In history, Wuhan was one of the four major financial towns in China.

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Historically, Wuhan has been one of China's four major financial centers, the "Oriental Chicago" said that the financial industry experienced "once brilliant-landscape still-status passed-look forward to the rise" of the historical track. In recent years, Wuhan has been actively pursuing the financial aspect, and the central leading edge is becoming more and more obvious. Last July, the State Council approved Wuhan Donghu high-tech zone into the new Sanbanxi pilot, this September, Wuhan financial reform and innovation of the overall plan reported to the State Council.

Recently, on the private banks, Wuhan financial reform and other aspects, Wuhan, deputy director of financial affairs Fang Jie received an interview with the 21st century Economic report reporter. Fang Jie that Wuhan has declared 3 private banks to Hubei province, and the focus of Wuhan gold reform is to create a breakthrough in science and technology finance to set up a Chinese-style "Silicon Valley Bank" that serves small and medium sized enterprises.

The threshold of private banks ' screening

"21st century": at present, which enterprises in Wuhan have been declared private banks?

Fang Jie: At present, we have received the declaration of 3 bid for private banks, namely "the State Bank", "Changjiang Science and Technology bank" and "East Lake Innovation Development Bank" (all are tentative names). Bank of the state, is led by the drow group, positioned in the main service logistics enterprises in a regional bank, involved in the preparation of enterprises including Kyushu Tong, Jin Licensing, Zhijiang; the Changjiang Science and Technology Bank also reported the data, by Wuhan Economic Development Investment Group, Wuhan Credit group Hubei Management Co., Ltd. launched, In strict sense this is not initiated by private enterprises, but also mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises financing banks; In addition, the East Lake Innovation and Development Bank, by the Jin and hi-tech investment launched.

"21st century": the public are more concerned about the requirements of the declaration of private banks. From the level of financial office in Wuhan, what screening thresholds do you take to declare the enterprises of private banks?

Fang Jie: The regulatory level has not yet announced the conditions for the declaration of private banks, there are many versions of the civil society, think tank has also proposed a number of proposals to establish thresholds, shareholder qualifications, equity changes, corporate governance, revocation of institutions and other provisions. In fact, all localities may adopt a differentiated requirement for registered capital within the prescribed scope. At present, we all tend to adopt higher threshold of registered capital to embody higher qualification and stronger financing ability.

Based on the framework of Commercial Bank Law and company law, we set up the threshold standard of 2 billion registered capital, and the number of sponsors is not more than 20. Wuhan, the three reported are more than 10 people, the main sponsor of the request for three consecutive years of profit, other sponsors for two consecutive years or more profitable. At the same time, the request launches the Enterprise core main business outstanding, the stock right relation is clear, the social reputation credit degree is high, and asks "one row three bureau" to its qualification approval.

From private banks to "small and medium sized banks"

"21st Century": Plenary "decision" of the reference, from the former "private banks" into "small and medium-sized banks," How do you think?

Fang Jie: This plenary proposed is "to allow the conditions of private capital to create small and medium-sized banks and other financial institutions", no more emphasis on private banks, which means that the launch of small and medium-sized joint-stock banks can also, we should focus more on small and medium-sized banks, for small and medium-sized private enterprises to serve.

Prior to the concept of private banks, the emergence of a declaration of upsurge, many companies want to participate, but now gradually return to rational thinking. From an objective point of view, if only for the licence of the market premium, or simply the pursuit of high income, or for their own enterprise financing, should not be the original intention of private banks, the opposite is the need to focus on supervision and prevention. From the perspective of private enterprise management, if the establishment of banks, in the current domestic banking structure, the major banks, the stock bank accounted for the majority of resources, it can be divided into how many cups, whether to control risk, how to win public trust, are worth considering.

Previously, the wording of private banks may be slightly narrower. From the top design point of view, what is private banks, banking law and company law are not specifically elaborated. I think the positioning of small and medium-sized banks, is in line with the overall rule of law framework-that is, whether private, or mixed, or state-funded background, are mainly for small and medium-sized private enterprise services. This process, is also in clarifying the idea.

21st Century: So, what kinds of models do you think the small and medium-sized banks launched by private capital?

Fang Jie: At the moment, there is no clear statement from the regulatory level. At present, private banks can have three paths, one is the incremental expansion model, that is, the new launch of a new small and medium-sized banks, private enterprises as the shareholder structure. This model is the focus of the current efforts. However, due to the lack of institutional security and support, coupled with the inherent limitations of private banks, including professional competence, network and credit accreditation, the estimated pilot phase of the new number will not be too much.

The second is the model of stock reform, which is to encourage private capital to participate in the restructuring of existing financial institutions, such as transferring a group of eligible small banks to community banks. The private capital shares even the existing city firm, the agricultural firm, the village bank, through the reform, becomes the small and medium-sized private bank which serves for the small and medium enterprises.

The third is the network Financial transformation mode, the Internet finance to a certain extent represents the traditional bank transformation and innovation direction, the current financial activities relying on internet finance is in the ascendant, guiding the development of the Internet financial activities with conditions and gradually develop into a new type of private banks, has a certain forward-looking.

