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If you're looking to buy a new smartphone (perhaps your first smartphone), it's important to spend your money to satisfy yourself. The choice of smart phones is actually a large part of the choice of operating system ...

If you're struggling with IOS, Android, or Windows Phone and don't know which to buy, the recent foreign tech Web site DigitalTrends The three main operating systems in a horizontal contrast, for each feature and category will be selected winners, I hope I can help you to buy your own desirable smartphone.


When it comes to prices, Apple is always doing the same thing, regardless of which generation of IPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. 200 dollars (about 1230 yuan) of the contract price and 650 U.S. dollars (about 4000 yuan) of the bare metal price, are higher than most opponents. Even the cheap version of the IPhone 5c, which is 100 dollars cheaper, is still not cheap.

Nokia, which has been acquired by Microsoft, has always been adept at producing products of good quality and low prices. Nokia launched a different price of WP system mobile phones, severely restricting the Android and IOS and other competitors in the entry-level market space to play. And the future of Samsung, ZTE, LG, Lenovo and Huawei will also be Microsoft's partners, offering more low-priced smartphones.

Of course, compared to Android, WP is no longer comparable in product categories and sizes. There are a large number of vendors on the Android platform to do their best to produce a variety of ultra-high cost performance models, and Android's free strategy to further reduce the cost of the product. Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, ZTE, Huawei and other manufacturers, are the main source of Android products.

Win: Android


Led by WP, three mainstream systems are beginning to interface simple, flat, easy to operate and colorful style changes. The big difference is that many Android phone makers have customized their own operating systems, so there are many changes. Although the three major systems now have the same interface structure, such as Drop-down Activation Notification Center, application Dock and icon, but in the interface diversity, Android is better than IOS and WP.

The Android L just released has opened up a new "Material design" style, combining minimalism with simple animations designed to create a new Google platform and application style. But it's not clear how much impact Android L will have on the operating system market.

And Apple from the iOS 7 began to the system's design style has become flat and bright, the scene deep change looks very cool, and the change of the icon is very easy to understand. This change is the most obvious difference since the advent of the first IPhone in 2007. But there are still a lot of people who are not satisfied with the changes in the IOS system and prefer the original physical design.

WP is the use of the grid based on the style of the design, and can be adjusted size. It looks like a Windows 8 system, but does not have desktop tools. In the eyes of some users, WP's style is much more fashionable than IOS and Android.

Win: Draw


In terms of the number and quality of applications, WP can lag far behind IOS and Android two mountains.

ANDROID:120 million;
IOS:120 million;
Windows phone:24.5 million.

IOS has always been a top-ranked application in terms of number and quality, and is also a favorite platform for developers. While Android seems to be catching up recently, and Google play stores have more and more free apps and games, they can't compare with IOS in kind and quality.

Win: IOS

Application Store Usability

In fact, the three-platform App Store doesn't provide a perfect user experience, and it's not easy to find what you really want in hundreds of thousands of of apps. However, Apple's App Store is more specific than Google Play in terms of sorting and recommending, and Microsoft's Windows Phone store is ranked the last in terms of aesthetics and ease of use.

Win: IOS

Application Store Diversity

The Android system is easy to install, whether it is connected to a computer copy by USB or downloaded directly. The Android platform also has many Third-party app stores to choose from, although it also increases the risk of malware infection. If you want more store options and simple safety loading pathways, the results are obvious. Android is more open and friendly than its two rivals.

Win: Android

Battery Endurance and management

As one of the biggest challenges of smartphones, battery endurance is always the biggest factor. Since the hardware of the three platforms is not universal, it is difficult to compare them directly. While the IOS system optimizes the power of each MA, Android devices can easily use larger-capacity batteries. In addition, there are many applications to the Android system can accurately estimate the remaining power, and most manufacturers also provide a saving mode, can be low to a certain level, reduce performance or shutdown background programs.

and Android L will be built-in battery protection options, and WP system allows users to turn off the background function and unnecessary other functions to save electricity. Although Apple gave a more detailed description of how the IOS 8 system works on the battery, it still lacks effective lighting management applications or measures. In a comparison, the IOS 7 system consumes very quickly.

Win: Android

System Update

All three platforms are doing well on system updates, and every few months will push over a wide range of upgrades to fix bugs and add new features. And since both Apple and Microsoft are themselves controlling the pace of the system's upgrades, they are better at compatibility and real-time than Android.

