International Children's Book Day, do you know how to pick a book for a child?

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Every year April 2 is "International Children's Book Day", How to buy books for children, what kind of books for children is parents have been concerned about. March 31 afternoon, the reporter visited the Anqing Library Children's branch to seek answers.

According to the reporter understands, some parents because of the child each growth stage characteristic lacks the understanding, in helps the child to choose the book the question to be very confused, also has a class of parents because of the eager for the child, blindly to elevate, buys the children not suitable for its age to read the book. In this regard, Jiangxiangming, director of Children's Department, said that according to the different age of children's growth characteristics and children's interests to choose books, parents are the primary consideration of the principle. "To buy a book for children, first of all to buy the formal publishing house of genuine books, and secondly to see whether the appropriate children to read, children like to read." We suggest parents to buy pictures and a small number of text-oriented drawing cards, children over 7 years of age can be based on children's preferences to choose some of the children's reading fables, fairy tales, simple Popular science and literature books. Parents to buy books before the best to read the book, not only can understand the language and content of books, but also with children to explore, listen to children's ideas and reading experience, to help develop good reading habits of children. ”
Direction also introduced, parents to buy books for children is good, but buy books as a book, now the city Library Children's Museum has a wealth of books resources, library books more than 20,000, there is a lending room, parent-child reading room, electronic reading room platform, hope that the majority of parents take the children to this tour of the sea. (Cheng)

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