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My current domain has built a movie station 3 months ago, Baidu in one months to be exempted from strong, this time the yellow net storm, my station is closed, although there is no yellow. In order to save money, I used the original domain name to build a my own industry to engage in the station, is also a professional bar! Web site on New Year's Day after the online, I will manually update the information every day, in fact, is not I do not want to collect, but will not, so stupid people stupid method, originally thought Baidu for K my station, but found on the line that night on the collection of my station, so very happy! started my website promotion.

1, I have not promoted this site before, so, first find a large number of related QQ group, I joined in, a total of about hundreds of it, add very tired, tell us a little secret, I was a Simon's QQ to go in, and did not immediately post ads, first sent a I understand this industry some expertise, Application when the administrator, before and after more than 40 groups have promoted my officer, and then the general number of times a day to send two ads, advertising is not a pure advertising, will be associated with some professional knowledge, so now only a group kicked me, can be said to accept me! The first day after the launch of an ad, offline, the next day online a look, IP107 so far today, IP on the 256, I think, today breakthrough 300 should not be a problem, registered users: 182.

2, Body Practice: Now Baidu Bar does not send a direct link to the site, direct hair is often just issued a refresh is not. So I am a Baidu search link, only with their own industry corresponding bar, summed up: the effect of this approach can be appropriate to do, if you can plan to sell Baidu does not delete and can bring a lot of traffic posts, that is strong.

My site is now a day of IP is too little, according to my IP traffic is embarrassed to write experience. Of course, I do not than those entertainment gossip, casual article are hundreds of thousands of clicks, professionalism is also a certain impact. Write more messy, but are true, others have not blown water I do not know, anyway, I this is absolutely true. Hope to be able to give you especially personal webmaster to provide some help, some experience you may wish to try.

Later I want to talk with the online kind of honesty, buy and sell share of the people spend a little money to share this function, the well-known website to transfer the purchase information to my screen, so that my registered members enjoy real benefits, (just do not know if this method will not let people cheat, Have know friend qq me: 422870987, thank you so, I think my station will slowly lively up! Although I do a site soon, but a lot of people who have seen my station is said that my site layout is very good, so, novice may also come to see, perhaps there are new discoveries!

The article is not very good, but it is my painstaking efforts, have seen the friend by the way top me, top me you rich Ah!

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