In the future, the quality of hand tour products will be more and more high

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Absrtact: The game is the product drive company, the success has the very strong contingency, this is the game circle many people all agree the viewpoint. There is no one to do. At present, the success of the Hand tour company is due to a large number of products caused by the heat. Meanwhile, as the hand

Game is a product-driven company, success with a strong contingency, this is the game circle a lot of people have recognized the point of view. There is no one to do.

At present, the success of the Hand tour company is due to a large number of products caused by the heat. At the same time, because of the short life cycle of the hand tour products, can not be like the end of the product to bring revenue to the enterprise. Therefore, to rely on a hand tour products continue to the company blood, even more difficult.

Therefore, looking at the current field of hand travel, from last year to the early rise of the first echelon of the tour company, with a product after the fire, it is difficult to see them in the market again to replicate their success. Most of these companies are starting to transform their distribution, agency or other business.

So the investor interested in the competitor has already realized that the investment hand tour can not look at the product alone, compared to the entrepreneurial team more important, this is in the hand travel industry contingency to find the logic of inevitability.

For the first gradient outside the company, because of the further popularity of smartphones, 3G, 4G network development, some companies in order to make a quick money, plagiarism, imitation phenomenon is not uncommon, product homogeneity is increasingly serious.

In terms of this year, because of "Wisdom Dragon Fan City", "My name is Mt" and other card games flooding, triggering a card game on the line of the trend, in addition, tower defense, running cool games of plagiarism, the phenomenon is also very serious. The hand-travel market seems to be a red sea.

However, there are also many people do not think that this is the Red Sea, after all, there is such a rapid market growth and such a large plate. This statement needs to be based on another premise, that is, to remove the existing card, tower defense, etc. already have the game, you can still find a new bright spot? More innovation?

From "Zhi Long fan City", "Tower war" to the domestic "fishing Tatsu people", "looking for your Sister" and other hand tour, its success factors have a lot, but there is a common-game online when the market has not or rarely have the same type of products, in other words, is playing novel unique, by the user favorite. and similar to "every day cool run" such as the game, except Tencent mobile game platform powerful channel ability, its play similar to the once enthusiastic "Super Mary", so for gamers also very easy to start.

So I think there are two ways to innovate in the future: one is to return to the classics, and the other is to open up a good play in the market. The latter is riskier, and the rewards of success are higher.

A lot of channel business talk to me when, will mention "if is a good product, we will certainly chase". The real survival of the novice travel companies in addition to the need to pay attention to channels, distribution, operation and other links, the product is still the most critical. There are good products, channels will find the door.

Mobile Terminal computing capacity is increasing, coupled with the recent 4G license plate, the network environment is increasingly improved, the two are supporting more and more good quality of hand travel key factors, the development of the opponent to promote a certain role.

It can be imagined that the future of the quality of hand-travel products will be more and more high, many in High-quality hardware and network environment can be achieved by the play may appear, such as the end of the dialogue in the voice of the team to cooperate in the game mode and so on. There will be a lot of opportunities under this trend, but it's still in the hands of the developers who can do it.

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