Internet financial platform do asset auctions, really good?

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Internet financial platform do asset auctions, really good?

For internet finance, the main mode is the Internet of investment and financing mode, that is, the popularization of Internet in the financing end, through reducing the threshold, online diversion to achieve diversification of financing channels, while using the Internet Data management and credit rating conditions, or combined with a convenient means of payment to improve the efficiency of financing. In terms of investment management, through docking the traditional financial institutions or direct financing side, to achieve the link simplification and user experience to improve, and ensure a higher income.

In addition, there is another model through the Internet means to intervene in the specific financial industry chain, such as credit, search, and banks to the customer's realisable fixed assets on Taobao auction mode. In essence, this is also the use of the Internet's convenient financial investment channel, and to some extent, to improve the efficiency of asset disposal.

In fact, in several of the major Internet financial models available, whether it is a financial channel, product, or a Peer-to-peer company launched the goal, or the public chip performance of the start-up financing, in considering the return on investment, but also the liquidity of the transfer of the platform's debt into account. That is, the specific platform is not only responsible for listing investment projects, but also according to the customer's actual assets and the holding of the target to open up an asset or the transfer of the rights of the Channel. In this respect, there are more peer-to-peer platforms began to add such services, on the one hand, can improve the flexibility of investment, on the other hand, the platform's liquidity management put forward higher requirements, because this means that there is a deadline mismatch amplification possibilities.

What is the difference between the auction model and several of the creditor's rights transfer modes? China Merchants Bank has in December 12 Taobao asset Disposal platform "double 12 Autumn Auction", successfully disposed of the first batch of non-performing assets collateral. In addition, Societe Generale, Citic Bank are also in the middle of the entry, if this model is feasible, then will it lead to a new internet financial model? And with the credit, search and other models are included in the traditional financial industry chain link mode?

First of all, from the auction model, in the entire transaction process, there is not enough evidence to support Taobao is a similar activity of the auction executor, because as an intermediary platform, on the one hand, to the massive customer and the bank's customer assets to carry out the price agreement between the media role, But on the other hand, the role of docking has not yet reached the point of auction companies, although there is a certain risk of regulation, but overall this model is not a breakthrough in the bottom of the regulation.

Moreover, from the bank to Taobao customers to auction the assets of the Ming scrutiny, is basically a personal customer's property, a single sum is not very large, and some Peer-to-peer platform docking tens of millions of or even billions of dollars in investment targets and projects, appears to be a little insignificant.

Secondly, from the perspective of market segmentation, Taobao auction model, including the future of Ali Network Bank, its target customers are mainly platform of small micro merchants, as well as the platform of the database can be effectively supported by some of the platform outside the client's investment and financing services, and is "small Save small loan" model fixed down. Then this basically corresponds to the bank's personal and small micro business, the auction of assets, most of the bank's retail credit Department of Small Micro or personal business, so and small gold clothing at present business customer group is a certain intersection or even overlap. Because of this, Taobao online auction mode in the shortest possible time to deal with, improve the transparency of the transaction.

So this model as a new Internet intervention in the financial model, there is no risk? From the model, the auction model is currently limited to property auctions, therefore, the overall process in the market risk is controllable, and Taobao as a platform is not able to provide intermediate credit guarantee, this link needs to be the existence of asset auction needs of customers or partners to complete, the platform is a material review process.

If there is a risk, then the biggest is the regulatory bottom line risk, because although the current auction projects are not non-performing loans before, by the banks and customers to cooperate to help customers to cash assets to return to the process of bank loans. But at the end of the operation, once the bulk of the operation and audit stage, it is difficult to ensure that these assets before the repayment crisis, or after the crisis of the bank non-performing assets, and even the banks, the treatment of non-performing assets is not the same standard.

In this respect, if Taobao and financial institutions cooperate with the asset auction model to do large-scale, it will inevitably encounter this problem, how to ensure the compliance and authenticity of each bad asset, and how to persuade regulators to agree to try this kind of a little rob the four AMC business model exists. Because in the current bank non-performing asset system disposal, mainly depends on four AMC and some assets of the state-owned assets disposal companies to complete the bad write-off, this cake can be easily touched by internet companies?

The auction and disposal of non-performing assets, theoretically a relatively professional process, needs to assess, approve and determine the appropriate price, but the current Internet companies do not have such assets assessment and audit capacity, so at most also provide their own vast number of customers and channels, and asset quality and assessment needs to be done by a partner financial institution. But for financial institutions, which are subject to the regulatory environment and the benefits of business processes, the larger-scale non-performing credit programs are largely digested by offline financial institutions, as these big projects are not fully absorbed by the Internet platform of retail business nature.

For internet companies, do something small and loose, the scale of the more controllable non-performing asset transactions and auctions is feasible, the short-term will not touch the bottom line of regulation, but also improve the existing platform service ecology, but once bigger, especially the size of a single pen, risk control difficulty and reputation risk will increase, this should also be prudent.

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