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In the early hours of August 2, Motorola Mobile officially released the Moto X smartphone, the first handset to be launched after Motorola Mobile was acquired by Google. Although the hardware configuration does not have much outstanding place, but the custom appearance, the intelligent service and so on the performance is outstanding. One of them is to provide a free Google Drive cloud storage service for two years 50GB.

In fact, before Moto X, free cloud storage is being elevated "without limits." One months ago June 21, Baidu Cloud Network disk pay system is a major "Bug", capacity prices have become the original 1/1000. Baidu Cloud Network disk paid product prices, whether it is the monthly payment method or annual payment method, have fallen to the original 1/1000. In other words, it takes only 5 cents to buy a 100GB package.

Until 2 days later, "BUG" was "fixed", Baidu official website did not make a formal response. The emergence of such low-level "bugs" and Baidu's "technology" characteristics seem out of tune. In the dozens of hours after the bug was exposed, Baidu's corresponding emergency process did not start, watching the influx of users to pick up the cheap. This is inconceivable for a giant internet company with sophisticated testing processes, product-allocation mechanisms, fault-handling mechanisms, and accountability. So Baidu's move was interpreted by the industry as "marketing events", that is, Baidu intentionally.

Coincidentally, Baidu officially announced on June 26 Baidu Cloud user number officially breakthrough 70 million. Baidu also announced that Baidu Cloud 200,000 per day to obtain new users of the speed. If not unexpected, Baidu Cloud will enter the "billion" user club at the end of the year.

Cloud storage is still in the early stages of the market, according to a survey by Peking University, the proportion of Chinese users using cloud services is only 8.9%. On the one hand, user habits are being nurtured, while cloud storage is limited by network bandwidth and storage capacity. Baidu's move to bring China's Internet cloud storage services into the era of free large storage. Before that, Yahoo on the other side of the Pacific sounded the clarion call for free cloud storage.

Yahoo announced on May 20 this year the revision of its photo sharing and storage site Flickr, one of the changes is particularly noteworthy: to provide greater free storage space: 1TB, that is, 1024GB. This means free storage from the G-era into the T-era, free capacity to upgrade a hundredfold. Internet giant Google has worked on Web albums and cloud storage for years, offering a 15GB of free space before launching Moto X handsets. At that time, Baidu album as China's cloud album leader, but also provide 5GB free space.

Yahoo has historically been a landmark for free internet service. When Bill Gates delivered the value of the software to the world, Yahoo led followers to create a new internet world with free search, free email, free news, free chat, free online shopping and other products. Yahoo understands the free way.

Still, the advantage of a successor to Google's search engine technology to subvert the supremacy of Yahoo. 2004, Google announced the launch of 1G capacity of the free mailbox, that is, Gmail. At that time, Yahoo mailbox free users only 6MB of capacity. Less than 1/170 of Gmail, Yahoo mailbox will free users to increase the mailbox capacity to 100MB to enhance competitiveness. After that, Yahoo Mail again to the free version of the mailbox capacity to 1GB to Google on par. May 2007, Yahoo mailbox free users began to enjoy unlimited storage capacity.

The expansion of the move does not allow Yahoo mailbox to catch up with the pace of Gmail, Yahoo Mail China on August 19, 2013 will be officially closed, June 3, the latest news is Yahoo after years of "Classic mailbox Interface" will completely withdraw from the stage of history, it will follow the Gmail, Into the era of accurate advertising based on letter scanning and matching.

Yahoo mailbox can not increase capacity to subvert Gmail, behind the internet "enough" law. Google, the main designer of the Chinese-Japanese-Korean search algorithm, the original Tencent Vice President Wu in the top of the wave, said: "When the new wave has not been produced, a start-up to defeat the original king, you need to rely on the business model of the lead." In the Internet industry, even if your product does more than 1 time times better than your opponents, users will not use your product, because there is a habit in the user and "enough" mentality, then you how to optimize your user experience is not a big impact on the entire market, but once your business model is completely superior to your competitors, So no matter how strong the opponent is, he is overthrown and defeated. “

In Gmail mailbox capacity has been up to 1G so that most people "enough" time, Yahoo to increase capacity to win a few impossible. As a result, Yahoo is the first in the album Service area to upgrade free capacity to 1TB. At this point, Google, Twitter and Baidu albums now 5G or 15G capacity for most people, is "enough." With the popularization of wireless network environment and the promotion of household bandwidth, especially the appearance of wearable equipment with large number of photos and videos, which is represented by Google Glass, all photos and videos will be kept on the server in the cloud according to the highest quality. This will make 5G and 15G very soon to be very inadequate.

Yahoo is betting that in the near future users will need larger cloud album storage space. These free spaces are either charged or paid. For other online albums, the demand for user storage growth, insist that fees will be rejected or handed to Yahoo users. After Yahoo released 1TB free policy, there have been a lot of Google, Twitter and other online albums of the paid members said will be the embrace of Yahoo. Yahoo blew the horn of free storage.

There is no free dinner. After the Internet albums have moved to the era of super free capacity, they are bound to look for new profit models to support huge storage and bandwidth costs. This new model is inseparable from large data. In large data times, data is assets, storage is service. Whoever has more data, especially high-value data, has the opportunity to discover unique data values.

Baidu's "Cloud + END" Mobile Internet strategy determines that its cloud storage will go to free, near the use of storage and services in exchange for data. Baidu Cloud one of the core products is Baidu Clouds album, and client products such as Baidu Magic Map, Baidu Map, are based on in-depth learning and a large number of image data visual search applications. In order to better combine with wearable equipment, Baidu is also developing a similar Google Glass device, that is, Baidu Eye. Compared to Yahoo, Baidu's advantage is through the web crawler to obtain more network images, but for large data based image search, images, especially high-quality pictures is the more the better. Therefore, Baidu is bound to provide greater free storage space.

For users, the size of space is only an important consideration. Yahoo Mail failed to pass more free space to subvert Gmail reasons, in addition to Gmail 1G "enough", but also because Gmail provides a better mailbox use experience, such as search, classification, anti-spam. Network albums also need to provide users with better services, such as stable and fast photo upload bandwidth, easy to simple photo-sharing services, intelligent personalized photo classification management services.

It is this "one-stop data consumption" concept of "storage" the extension of the value of amplification. Rather than just focusing on the storage itself, a cloud storage service provider can only be counted as the underlying infrastructure company that rents hard drives and bandwidth.

In the big data age, data is the asset. The average user creates the data, while the service provider digs out the value from the user's data. In this process, users have free access to storage space and photo services, is a winning mode. But there is still one caveat: Users ' ownership, control, and right to know their data assets. In other words, the network album should allow users to freely manage their own photos, anytime can completely delete their own photos, but also should let users know his photos by who in the analysis, who used. And, the user has the right to terminate all this.

This is important, free storage times, users need free, need large capacity, need good service. The premise of all is absolute safety.

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