be achieved through mobile phones. Mccafés and other first settled merchants quickly benefited, the "business Hall" into the Alipay bank credit card, a short 7 days the number of fans exceeded 500,000.

Alipay more first for the strong release of the announcement, said that starting from December 3, 2013 on the computer to carry out payment treasure account transfer, will charge a handling fee, 0.5 yuan to collect, 10 yuan capping. Experts believe that Alipay is obviously encouraging and directing users to pay with the mobile phone payment, this rate adjustment or with the payment PO Mobile end layout, is intended to pull mobile end development.

And in experts ' view, Alipay pc-side charges and no charge on the phone, which is alipay directly against micro-credit strategy-to change the user's use of the strategy, more to the mobile end of the migration.

Ma saw, in public speech said: "We now see Ali special concern, rushed very before, may be by the micro-letter payment stimulation, heard (Ali) is the company's good players all tied in wireless this business, to create a few so-called tickets." ”

and voice has not fallen, November 16, Silver Thai business group Chairman Shen with Ma Yun in Hangzhou Yintai department store, experience "sound wave pay", attracted a large number of customers and media onlookers. That's what Jack Ma wants. "There is no company in this era that can say 12 months of peace, whether online or offline, to embrace change." Ma said.

Third party Baidu

However, the mobile payment of the lake not only Ali and Tencent, Baidu to its gross amount, one came in to stir up big waves.

In July this year, the central bank again issued a batch of third-party payment licences, when Baidu's "Hundred Pay" successfully received the license, the type of license for the Internet payment. September, hundred pay launched the first product in the mobile payment field-"Baidu Wallet SDK."

Baidu's layout in the mobile payment field will be based on apps and game payments, apparently through 91 mobile apps and game distribution platforms. Although the current Baidu wallet SDK is mainly used to pay in the game, but mobile payment is more than the imagination.

In the industry, 91 of wireless products have been included in Baidu, 91 desktop users have broken billion, in the near future, it is likely to become a "hundred pay" the development of an important platform.

Originally Ali, Tencent, Baidu giant in the internet finance each have the world, but the development of mobile internet O2O, let the whole pattern become delicate, three giants all want to contend for the offline resources, including catering, travel, KTV merchant and participate in consumer, so the third party pays, more exactly is moves pays, only then value multiplies, Mobile payment users are also the highest gold content, can further analysis of the "gold", O2O the market has the possibility of subversive giants.

Baidu has greater ambitions in the future, trying to get through the map of lbs (location-based services) and mobile payments. Next, the big internet companies in the mobile payment market will be more intense competition. ”

How safe is mobile payment?

In fact, more companies, including Shanda, are already aware of the importance of mobile payment portals. Mobile payment space will be more extensive, covering online shopping and offline consumption and other fields, for the Netizen's way of life, will have a fundamental impact.

At present, the overall mobile payment market is still in the user training stage, the major Internet enterprises are through different application tools and service platform to the user's mobile payment behavior training.

Ali through E-commerce Drive payment, Tencent, Baidu through their own services or content driven by its own mobile payment use. In addition, the major Internet companies to launch a variety of financial products, but also one of its trump, such as balance treasure and hundred pay, and so on, are using higher yield to attract small capital injection, By satisfying the needs of the fragmented financial management, users are encouraged to foster continuous attention to mobile payment in the continuous financial products.

However, the current problem is that the payment is convenient and also brings greater security problems. The open secret of mobile phone is that the mobile phone virus is easy to invade, and the information leaking caused by the loss of mobile phone will bring more money loss. Therefore, the security problem of mobile payment is undoubtedly the key factor to win the trust of users.

After being challenged by opponents, the micro-letter has launched an effective compensation mechanism for the use of micro-letter payments caused by the loss of funds stolen and other losses to make full reparations, to eliminate the user's concern about the security risks of funds. The compensation channel is on one hand, the next more should be competition service. More efficient and sophisticated customer response and service is a long-term way to enhance trust.

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