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Weibo concept, seemingly very hot. Micro-Blog Marketing to follow the fast, more than the current year SNS on the Internet. Because the existence of Weibo has changed a communication model, resulting in a marketing model. Internet push-hands brides think of the commercial value of Twitter, if and official cooperation to do activities, looking at the major portals of micro-blog or local micro-blog, there has been a marketing illusion, that micro-bo marketing can really bring a brand of fire, so send, non-stop send, change the pattern of sent to become a micro-bo marketing short-term mainstream. But the real ability to achieve brand awareness and value conversion enterprises are few. Reason: Positioning is not accurate. First, Weibo marketing is an illusion of word-of-mouth transmission, and the actual addition of the concept of powder and broadcast. In the Internet traditional marketing sense, microblogging marketing is interactive nature of the entertainment marketing, not suitable for all enterprises and corporate culture and products.

Internet pushing hands the bride thought as a marketing name, in the planning of a marketing project, must understand why marketing, how to sell, what can get, to do plainly marketing. If marketers themselves are also confused, just follow others, the end is a lot of waste of time, energy, manpower, material resources, but finally empty-handed. and microblogging marketing in the absence of a large number of commercial premises, it entered a kind of marketing misunderstanding. Just listen to people say micro bo Good, listen to media reports that micro-bo marketing Good, blindly follow the trend.

In fact, Weibo marketing is deeply rooted in the media hype. But the media hype microblogging, one is the microblogging platform in marketing their own, because the microblog itself needs to be promoted. Second, Weibo is a new thing and has news value. For the news media, as long as there is news value of things, they will report. Third, some enterprises or individuals in the microblogging of the wind marketing their own. VANCL, for example, registered Weibo as the first time Weibo was launched, and announced a high-profile announcement of its success in Weibo marketing. But in fact, in the microblog marketing itself, and did not achieve how successful, its success lies in the media through their own to create micro-bo marketing typical cases, and then widely disseminated, including the previous period is very popular "where the object."

So how does Weibo itself affect the value of digging? Take a look at some of the successful cases:

Mr Obama's example: the example of the successful running of the US president by the microblog, is the most classic case of success, and is also widely praised. Its success lies in narrowing the gap with the electorate through Weibo. During the campaign, the younger brother's team will interact with their constituents on Weibo every day, and imagine that a big man on weekdays is often chatting with us on a small microblog, can we not vote for him? In fact, the PLB rivals have also launched Weibo, But the guy just used Twitter as a one-way messaging platform. As a result, he did not value voters, and voters did not value him. It should be said that micro-blog here only played a role in the bridge, because the pony has been very well-known, but the lack of communication with fans platform, Micro Bo here is not the only tool, if there is no micro-blog, there are SNS, blog to choose from.

Public Security Micro Bo: In a few months ago, Guangdong Zhaoqing opened the first public Security micro-blog, in the community caused a huge response. This greatly changed the public security department in the minds of the people's image, greatly narrowing the relationship between the police. In fact, this safety and the safety of pony, there is a similar.

Harem Elegance: Harem Elegance is only half a success story. Because the early days he did successfully fried himself, but the speculation is too false, too obvious. Have not started to advertise their products, has been let people see through. And the harem elegant also can not calculate the pure Micro Bo marketing, because she plays or the old routine, walk or other network Reds walk rotten disgusting route, but with the help of Micro Bo this new platform, did an event marketing.

VANCL: As I said, VANCL's success is not that he really succeeded through Weibo marketing. But is that he through the media to hype himself into a typical case of Weibo marketing.

Through these cases can be seen, the network push the bride thought to succeed through micro-blog marketing, only through micro-blog itself is not up to, need a lot of other conditions to cooperate. Any marketing means is not independent existence, must be complementary with other methods. Successful network marketing, must be integrated marketing. Here is a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Weibo and its role.

The advantages of Weibo marketing

1, information release convenient, simple. A micro-blog, up to 140 words, only a simple idea, you can complete a message release.

2, interactive and strong, can communicate with fans instant, timely access to user feedback.

3. Fast propagation speed. The same interesting news, reproduced in the forum is far less than micro-blog, because the advantages of convenience, microblogging is easy to share.

4, accurate crowd, close to the user group. The number of fans in a certain period of time means that this is a group of potential users, effective contact with users, consultation with the market and the collection of user experience.

The disadvantage of Weibo marketing

1, need to have enough fans to reach the effect of transmission, popularity is the basis of Weibo marketing. It should be said that in the absence of any popularity and popularity of the situation through Weibo marketing, it is difficult.

2, because the new content of micro-blog generated too fast, so if the information released by the fans did not pay attention to timely, it is likely to be buried in the vast amount of information.

3, time consuming cost. Because the amount of information on Weibo is large and short. Need to be in order to increase the fans constantly brush screen.

4. Micro-blogging is a single form of expression. Only 140 words + pictures or videos, and sometimes many products or activities can not be covered, which led to the current marketing model single. That is, the vast number of gifts to give customers the main products.

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