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From "Go home to eat" to "give power", from "Tears" to "God horse are floating clouds", these constantly rising online popular language, as if it is a colorful network of cultural landing. Is the money enough? "and triggered a lot of netizens resonance, especially the end of the end will be, deeper feelings."  This is the Bank of Communications credit card "network popular language" marketing new mode. Cause the public to resonate, borrow skillful force to obtain approval any marketing activity, can not deviate from emotion this line. At the time of school, at the beginning of the society, often hear this sentence "money enough?"  "Now can we try to say this to others?" It is understood that the bank credit card planning This network event is to tie in with large-scale marketing activities "first brush 200 to send 100", the activity from November this year to March 31, 2011, as long as it is to deal with credit card users, in the country nearly 5,000 merchants, the first card consumption of 200 yuan, Can be donated 100 Yuan card gold, the strength of the big, affordable, very rare. In the background of soaring prices this year, there is really a bit of money to give the cardholder the taste of flowers.  This incident is a clever trigger for the public to resonate and think, borrow the skillful force to obtain recognition. Fit their own characteristics, hit the target audience the original goal of this event is those who just entered the community, through the "money enough?"  This phrase to inspire their sympathetic chord. As a credit card agency, the purpose of this statement is to allow cardholders to choose affordable and quality financial tools, such as credit cards, to advance consumption and plan their lives rationally. This is consistent with modern consumption patterns and is also related to the characteristics of the credit card itself. Of course credit cards are more about the right advance, not the abuse.  But unexpectedly, in addition to the social fresh people, some whenever, at the beginning of the 80 "working Old Man" also was attracted to come in, and published a lot of classic feelings. Substantial feedback support, in order to form a greater impact and clever event hype must be strong, substantial feedback, otherwise can only be in the mirror flower, water month. Is the money enough? "After the revelation, not only did not cause netizens unhappy, instead of forming a greater spread effect, an important reason" the first brush 200 send 100 "activity is really invested, and then integrated traffic bank credit card" most red Friday "and" multiple points "and other long-term concessions, so as to bring the cardholder the most affordable feedback.
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