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Absrtact: Red meter note and Huawei Glory dispute, eventually triggered a series of domestic mobile phone brand eight nuclear new thousand machine war. But in fact, the cool big God is the first launch eight nuclear new thousand Yuan machine's domestic handset brand. How is the great God of cool? And then


Red meter note and Huawei Glory dispute, eventually triggered a series of domestic mobile phone brand eight nuclear new thousand machine war. But in fact, the cool faction "Great God" is the first to launch eight nuclear new thousand yuan machine of domestic mobile phone brand.

How is the cool "great God" progressing? What are the next products and market moves? The author recently and cool send the Internet and electric business President Hao Fanghao a dialogue, information points are as follows:

1. The name "Great God". This January, the cool faction announced the launch of the Independent electrical goods brand "Great God", the reason for the naming has been the industry's concern. Hao Fanghao said that the great God is a cool group of mobile phone team "brainstorming" decision, in the online games are very powerful players are often called "Great God", the cool faction choose the name of the Big God brand is: First, with very strong internet color; is a heavyweight player.

2, will not reduce prices. Cool faction launched the "Great God F1" is the domestic first eight nuclear thousand yuan below the mobile phone, the price is 888 yuan. But Lenovo launched the "Gold Fighter" S8 has put eight nuclear cell phone thousand yuan to 788 yuan, Tcl is the price of the war to 778 yuan. Hao Fanghao that, as the first product manufacturers will certainly lose in the price war, but to achieve the product to meet the needs of users, basic design and materials can not be saved, so rely on a simple match price war is not a good strategy.

3. Product layout during the year. The great God will launch 2000 or so flagship products, the second quarter will launch the 4G big God mobile phone, the planned year will gradually cover the great God products within 2000 yuan of different price range.

4. Why supply is insufficient? Great God F7 is the domestic first thousand yuan within the eight nuclear thousand machine, compared to red meter note, such as early two months, cool and upstream chip manufacturers completely did not anticipate the demand for explosive growth. In fact, the general chip from the additional order to the mobile phone factory needs about three months of cycle, from April, the great God capacity will begin to fully release.

5, cattle grab goods. The domestic market any hot products are inseparable from the ox, red rice So, cool great God F1 is so, in Zhongguancun and other offline market has been fried to thousand yuan. Hao Fanghao revealed that his own this time from Shenzhen to Beijing, the most important purpose is to negotiate with Jingdong to deal with the problem of cattle, the two sides have set up a technical group joint development, is expected to be online in two quarters, will ease the pressure of cattle grab goods.

6, three quarter is 4G mobile phone inflection point. The second half of the domestic smartphone market is expected to complete the full switch to 4G mobile phones, faster than the industry expected, the three quarter should be 4G mobile phone full burst point, the second half of the new year will be fully support 4G.

7, Qualcomm Chip. At present, the new Millennium Machine Market competition, in addition to ZTE "V5" using Gaotong Dragon 400 platform, other models are using MediaTek MT6592 eight nuclear platform. Hao Fanghao said that cool faction and Qualcomm in the great God's cooperation has been planned, will certainly launch the Gaotong Dragon platform of the great god 4G mobile phone.

8, three modulo vs five modules. According to China Mobile March 11, "TD Customized Terminal Products white paper (v2.0 version)" Requirements: Since May 31, China Mobile 4G customized mobile phone will support five models. China Mobile's previous policy swings have sparked many complaints from the industry chain. Hao Fanghao to this, on the one hand, for the cool faction and other domestic brand manufacturers, to improve the standards of operators support attitude, because the threshold of the increase means that the price war manufacturers to reduce. Another aspect, the line of the electricity business Channel product or will have the operator to order the product to have the difference, after all the cost and the user demand is different, the online product three models or will have the market.

9, annual shipments exceeding 10 million units. 2014 is a domestic handset manufacturers full share of the year, millet target 60 million shipments a year, Huawei is the world's 80 million. Hao Fanghao revealed that the cool pie this year the overall delivery target 60 million units, of which 4G mobile phone 40 million units. For the great God, the target year sales amounted to 10 billion yuan, mobile phone shipments of more than 10 million units. In the field of electronic business cooperation, Cool faction and Jingdong signed a 10 billion-dollar mobile phone sales program, and launched the "Buy mobile phone to send car activities", in April 2014 to buy a big God in the east of the mobile phone users, will have the opportunity to take a Volkswagen brand car, from now to 2015 in Jingdong to buy big God mobile phone users, Will have a chance to extract Tesla electric cars.

10, the Thousand Yuan machine is more suitable for the virtual operator. The industry's focus on virtual operators will start business next month, as the great God of cool electricity products, how to negotiate with operators at present? Hao Fanghao said, with the virtual operator, will be the big God mobile phone this year an important sales growth point, expected early thousand models more suitable for virtual operators market positioning, three quarter will complete 4G end market switching.

11, the application is brushed machine. The author of the previous synthesis of various manufacturers and brush machine channel data, domestic brand manufacturers mobile phone products factory, in the hands of users before entering the circulation, application and UI about 30% encountered by the underground brush machine channel replacement. Hao Fanghao that, for domestic handset manufacturers, need to solve this problem from two dimensions: first of all, to do the product, including hardware and software, through the cooperation with the Internet enterprises, will apply access to the system operating level, so that users can more conveniently feel the value of the application. Second, underground brush machine to manufacturers and users will bring losses, cool pie this year set up the Internet center, which has a special team to solve the problem of the underground brush, the user started to know whether the phone is brush machine, manufacturers will also be based on system upgrades to detect, prompting users to security upgrades.

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