Instrument and electricity group absorbs the shares of two major shareholders of Shanghai Jinling

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The second largest shareholder Shanghai Hua Ming Investment Co., Ltd. evacuate! Fourth largest shareholder Shanghai Min Special Investment Co., Ltd. evacuate! The sale of the two big deals of May 7 has finally surfaced with the announcement of Shanghai Jinling (600621, closing 7.52 yuan).  The two major shareholders evacuated collectively, the major shareholder of Shanghai instrument and electricity group continued centralization of power, which also indicates that the instrument Electric group has come to a collection drama.  The collective withdrawal of the two major shareholders took place a week ago. May 7, Shanghai Jinling in the SSE bulk trading market occurred two transactions, Shanghai Securities Hong Mei Road Sales department and Huaxin Securities Shanghai Wuning Road Sales department sold to Huaxin Securities Shanghai Wuning Road Sales department 11.9765 million and 22.7246 million shares, the total amount of turnover of up to 223 million yuan.  At that time, the market speculated that the one-time sale of such a large number of shares is likely to be Shanghai Jinling second largest shareholder and the fourth largest shareholder. Today (May 14), Shanghai Jinling, a book of equity change opened the puzzle, as the market expected, the sale of shares is Huaming investment and sensitive investment, and the buyer is the company's largest shareholder instrument electric group.  After the transaction, the instrument Electric Group held the Shanghai Jinling shares increased to 140 million shares, accounting for the company's total equity of 26.62%. Data show that the sensitive investment in November 2002 to 1 yuan per share of the price of Shanghai Jinling 34.8585 million shares, but the shareholder in May 2007 and 2008 through the two-level market to reduce the company's shares, and Huaming investment in 2008 years continued to become Shanghai Jinling second largest shareholder.  The reduction brought the two shareholders of the profits are rich. In view of the large shareholder's overweight, Shanghai Jinling said that the instrument and electricity group increased its support for the development of listed companies to accelerate the realization of the development strategy of listed companies.  However, after the increase, the shareholder has no plans, agreements or arrangements in the next 12 months to continue to increase the company's shares.  Group integration of the grand drama or pull apart in fact, not only to increase the Shanghai jinling, on May 7, the instrument group also increased the Flying music audio (600651, closing price of 10.56 yuan) 11.7656 million shares, and in the instrument Electric group overweight, the Flying music audio yesterday is to be closed to trading prices. According to the daily economic news reporter understand that the instrument and electricity group currently holding 5 listed companies, in addition to the above two companies, but also includes the Flying music shares (600654, closing price of 5.48 Yuan), radio and television (600602, closing price 7.32 yuan) and radio and television information (600637, closing price 7.09 yuan)  October 2009, the instrument Electric group has said that it will be in 2009 to 2011 the group's internal resource integration, clear manufacturing, the industry and financial services in the initial layout.  Today's move seems to mark the opening of a collection of dramas. In addition, it is noteworthy that the instrument and electricity group has said that Shanghai Jinling will be played as a platform for real estate business development and management, planning at the appropriate time to gradually to the companyTo inject mature real estate such as land and property for trader use.  September 24, 2009, Shanghai Jinling announced a major asset replacement plan, the company intends to be held by its 7 companies as a set of assets and instrument Electric Group Holdings of Shanghai Yi Branch Investment Management Co., Ltd. as a replacement for the placement of assets, the current issue is ongoing. Industry insiders said that the instrument and electricity group recently frequently increased holdings of subsidiaries of the intention is very obvious, on the one hand can stabilize the listed company's share price, on the other hand is to achieve the strategic significance of the group set.
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