Each model has its pros and cons, and in the current regulatory policy is not clear, from the local government point of view, we encourage a variety of attempts.

Wuhan Gold reform: The urgent breakthrough of science and technology finance

21st Century: Wuhan Gold reform project which has been reported to the State Council has put forward a lot of goals and measures, what is the main point of focus?

Fang Jie: Our most urgent hope is to have a breakthrough in technology and finance. We hope that the scheme will be approved as soon as possible, through the top-down and bottom-up interaction, allowing us to do more first-try exploration, with a more relaxed innovation environment, and of course, want to get more institutional and policy dividends.

The first article proposed by Wuhan Gold reform program is in science and technology finance. Wuhan has the world's second largest number of colleges and universities, the first three of the comprehensive strength of science and education, as well as the country's second national independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the largest number of university students, there are large numbers of small and medium-sized science and technology SMEs. We hope to improve the status of financial reform and innovation in Wuhan, and to promote the innovation and development of science and technology enterprises and the strategic transformation of economy. Second, we hope to clarify the position of Wuhan as the Central financial Center in order to enhance the agglomeration, radiation and display of Wuhan Finance in the middle and middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

In addition, in this round of small and medium-sized banks approved, hope that the central can have a home, Wuhan has a place. At the same time, Wuhan has been approved by the CBRC as a consumer finance pilot city, in this batch of pilot cities, Wuhan is also actively preparing consumer finance companies. At present, Hankou Bank is negotiating with Spanish foreign bank to form a joint-venture consumer finance company, hoping to be approved as soon as possible.

"21st century": Wuhan Gold Reform program mentioned, will set up Optical Valley Technology Bank, technology insurance companies and other science and technology financial institutions. How do you position the Optics Valley Technology Bank?

Fang Jie: The important role of science and technology enterprises in the transformation and upgrade is obvious, and the science and technology enterprises are subject to financing environment. Wuhan has a number of small and medium-sized technology enterprises, such enterprises have higher financing requirements, the current financial innovation policy is positive, not completely released.

"Optics Valley" This name, is a very scarce brand resources. We would like to apply for the establishment of policy banks or national joint-stock commercial banks for the service of science and technology enterprises.

"Silicon Valley Bank" is desperately needed

"21st century": At present, about "Optical Valley Technology Bank" and scientific and Technological financial innovation exploration, progress to what stage?

Fang Jie: About the Optical Valley Bank, we are demonstrating and actively docking. We believe that central needs an institution similar to the US "Silicon Valley Bank". Silicon Valley banks can not only participate in the delivery of credit, but also to the investment banking model, enjoy the investment income of enterprises, this is the domestic banks are unable to do, but also its unique charm.

At present, Wuhan has set up 14 branches of science and Technology branch in East L. High-tech zone, although in some business with the Silicon Valley bank similar, but not the full meaning of the entrepreneurial financial institutions, behind the reasons, one is that China's banks can not directly engage in industrial investment in the legal constraints, the bank's integrated management pilot is still in the initial stage, Venture capital has not yet been involved, the second is that the bank's own strategic positioning is not clear, the homogeneity of the risk is outstanding, the operating model is conservative, risk aversion is high, accustomed to financial statement analysis, real estate to pledge and other ways to lend, and High-tech enterprises lack of deep running-in.

Therefore, through the report of the Gold reform program, we hope that the upward call for the development of venture capital market, the second to give the technology banks a relatively flexible interest rate; The most important thing is to allow banks to invest in equity. This is the unique charm of Silicon Valley banks and the secret of their success. We hope to set up a Chinese "Silicon Valley Bank" in Wuhan, which can make a breakthrough in these aspects, allow to relax the range of loan interest rate, innovate the way of interest rate return, and have high profit path matching with high risk.

"21st century": Middle six provincial capitals, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hefei and other financial centers are mentioned. We see Wuhan, the characteristics of financial development is not very obvious, the number of financial institutions are also difficult to reach north wide, how to understand the concept of Central financial center?

Fang Jie: As mentioned above, the continuous strengthening of Wuhan in the central region of the financial collection, radiation and display, has been our efforts to pursue the goal. In fact, from the economic and financial data in recent years, Wuhan in the central six provincial capital cities have highlighted the comparative advantage, the key is how to stand out.

According to the 2012 economic indicators, Wuhan, in addition to total import and export and per capita disposable income of the central second, regardless of gross domestic product, 123 industry value added, fixed assets investment, industrial scale above the value of the total retail sales of consumer goods, foreign direct investment, public budget revenue and expenditure, or the financial institutions that represent the development indicators of the financial sector, Wuhan is ranked first. Wuhan for many years by the National Research Network as the central financial comprehensive competitiveness of the strongest cities. Shenzhen Comprehensive Development Research institute published nearly five years of "China's Financial Center index" rankings, Wuhan has been the central first, the national 10, and Wuhan in the national total economic aggregates ranked basic matching.

Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai and Zhou Xiaochuan have made clear that they support the establishment of a central financial center in Wuhan. At present, the Yangtze River Economic Belt a new round of development, three major support points, the central must have a support point, the most important support point should be in Wuhan.

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