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Summary: Today to introduce how to optimize a product purchase page, so that it is the search engine and users are the best. The above figure has listed 15 aspects that need to be noted. The following will be a detailed analysis of their importance. 1 customer Reviews If you're shipping

Today to introduce how to optimize a product purchase page, so that it is the search engine and users are the best. The above figure has listed 15 aspects that need to be noted. The following will be a detailed analysis of their importance.

1 customer Reviews

If you're running an E-commerce site, but don't take care of customer reviews, it's like you have an untapped gold mine. It's not just feedback on the quality of your product, it's also one of the best sources of original content on your site. This is excellent for search engines.

More importantly, all potential customers want to see the opinions or opinions of people who have purchased the product in the past. Often a comment is a key factor in determining whether a guest is determined to buy.

Often see some E-commerce site product page comments empty, or only a few comments, so that people look like the whole site is deserted, no sentiment.

How to collect customer comments:

A long time no comments of guests, over a certain period of time, such as one months, the system automatically default praise.

b After receiving the goods, a customer is sent an email every 1-2 weeks to remind or ask the customer for advice. (Pay attention to the word, preferably the customer as an expert, ask him to give professional views.) )

C Give certain rewards or future concessions to guests who actively comment during the time limit.

D Don't be afraid of negative comments, the guest is not a fool, all positive evaluation is a bit false. (You can set up a mechanism for filtering comments, some comments containing prohibited words are prohibited)

2) Product Video

The product picture is very important, but compared with the video, it is lesser. Especially for High-tech products, such as computers. The role of video is far more than simple pictures. Through video, guests will know more about the characteristics of your product. Virtually to the customer service reduced a certain burden.

More importantly, improve the product purchase rate, if your product is confident enough, or add a video bar!

3 Product related problem aggregation

From the perspective of SEO, product page Aggregation a large number of product-related issues, can greatly improve the relevance of the product page, is to help the ranking of the promotion.

And each question can be a long tail keyword, from these long tail keywords to the guests are very related to the purchase of the product. The two have complementary roles.

From the user experience, each product-related QA is what they want to know most. When they know enough, nature is left to buy.

4 Share button

The share button should come out now when the guest buys the product and finishes at the final thank you page. Everyone after buying things in a state of excitement, at this moment, of course, do not mind a little more to share their own purchases of things. Taobao is doing this, whenever the purchase of things, the share will have Amoy coins reward.

If the installation is Baidu share button, when sharing more people, Baidu search the page, there will be a finger mark.

5) Search Box

It is necessary to search again when the guest comes in and finds that the product is not right, instead of letting him close the page directly.

Therefore, the search box on the Web page to suggest eye-catching points, at least search the button to be eye-catching point, do not hide and tuck.

Like Jingdong's search box to do well, whenever you click on a large category of purpose, the search box will recommend the current category of related products, perhaps just what you want to find.

6 "Click to Buy" button

Can be carefully studied, button on what appears to be more in line with the taste of your customer base.

7 Payment Method

If your site supports "cash on delivery", "installment", "Credit card payment" and other means, quickly show out, don't hide anymore. Also do not use JS made switch display. Openly put it out. Especially installment payments, is a good way to improve conversion rate OH.

8) bread crumbs

This many sites have done, here is not in detail, mainly to let customers recognize their current position.

9) Pictures

A good picture of a product often determines whether a customer buys the key. A good picture, not only need to clear, but also to beautiful, in line with the temperament of your product. A very lady's dress, the color of the picture can be modified a little more beautiful. May be more appealing to the audience.

From an SEO perspective, the alt text in the picture must be added. The text is a description of the picture. When the search engine crawls, it reads the ALT in the picture to see what this picture is about. And spiders will also be included in this picture, to facilitate other people search.

We often look for pictures from Baidu, those pictures are so. Enough pictures to be included, the flow of traffic is also very considerable.

10 Title and description

The title and description are key points to attract the search user clicks. The same product title, perhaps a "package mail" after the word, the click Rate will be greatly increased. And the title is one of the important factors to improve the page ranking.

Generally recommended product keywords appear in front of the title.

The description, although for the rankings, has little impact. But for the user to click, the effect is the same as the title.

Therefore, do not use automatic generation of stereotyped headings and descriptions.

11) Product Description

Show the unique place of your product as much as possible here. For example, whether to mail, how long the warranty period, and other products are different.

Like Jingdong, he will use a subtitle to show the characteristics of the current product, such as this

Title: The Beauty of mathematics

Subtitle: Google blackboard 1 million click, "Tide" the author Wu latest work, Lee Kai-fu recommended

After reading the subtitle, is not very want to pay the feeling immediately!

12 Web page URL

For the user, may not affect, for search engines, static URL is necessary.

13 Title use H1 label

The title uses H1 label to SEO influence how big, this is hard to say. Many professional SEO agencies say the impact is not very big. But it's worth it.

It is recommended that all the titles of the product pages use the H1 tag, decorated with CSS.

14) Telephone Number

Often have customers do not like to type on the Internet consultation, one is to feel slow, and secondly is to feel that the said is not clear. So the product page is very necessary to place a consulting phone.

One thing to be aware of is that you need to be bold enough. Don't hide it and let people look around.

15) Company Details

A good company is credible and is one of the ways to strengthen customers ' confidence in buying products.

The company's profile page is recommended for easy writing. Contact address, email address, must appear.

Summary, the above 15 points, mainly from the user experience, psychology and SEO perspective, I hope to give you a reference to optimize the product page.

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