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Under the current rules of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), anyone who registers for a new domain name will receive a grace period of 5 days from the date of registration, and if the registrant is not satisfied with the domain name, Then domain name registrants can cancel the domain name within 5 days and get a full refund.The original intention of this policy is to prevent registrants from registering wrong domain names because of misspellings or simply not satisfied with the domain name.

However, due to the "five days" registration time is a bit "too long", tens of thousands of domain names are registered as a free domain name test products to be tested, if the result is not satisfactory, cancel the domain name claims .According to their own statistics On the digital surface, in January 2007, there were 45 million refund domain names returned only through the top 10 domain name registration agencies.

ICANN's chief executive said it will close the free domain name registration vulnerability as soon as possible to prevent monetization through free domain names, which had previously been hit by Google's AdSense system, with thousands of registrants registering And get paid for via a free domain name, Google said they will modify the Adsense revenue-accounting system to give no revenue to sites with less than 4 days of registration.

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