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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

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Nine, simple three steps to establish the embryonic site

If you follow the previous way, you need to learn HTML before building a website, then learn the ASP, then learn the database ... Really learn these "day Lily is cold." In fact, the use of off-the-shelf tools, no technical skills can quickly build various types of Web sites. Today, many webmasters begin to use CMS (Content management System) to make Web sites, so that even if they do not understand HTML language, not sophisticated technology can easily build a Web site. Currently on the network of a wide range of CMS, we specifically choose a simple and easy-to-use procedures for readers to choose from. Use this program to quickly build a small and medium-sized news information class site, even novice, can be within a few hours to build the site.


Content management System (management) is a system that uses server-side scripting languages (such as ASP, PHP, JSP, etc.) to manage and maintain the site's columns, content, and templates, providing users with a low-cost, efficient, Real-time Collaborative web site building overall solution.

Worry-free CMS is an ASP programming architecture of the Web site content management system, the characteristics are small. Most of the CMS programs are relatively powerful, but the first site to use this small program is enough, its biggest advantage is the maintenance and establishment are very simple, the need for environmental configuration is not high, you can quickly taste the fun of the site built.

Software Address: Http://

First step: Install the System

First you need to prepare a Web site space that supports ASP and access, and a typical hundreds of MB virtual host can meet your requirements and bind the domain name and wait for the resolution to take effect. Here we use the domain name to carry on the actual demonstration.

The worry-free CMS package solution, the file through the FTP software uploaded to the Web site space, and then run index.asp to install, set user password and other parameters. Install finished click Update Cache, and then login to enter the home page.

Figure 12


Programs use an Access database to store data by default, with the advantage of easy management. If your site has a large amount of data, you can use a SQL database.

Step Two: Add column

Program's background Management page is very concise, after the domain name plus admin/login.asp, and then enter the account and password can be logged into the site management backstage. Backstage plug-in information, including Google, Baidu, Yahoo and other search engines, "spiders" on the site's access time display, easy to understand the site search optimization and other information.

First of all to configure the site, set the site name and other parameters, and then is to add the column. Into the column management list, click the "Add Column" button, according to the prompts set column name, description, keywords and other information, and finally click to save. Here we want to make an IT information class website, add the Internet News, network dynamics, product news and other columns.

Figure 13

After the success of the column, you can publish articles and so on, add content and use the blog to publish articles almost no difference, very simple. Only need to click on the "Add" button after the Content Management column, then select the article column, enter the title, keywords and other information. Enter the content and save it. Worry-free CMS customization is very powerful, for SEO is very convenient, file name customization function can almost define any want to define the filename structure, and the title of phonetic title to name the way.

Figure 14


The system can set whether to generate HTML static pages, the same can also use the ASP suffix dynamic page, the advantage is easy to manage, do not need to add content each time after the need for static publishing.

Step three: Modify the template

Templates can also be modified according to their needs, worry-free CMS system template files in the template folder, combined with CSS code can be modified, the homepage template for index.html, column template is channel.html, the content template is article.html. The use of worry-free system customized a set of code tags, but also to make their own web pages, and then use the system tag on the title of the article, columns and other information to call it.

For any site content management program, familiar with the system's label use will be used freely. modifying templates and customizing the Web site you want is not an issue.

Ten, 3G Mobile website to build the whole introduction

When the horn of 3G gradually sounded, as the webmaster of the Internet, is not also should be involved in it? The upgrade of mobile networks is bound to increase the number of mobile phone browsing the site greatly. The production of WAP site can be very good to meet this "Dongfeng", but usually a WAP site, need a variety of programming knowledge to complete the preparation of WAP programs. So let's make a website that supports phone and computer access. The article strives to operate simply, everyone can make.

Tips: What is a WAP site

WAP is the abbreviation of wireless creator Kyoto (Wireless Application protocol), it is a kind of application protocol standard that realizes the combination of mobile phone and Internet. WAP is a globally unified and open standard, and the latest WAP version was released in December 1999 by the WAP Forum. The WAP forum is an industrial organization launched in June 1997 by 4 industry manufacturers, such as Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and, which unveiled the WAP standard structure in November 99 and launched the WAP Protocol version 1.0 in May 1998.

