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No matter where the user is, different computers, different mobile phones or tablets, can see their own unchanged personalized interface and content information, this is the future of the existence of the Internet form-documents, mailboxes, search, Address Book, Web site, E-commerce, people need to understand and like the Internet is the "cloud" service, It corresponds to "cloud operating system" and "Cloud Application". On the cloud operating system, no matter where you use the same interface, the same application, the same data document.

Cloud computing, most ordinary users think is a profound and difficult to understand the concept, in fact, even if the "experts" are also at sixes and sevens. "Cloud" looks very image, but a very deep, become boring, boring, boring, users have to avoid and far, many people even think cloud computing is just a gimmick.

And the ultimate goal of cloud computing is not to build large and small cloud base and data center, the cloud is ultimately to the ground, the terminal innovation is also the implementation of cloud computing key link, real fall to enhance user experience, meet user needs, especially personalized needs.

For ordinary users, traditional PC operating system windows, Linux, etc. are no strangers. So, have you ever lost all the data on your computer because your computer broke down? Have you ever wanted to check the documentation on your home notebook on a business trip or Internet café computer? Are you tired of using a mobile hard drive to copy data back and forth on various terminals? Are you tired of upgrading your operating system and various installation software?

This is the reason for ordinary users to shock cloud computing, they need to be on different devices to access their personalized desktop, use the same application, open the same document, including the current promotion of a variety of hot cloud storage services-This is the user is really concerned about the "cloud function."

Users need to be concerned about their own experience, not to ignore the concept of boring, only care about the application and presentation, not care about the system and how to implement. You can log on to QQ or Weibo, simply call office, play "Angry Birds" and "Plants vs Zombies", but it doesn't matter whether you're using Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS. Operating system, software running for the user, it is irrelevant.

All this is possible in the age of cloud operating systems, or cloud Internet OS will become one of the most important cloud computing terminals.

Cloud computing operating systems will be the key to achieving cloud computing-from the front end, cloud users can access resources on demand through the network, and pay for the use, access is used; Looking back, cloud computing can realize the compatibility of all kinds of heterogeneous hardware and software resources, and realize the effective allocation of resources. Based on the internet application of "cloud operating system" is bound to become the mainstream of the cloud era, such an internet operating system so that users can most perceive and accept the "cloud."

Make work and life simpler

Undeniably, the fundamental purpose of scientific and technological progress is to make our lives and work simpler, and now the development of it and the Internet has encountered the problem is that the technology continues to improve the use of more and more complex, more information is more and more rich but it is difficult to find what they want, the computer too many new software and applications to be installed in, Various personal data should be in different places and platforms back and forth.

Zhang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the vista that Microsoft had launched was considered a failure, and it was that overly complex system operations affected the user's experience. Including now Windows7 is also the case, please a lot of technical staff to do, the system more and more complex, not only bring security problems, but also bring management problems, such as office 07 and 03, many features are missing.

It's too complicated to start, and it takes a long time to get started. As a result, the CPU is getting faster and bigger, the startup time is getting slower, and it is not possible to support mobile platforms.

Just imagine, when the operating system that can start in a few seconds appears in front of the user, these traditional operating systems still have space to live?

User requirements in Mobile internet age

No matter where the user is, different computers, different mobile phones or tablets, can see their own unchanged personalized interface and content information, this is the future of the existence of the Internet form-documents, mailboxes, search, Address Book, Web site, E-commerce, people need to understand and like the Internet is the "cloud" service, It corresponds to "cloud operating system" and "Cloud Application". On the cloud operating system, no matter where you use the same interface, the same application, the same data document.

Flash gathers founder Liu Xingliang told reporter, the future operating system is cloud system, cloud platform, no longer localization, will become lighter, more convenient and quick. And with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the status of PCs is shrinking, and the operating system in general is about the need and experience of mobile terminals.

The industry is widely believed that mobile internet will soon exceed the size of the PC. The popularity of tablet and Internet mobile phones objectively forms the user's consistent demand for PC and mobile terminals in experience.

and the current mobile operating system, such as Android, is clearly not enough to meet the needs of future users. First of all, such a system does not fit the PC, does not support desktop software, can not operate across platforms, although Android has open source code, for PC and mobile software to provide a certain technical support, but the degree of integration and limited space for development;

Second, such systems need to install a kernel, and to be installed in the relatively good equipment to use, the system is still relatively complex operation, the price is still very high.

Third, the inability to get rid of the physical computing power of local devices, the system startup is slow, fast, which limits the user experience.

Obviously, in order to meet the demand of the user to the PC and the mobile terminal in the convergence trend, a new form of operating system is needed.

Cloud Operating System

Whether it's Windows7 on PCs or Android and iOS on the mobile end, it's hard to get rid of local hardware and software restrictions. Google's Chrome Cloud operating system is now a better development of a prototype. Chrome OS is a Linux based open source operating system. The system has a browser, OS kernel and small Linux kernel in the front end, and then constructs a complete architecture through the related protocols and the kernel of the cloud server and its file system, search engine and so on. Google says in its official blog that the initial operating system will be in netbooks, compact and low-cost computers. But its future ambitions are clearly more than that.

The big point of the Chrome OS is the layout of "cloud computing", which makes it possible to find an ideal platform for Internet devices based on the form of PCs and handsets. Its demand for memory and for PC computing power is lower because it is entirely based on cloud computing. Its front-end desktop is lightweight and starts quickly, and the search and structure behind it is part of the operating system, making it a unique advantage in the fast search and service management of large data storage at the back end.

