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Rough Green Virtual Host management system

Rough Green Virtual Host management system as a domestic virtual host management system of the first-line brand, with its excellent stability and user-friendly service by the majority of enterprises of all ages, has been in Hebei Netcom, new network interconnection, China's domestic well-known data IDC enterprises successfully stable operation, supporting hundreds of thousands of of customers every day the domain name host management business ...

Features: Complete for the virtual host to provide the agreed system, after purchase can immediately launch the virtual host sales business; Cross-platform support (win/linux); Support for subdirectory bindings and 12 domain name registration interfaces.

Winmydns Dual-line intelligent analytic system

Winmydns is the company launched a new DNS intelligent resolution system. In addition to the general basic DNS parsing function, the system can also automatically identify the source of the browser, and the same domain intelligence resolution to the dual-line machine netcom or telecom IP, so that customers visit your site nearby ...

Features: DNS data stored in MSSQL or Access database, dual-line Intelligent DNS resolution, Automatic downtime detection, DNS mode load balancing, and squid and other Web caching software perfect combination, build CDN accelerator.

MySQL Sync Master

MySQL synchronization master is a professional MySQL synchronization settings, synchronous monitoring, timing backup of the practical software, can automatically set up three different synchronization mode, real-time monitoring of each MySQL synchronization status, as well as scheduled backup compressed MySQL database, synchronization of the exception can be easily handled

Features: Real-time monitoring of synchronization status, automatic setting of synchronization mode, automatic timing backup

IIS Monitor

IIS monitor is a monitoring tool for IIS, you can monitor each site in IIS specific CPU utilization, use of memory, network traffic real-time monitoring and statistics, in order to facilitate network management in many virtual host query out the problem of the site ...

Features: Like Task Manager, monitor each site's CPU, memory and traffic

IIS Backup Restore tool

The IIS Backup Restore tool is a backup and Restore tool for IIS, you can back up the site configuration of IIS to XML files, reload the machine, and then restore him to IIS, is the necessary tool for the network management reload machine ...

Features: IIS site configuration backed up into an XML file, you can re-create independent users and automatically assign permissions

DNS Management components

The DNS management component is a two-time component that is programmed for Windows with its own DNS. Provide VB and ASP examples to facilitate two development of Windows DNS ...

Features: Encapsulate complex DNS Management into an ASP component that is easy to invoke. DNS resolution like ordinary ASP programs

Telecom Netcom IP Collection Tools

Telecom Netcom IP tool is a direct from the international IP distribution agencies real-time access to the latest Domestic IP allocation table tool. And can be directly exported to text (divided into IP segment and IP subnet mask two formats). is to do double line by the necessary tools ...

Features: Green software, installation-free, at any time to obtain the latest IP distribution table, can automatically according to Netcom, telecommunications, railcom and other ISP providers and by province export IP list.

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