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Q: What is the meaning of cloud computing and what are the important features?
A: Cloud computing is an important form of information infrastructure and application service in the Internet age, which is an inevitable trend of the new generation of information technology intensification. It provides efficient, low-cost, low-power Computing and data Services to support all types of information applications with resource aggregation and virtualization, application services and specialization, on-demand provisioning and agile service models.
Cloud computing has important characteristics: resources, platform and application professional services, users to get rid of the reliance on specific equipment, focus on the creation and experience of business value, resource aggregation and centralized management, achieve scale effect and controllable quality assurance, expand on demand and flexible leasing, reduce the cost of information and other characteristics.

Q: What achievements have been made in the research and development of cloud computing in China during the "Eleven-Five" period?
A: In recent years, our Government attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing, the cloud computing as a key development of strategic emerging industries, in some cities in the first to carry out cloud computing services innovation and development pilot demonstration work. Several provinces and cities also issued a local cloud computing strategic planning, set up a local cloud computing alliance, and organize local key enterprises to jointly carry out cloud computing services, policies and other aspects of the exploration. Under the Government's active promotion and deployment, China has accumulated a batch of technical achievements in the aspects of Petajoules computer, high-end fault, network computing platform Software Technology, PB (petabyte) level mass storage system and data processing technology.
Large-scale Internet enterprises have developed the basic information resource services, such as cloud host, cloud storage, open database and so on, and achieved good results. Telecommunications and IT equipment manufacturers have a certain strength in the technology development of cloud computing dedicated servers, storage devices, private cloud solutions for enterprises, dedicated server products have begun to enter the international Telecom operators also rely on the advantages of network and data center to start the layout of the Cloud Computing Center, IDC (Internet Data Center) enterprises rely on their own data centers, to begin to provide flexible computing, storage and network resources and other services; Software vendors are gradually turning to the field of cloud computing.

Q: What are the problems that need to be solved in the development of cloud computing in China?
A: China's cloud computing development faces many challenges, the main performance is: in large-scale resource management and scheduling, large-scale data management and processing, operational monitoring and security, supporting the core of virtualization, such as the key products and technologies to restrict the development of the critical product and technology still need to break through; cloud computing service capability and level compared to developed countries, Cloud computing service industry is relatively small, business is single, cloud computing standard system is not perfect, and cloud computing security related data and privacy protection, security management and other aspects of technology and regulations are not complete; cloud computing industry chain and ecological environment has not yet formed, to the traditional industry information support is insufficient.

Q: What can the Chinese cloud bring to the people?
A: Cloud computing combines the High-tech features of grid and supercomputing with the popularity of the Internet, achieving a balance between technology, cost, and business models. The implementation of China's cloud will provide a new mode of information service for hundreds of millions of netizens, which embodies the trend of the development of information industry from user self-sufficiency to socialized service mode. Users can easily access Low-cost computing and storage resource services, as well as education, health, social security and other areas of cloud computing applications. Cloud computing will bring new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, reducing the huge number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China's information costs.

Q: What key technologies do we need to break through to implement China's cloud specific planning?
A: The focus of China cloud is to emphasize system integration and industrial impact, and to achieve the goal of building autonomous and controllable cloud computing technology systems and systems solutions. China cloud special needs to break through the cloud computing architecture, computing, storage, management, application support, mass data processing and other common key technologies. such as supporting the million-level concurrent task Cloud server node technology, support 100,000 level node effective interactive data center network structure and communication stack technology, support identity authentication, encryption and isolation of hardware security technology, large-scale distributed data sharing and management technology, resource scheduling and flexible computing technology, user information management techniques, Run control technology, safety management and protection technology, application service development and operation Environment technology, application Service interaction technology, cloud Computing data Center green energy-saving technology and so on.

Q: "Twelve-Five" What is the key task of cloud science and technology development in China?
A: "Twelve-Five" China Cloud Science and technology development of the key tasks have the following four aspects:
(1) To study the overall strategy and overall deployment of cloud computing development in China, put forward the overall plan of cloud computing technology system and industry development in our country, and study the establishment of cloud computing technology standard system;
(2) To break through the architecture, basic hardware, core software, supporting platform and other cloud computing common key technologies, master the relevant core intellectual property rights;
(3) The development of complete sets of equipment, including Low-cost, Low-power, high-performance Cloud operating system, cloud server, cloud storage, cloud computing Center network Large-capacity switch, etc.
(4) In the Public service area and the national key industries to carry out the typical application demonstration, in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, service industry and other fields to promote cloud computing application and service model, encourage traditional industries to use cloud computing to upgrade the level of information, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Q: What expected results will be achieved after the implementation of the plan?
Answer: Through the implementation of China Cloud special planning, China at the "Twelve-Five" will have the independent control of cloud computing technology system and complete sets of software and hardware systems, forming support for all types of cloud services common technology solutions to achieve cloud computing products and services industrialization, to promote the cloud computing industry chain of improvement, driving other industries information upgrade The main expected achievements include: independent research and development of cloud operating system, cloud storage System, Cloud Server system, cloud computing large capacity switches and other complete sets of systems, to achieve support for billion-level user management, billion-level concurrent processing, EB-level data storage and access and billion-dimensional intelligence analysis and other core technical capabilities -oriented public service and national industry key development demand Construction application demonstration base, we should establish an open China cloud public service and management platform, cultivate and support a number of competitive core enterprises, promote the transformation of traditional industries, support the development of modern service industry, and provide unique cloud computing services for the benefit of hundreds of millions of public users.

Q: What is the relationship between China's cloud planning and triple-net integration, mobile Internet, IoT, smart city, dual integration, modern services and other major applications?
A: Triple-net integration, many major innovative applications such as mobile Internet, IoT, Intelligent City, informatization and industrialization, and modern service industry depend on the backend computing platform for a large number of users concurrent access, a large number of parallel processing of computing tasks, massive data storage access and large data-oriented high dimensional intelligent analysis and processing capabilities. The implementation of cloud specific in China can provide the basic support and comprehensive solution of computing platform for these important applications.

Q: What is the relationship between cloud computing and key technologies such as High-performance computing, broadband networking, and information security?
A: Cloud computing provides efficient, low-cost, low-power Computing and data Services, while High-performance computing services in the pursuit of floating-point computing performance of scientific engineering calculations, a more concentrated customer base, High-performance Computing can provide the public with supercomputing services through cloud computing.
Broadband network can provide high speed Network load capacity for cloud computing and its applications, cloud computing application is a kind of important business of broadband network, which can greatly promote the development of broadband network.
Cloud computing and its applications need to rely on a credible security infrastructure and corresponding protection products, cloud computing can also provide new technical means for information security.

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