The Chrome OS system is fast, simple, secure, starts and runs fast, and takes only a few seconds to start the PC and access the Internet. The interface elements will be minimized and integrated directly into the Chrome browser and support Web applications. As a whole, Chrome OS is the concept of Web operating system, most of the program and data are processed on the network, only one browser can be used. The strategic idea that Google's network replaces desktops will be implemented again.

The middleware platform in Apple's iOS system also has the potential to develop into an Internet OS. Qiping, Secretary General of the Information Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Apple's rise depends largely on the micro-components between the operating system and applications, using the middleware platform as a way to operate the widget as an OS. Apple has transformed the widget into a platform-and-application structure. In the widget platform, the use of the Front Access Platform module, and the network capacity of the package structure, in the widget terminal, the use of resource allocation plus business management, and then through the API with the application of micro-pieces docking, the formation of the Internet OS effect.

In short, Chrome OS models have simpler services for users than traditional operating systems. Cumbersome operating system installation, background program operation, various software installation upgrades and security protection will be removed.

Without so many complicated operations, the quality of our lives and work has improved.

Opportunities for Internet companies

In the Internet OS era, domestic Internet enterprises have the opportunity to master the core discourse power of Internet ecosystem. In the future, enterprises with the ability to compete for Internet operating systems should include several elements: a large user base, a mature open platform and the ability to pay users. Users and platforms are the core, and user fees are the driving force for the entire ecosystem to continue.

Compared with traditional it enterprises, Internet enterprises have certain advantages.

First of all, in the era of Internet applications, the Internet enterprises more understanding and close to user needs, with a larger and more loyal user base and preempt the user relationship chain. such as Facebook, Google, domestic Tencent, Sina, 360, UC Browser.

With the rise of the open platform, users spend more time online, more sticky, and gradually set up a number of users to pay for large-scale business model. The Internet enterprise is between hardware and user, it is easier to build up upstream and downstream industry chain around it. Whether you do it yourself, or IT companies or operators to do cloud basic services, can build a new internet business model. The Internet operating system will become an "ecosystem" in which users are consumers, developers are producers, and technology is air and water.

Facebook, for example, is gaining access to mobile terminals, and its open platform will directly threaten app stores in the original Android and iOS systems in the cloud era, and will likely become the preferred choice for future users and developers, across platforms, social attributes, Large user groups and other factors will win a lot of business chips.

Secondly, the cloud operating system based on the open platform of these Internet enterprises is more localized than the pure cloud operating system, the smaller the restriction of the terminal hardware and the more personalized experience. Users can choose according to their preferences using the corresponding Internet operating system, can be in a variety of environments landing to their own personalized interface, Cross-platform access to a consistent experience. In this way, the mainstream of the Internet platform, can go to the Internet OS, such as the Microsoft operating system Eminence OS is unlikely to reproduce. For now, Tencent Q+ seems to have the embryonic shape of the future Internet OS.

One of the great advantages of Internet OS is that it is intelligent in cloud computing and large data age, and can provide customized application according to user's personalized demand.

As for the relevant technical support required, the founder of Liu Xingliang told reporters that cloud computing will become the basic service, these enterprises can directly butt-use.

Third, the future application of web-based operating systems based on HTML5 technology is the main form of users using cloud operating systems and services, and is more easily accepted by users. The Web operating system is a browser-based virtual operating system through which users can operate on the Web operating system, which is not a local application, but an application of the network. When you want to document processing, we usually turn on the computer, enter the operating system to run the program for processing and operation, and on the Web operating system, we are directly open the browser, login to our personalized desktop, run network applications to edit the document processing, and save in the cloud, ready to share and Cross-platform call.

From the user's point of view, the two operating methods will not be significantly different from the actual operation, but the Web operating system is running in a browser, this difference can lead to internet Enterprises Tun, because most users in the terminal more contact and demand will be just a browser- And this browser can run in the cloud on different hardware or operating systems, users do not need to install the corresponding application software, the Web operating system as long as a set of application software, connected to the user on the system to use on demand.

In these respects, internet companies that occupy users ' time and Windows based on user groups and their interest needs have the advantage of becoming the main mainstream cloud operating system in the future. Domestic, the Internet operating system this new Internet ecology has just begun, Tencent, Sina, Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo 360 These enterprises who can complete the milestone-type beginning?

Core competencies: From calculation to data

After the Internet OS became the mainstream operating system, the changes brought about are far-reaching. The Internet OS has low local hardware requirements, lower load, of course, the bandwidth, the server also put forward higher requirements, at the same time, the PC and a variety of mobile terminals also more power and save hardware costs, the latter calculation and processing can be based on the needs of each user flexible allocation, resource allocation more reasonable. Some large cloud bases and data centers can also be built in areas with relatively surplus resources in the west, reducing electricity pressure in some big cities in central and eastern China.

One of the biggest changes is that the traditional IT industry is based on computing power, while cloud computing has revolutionized the arrival of the "Data King" new information Age. Data will become an extremely important strategic resource for enterprises and even for a country.

It is conceivable that when the Internet operating system becomes mainstream, the vast amount of personalized data that all users remain in the cloud will be of immeasurable commercial value, while the cloud computing platform that provides public computing services will combine data between enterprises and sectors of society to produce a large number of new business models that rely on data operations on the basis of computing and analytical processing. Data will eventually become the basis of all business action decisions,

By then, mankind will truly be able to move from the industrialized age to an omnipotent information age.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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