Currently, WAP Forum members have reached more than 175, including the world's leading equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, software developers and content suppliers. At present, the mobile Internet in popular society is mobile internet. WAP mobile phone can access the Internet through the standard protocol, mobile Internet, access to mobile phone browsing information on the Internet, as well as rich applications based on the Internet. such as news browsing, search, mail, access, inquiries, wireless e-commerce, so that people experience the rich application of wireless internet, more importantly, all these network applications, can be carried out in the mobile environment, making the network application of unprecedented convenience and fast.

1. Resource Preparation

To build a WAP browsing primarily, but also through the web to visit the site, need to prepare tools and personal web site similar to the build. Generally include the site of the building environment, such as a can support PHP Web script of the virtual host space, and also need to be corresponding to the program database. And the domain name is also essential, because of the previous articles have been introduced in detail, here is no longer to repeat, but detailed WAP site to establish the process.

Compared with the web-access construction program, it is one of the key points to choose a suitable WAP station system, which can provide WAP support. At present, the network dedicated WAP station system is basically charging software, and the price is often very expensive. And many of the web for the construction of the program, but also provides a more professional WAP function, for personal webmaster is more applicable. Here we take an Imperial CMS station program (hereinafter referred to as ECMS) as an example, to illustrate the specific WAP station method.


In addition to the PHP version of the Imperial CMS Program, the use of asp+access architecture of the dynamic site content management system also has WAP construction station module, the reader can choose the appropriate program according to the site space.

2. The procedure constructs

Ready to virtual host space or server space, you can download the ECMS program for installation (download address:, the program also provides a variety of programs with a key installation package, convenient and no virtual host space for friends to build a test environment in the local computer first. If you already have web space, you can choose the GBK version or the UTF-8 version of the program according to your own needs.

Tips: The difference between GBK and UTF-8

The GBK version and the UTF-8 exist in different coding modes, and usually the station program provides these two different versions. The literal encoding of GBK is represented by two bytes; UTF-8 coding is a kind of multi-byte encoding, which is an international coding and has good versatility. And GBK is the national code, versatility is worse than UTF8, but UTF8 occupies a database larger than GBK. In general, if the site customer base is primarily for domestic users, it is recommended that you use the GBK version because it saves space and is relatively stable relative to the utf-8 version.

Download the program and unzip, the upload folder in all files in the FTP software uploaded to the host space, upload completed, you can start the installation of the ECMS program.

Program installation process is also relatively simple, in the browser to access http://your domain name/e/install, open the program installation interface, and then follow the prompts to install it. It should be noted that during the installation process, you need to fill in the MySQL database username and password, otherwise the program will not be properly installed. This user and password are generally obtained in the space provider, and finally set the initialization of the Administrator account, the program installed successfully.

Figure 15

3. Website configuration

After you install the program, you also need to modify the default parameters. Through the management of the background address http://your domain name/e/admin into the site management background, and then set such as site name, site address and other parameters, here also need to upload files and other functions to configure. Because the background configuration function is more detailed, but also has the specialized instruction document, here mainly introduces the WAP function the setting.

Figure CMS Feature configuration panel

Because is the production of WAP-oriented web site, WAP's functional settings will be more careful, in turn, select the "Column Management-wap Management" option to enter the WAP settings menu, first of all need to choose to open WAP function, and then set WAP use of the character set, generally use the default Unicode encoding can be.

In the management interface, "Only show the System Model list", you can set the WAP site displayed in the site channel, including such as article channels, news channels or novels and other channels can be set to display in the WAP browsing interface, set the method is very simple, directly fill in the system model ID can be. The next is a few simple parameters set, such as the number of List page information, title interception of words, etc., can be in accordance with their actual needs to be modified.

The program provides the default WAP browsing template, and we can add our own templates through the Manage WAP templates feature, but in general, the default templates already meet the requirements of the news browsing. You can modify the template files in the "e\wap\template\1" directory directly.


The WAP template can modify the default template directly by downloading the template file used, and then using Notepad or professional web page editing software, modify it according to your own needs.

Figure WAP Features settings

4. Website release

After the site's various information configuration is completed, then enters the column management interface, adds the website the column, then may post the content through the Information management column. If you choose the system's built-in default demo data when you install the program, there are already a number of news items in the current program.

Then you can publish the site, into the background of the "Data Update" interface, in turn to generate the site home page, list page and information content pages. The website can be browsed immediately through the web, and the framework of WAP website is also completed.

