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& ">nbsp; "Tenkine Office channel November 20 News" in the cloud computing era, services became the focus of all it attention. To meet high availability, low cost, and centralized management requirements, it is necessary to provide an implementation with high reliability and stability that can help the enterprise in a short time, with less footprint and manageable budgets. The IBM System x3650 M3 Series servers provide strong performance and flexibility to meet the needs of market and enterprise users without high cost burdens. The IBM System x3650 M3 series server, equipped with a Xeon 5600 series processor, lowers TCO while enhancing performance. SAP software relies on an excellent IBM System x3650 M3 server platform to deliver critical business applications, e-business, collaboration, virtualization applications, and database workload support to industry users.

IBM System x3650 M3 (7945i25) is standard with an Intel Xeon E5620 processor, core frequency 2.4GHz, quad-core sharing 4MB 123 cache, with 5.86gt/s QPi bus. This server can support up to 2 main 2.666GHz core Xeon E5620 processors. IBM System x3650 M3 achieves high cost performance through industry-leading four-core servers, IBM System x3650 M3 stable platform, optimizes your IT investment; upgradeable memory, I/O, and storage help manage and protect your mission-critical applications.

IBM System x3650 M3 (7945i25) basic parameter Application type departmental product type rack structure Type 2U processor schema x86cpu type Intel Xeon E5620 expansion Slots 4 pci-express Second generation slot memory type DDR3 standard memory capacity 4GB Max memory capacity 192GB standard hard drive capacity 146 hard drive interface type SAS hot-swappable hard drive is IBM System x3650 M3 (7945i25) server | IBM all-Hao Lian Tak (Beijing) technology Co., Ltd. name-Hao Lian Tak (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. contact address 18240 contact Chen Haipeng, Li Bailing, Zhang Guoxi Contact Tel 123 next Read full-text paging navigation 1. IBM System x3650 M3 (7945i25) 2.IBM system x3650 M3 (7945i25) 3.IBM System x3850 X5 ibmsystem x3650 M3 (7945i25) Product Information Quote Picture Evaluation Application Class Type: Departmental product model: Rack CPU Type: Intel Xeon E5620 Standard memory capacity: 4GB hard Drive Type: SAS standard hard drive capacity: 146 See more parameters >> view more Products >> Online Mall goods/specifications service Price Amazon IBM System x3850 X5 2 Xeon E4807 6 nuclear processors 3 years warranty daily low price authentic guarantee ¥80600 Buy now more >> (author: Li Pong Editor: Li Pong)
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