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The primary task of information network, I think should solve the problem of information, no message, how to promote is a waste of time.

So how do you collect information? I think there are many ways.

First, the network collection. Network collection is a common method of webmaster, that is, this online pick a little, that online copy some. My Yuncheng information network is mainly from the Baidu Post collection. Baidu Post bar information in general more real, but also relatively fresh. Every morning I 6 o'clock up, in turn opened 13 counties of the post bar, to find their own sense of vacuum effective information. Add about 10 a day. In addition, you can also go to the local talent network ah, second-hand Nets ah, the real estate network to collect some.

Second, television newspapers and other media. Yuncheng has a graphic channel, I often look at the film, and then uploaded to the Internet, and then view the selection. This comparison cost time, a word to play out, so lazy people can not do.

Third, go to the street to see, write a note. Now is the advertising era, the streets of advertising is really enough, you want how much can be collected, oh, this will have more time. Webmaster is really good hard! Many times I want to take a book, write down the roadside to find the work of contact, to provide them with some convenience, but always have no courage to talk to them.

With a certain amount of information, search engines will be better. A period of insistence, now Yuncheng information network in Baidu and Google included are good.

Next, our mission is to advertise. Ways to advertise I want to take a few ways:

One, or Baidu post it

Go to Baidu every day to collect information, I will be in some information below leave a mark, for example, post the signature. I made three signatures, are propaganda yuncheng information network, rotate use, do not make everyone feel too tired. Do not want to say anything, a "top" word, plus the signature on it; in a good mood, you can write more comments, such as to a job, I said "I help you send to the Yuncheng information network, find a job can not forget to thank me oh." ", other hot topic, I also plug in, talk about their own views, that made friends, and publicity of the website."

Two, prepare to print some business cards. In the street when the way to bring a few, to some store boss Ah, or feel more like surfing the Internet. In a word, you know one.

Third, SMS. Find some local cell phone numbers and send some text messages.

Four, the sale of the house. They must be very happy to know some real estate information and tell them they can advertise them for free.

As a webmaster I, always think more, do less, this may be the common fault of webmaster, always inseparable from the ground. Take a walk outside, maybe a lot of harvest.

Yuncheng Information Network: to share and learn. My qq:350703724

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