5. Data conversion lets the Web become a WAP Web site

How to convert the Web site data into a WAP site, we will tell you one of the most simple and fast way, is through the CMS database conversion function, the realization of Web site to convert WAP Web site effect, the existing Web site quickly converted to WAP site content.

(1) Conversion ideas and document preparation

Many webmasters will encounter some problems, such as the previous use of the unknown CMS program, suddenly stopped the update, or too many vulnerabilities are often attacked. At this time is often through the selection of other CMS, and then convert data to retain the previous site content.

In fact, the Web site to achieve the function of WAP access, can also use this idea to operate, its advantages are low cost, and easy to use, through the existing conversion procedures, do not need to manually operate the database, security is relatively high. Next we will explain this by converting the PHPCMS program to a ECMS that supports WAP access.

First need to prepare a new CMS program file (download address:, and then according to the original CMS program to select the corresponding data conversion file, here we take phpcms2007 SP6 conversion ECMs As an example to explain. We need to convert the data include the article data, download data, pictures, classified information and membership data, and so on, if the site does not have a certain content, the conversion program will be automatically ignored.

(2) Install and set up columns

First download and install WAP-enabled ECMS program, the specific installation steps here no longer repeat, you can follow the "do a resume WAP website" in the Setup program to install, you need to note that the original PHPCMS installed in the same database, and in the installation do not select the built-in initial data.

After the installation completes ECMs, uses just set the administrator account and the password to log in the website backstage, and manually increases the original program the website column, when adds the column, should pay attention to select the program corresponding column attribute, for instance phpcms is the article column, the new program also wants to set for the article model.

Figure 18 Setting column type

Because run the conversion program will require the selection of columns to import, so if the previous column settings have to modify the need, you can also modify here, you can merge a number of previous columns into a column.


If it is a picture model of the column to select the picture set content template, or you will be unable to convert the data error.

(3) Start conversion

After the site column is added, all the files in the conversion package will be downloaded and uploaded to the E/update directory under the ECMs directory. Then through the FTP software, the E/update directory under the setconfig.php file permissions set to 0777, that is, the file can be read, writable, executable permissions.

It then starts setting up the configuration file, opens the "e/update/tbpre.php" file in the Web server, and modifies the value of the character "$phpcmstbPRe" to the data table prefix of the PHPCMS program. If the prefix is incorrect, you will receive an error that cannot convert the data.

Figure 19

After the setup is complete, access the e/update/phpcmstoecms.php converter through the browser, and then follow the wizard prompts for data conversion operations.


After data conversion is complete, be sure to immediately delete all files in the E/update directory, avoid being installed by others two times, resulting in data loss errors.

(4) Attachment recovery

After the database conversion of the site is completed, the following will be the original site attachment, such as pictures, file data, and so on to transfer to the ECMS program directory, you need to do the following:

Step one: First copy the "UploadFile" directory in the Phpcms root directory into the ECMs d/ypcfile directory. Here is the transfer of the Web site uploaded data files.

Step two: Copy the PHPCMS Channel directory/uploadfile attachment directory to ECMs "d/ypcfile/Channel Directory/" directory, if there is no corresponding directory, you need to manually build.

Step three: If the channel is using a picture model, copy the attachment from the Channel Directory/uploadpics folder in the original program to the d/ypcfile/Channel Directory/folder in ECMs.

After the above data transfer, the system conversion operation is basically completed, the last step, you need to configure the WAP function.

Tip: After the attachment transfer is complete, you can delete the original PHPCMS datasheet and the program directory through database management tools such as phpMyAdmin.

(5) System configuration accomplished

After all the data has been converted, you can put the converted ECMs file into the site root directory. Then landed in the Empire CMS background update the corresponding data and page, into the "System Settings-Data Update" to generate the HTML static file of the site. Then make the following settings for your Web site:

Figure 20

First go to "System settings-Parameter setting" to set the site address and attachment address to "/" and "/d/file/" respectively. Then enter the "System settings-Data Update-batch update RELATED LINKS", the news/article, download, photo, info datasheet are updated once, so as not to link the site error.

In turn, refresh the first page, Information section page, content page and JS call, and select the "Column Management-wap Management" option into the WAP Settings menu, open WAP function, Web site conversion to WAP site operation is done.

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