Although Apple leaves a few last year's products on the market every year, the problem of system shredding is best solved. When Microsoft abandoned Windows Phone 7 users, Google's most serious problem of fragmentation, let us remember deeply. Unless you are using Nexus equipment, will be the first time to receive updates from Google, or whether Sony, Samsung or LG, if the OEM manufacturers do not act, you may never upgrade. Another part of the user is still limited to the operator, not necessarily qualified to experience the latest Android or WP system features. So Apple is doing best in this area.

Win: IOS


Although three systems have a number of customizable elements, it has to be admitted that this is definitely the advantage of Android. With the new machine, you can set up your own experience, install a desktop launcher, change the system's operating interface, set the lock screen interface, multiple background switches, resize the desktop widget, and quickly launch icons. and IOS and WP can only provide limited options, only setting the background and the Quick Launch icon.

WP system can change the size and color of the magnetic paste, in WP 8.1, the background image is added, while IOS 8 may add some widgets in the future, but it is only limited to the notification center. In addition, Google has been allowing Android users to install Third-party input method, although Microsoft has been improving the default input method, but has never opened the door to third parties. and IOS 8, which will be officially released this fall, is opening up to third-party input methods.

Win: Android

rooting, bootloader and jailbreak

For Android devices, once you get Root permissions, you can change the system as you want. It's not for everyone, but you can get more apps, no need to wait for the latest system, the latest operating interface, get rid of bloated carrier-pre-installed software, or even dramatically increase the speed of your equipment or battery time.

And many Android companies even offer official bootloader tools to make their phones more deeply customizable. This is a situation that Microsoft and Apple absolutely do not allow. Only a very small number of WP models can be rooting and bootloader, while the IOS system's jailbreak is always with Apple for a confrontation. Even the jailbreak is just bypassing the app Store installation applications and some of the system plug-ins.

Win: Android

Phone and SMS

The three platforms have all the advantages of this feature. Google has integrated everything into the hangouts, through Wi-Fi networks, texting and even video calls. and FaceTime and imessages in IOS can almost do the same thing. Microsoft offers deep integration with Skype and supports other platforms in addition to Windows. While Hangouts cannot work on Windows, imessages and FaceTime only support communication between IOS and OS X systems.

Win: Draw


The default e-mail services for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone are very good and can be set quickly. You can switch between multiple e-mail accounts and view them in the same inbox. In addition, Android and IOS also provide a large number of Third-party e-mail service applications.

Win: Draw

Peripheral Products

According to data from the survey, the IPad and IPhone users are more likely than Android and WP users to spend money to buy matching peripheral products. Apple has teamed up with neighboring vendors to build a complete ecosystem for iOS devices. Many manufacturers have launched their own products for the IPhone, while Samsung Galaxy S5 is behind. On the other hand, both Android and WP use the standard MicroUSB interface, while Apple is sticking to its lightning interface, so if you're not using the iphone, it's easier to find a generic charger. And you don't have to pay a lot of extra for the converter. While peripheral vendors still use IOS users as their primary target, it is hard to find devices that do not support the MicroUSB interface.

Win: IOS

Cloud Services

Apple is lagging behind in cloud storage and automatic backup. Both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive offer 15GB free space across platforms (although Google Drive does not support WP platforms at the moment), ICloud users have only 5GB free space available and are limited to Windows, Macs, and IOS. In addition, if you need to spend money to buy additional space, Google Drive cheapest, 100GB capacity every year as long as 24 dollars (about 145 yuan), Apple 50GB a year 100 U.S. dollars (about 615 yuan), Microsoft 100GB receives 50 dollars a year (about 307 yuan).

Win: Android

Photo Backup

If you use Google + on Android devices, you can automatically back up all of your photos and videos, and you can also use Google + in IOS systems. OneDrive supports automatic backups of all three systems, while Apple's iCloud only backs up 1000 photos of the last 1 months and does not include video. While the IOS 8 system can be as permanent as the other two systems backup photos, but only 5GB of space and Google Drive and OneDrive 15GB capacity compared to the small, or too stingy.

It is also noteworthy that Google Drive can back up photos and videos indefinitely, and only the original resolution photos occupy space.

Win: Android

Voice assistant

There has been a lot of comparison between Siri, Google now and Cortana in recent times, and three-bit voice assistants can interpret or execute various commands. Siri is like a simple assistant, setting up calendar appointments, Web searches, and dialing calls; Google Now can provide additional useful information without the need for users to ask questions; If you allow Google Now to collect data, It will automatically provide you with your nearest restaurant or your favorite team's performance.

Cortana not only completes the work of Siri and Google now, but also calls and alerts within third party applications and even sends messages to contacts. It looks like Microsoft has put a lot of effort into Cortana and will be a huge advantage for the WP platform in the face of IOS and Android.

Win: Windows Phone


All mobile platforms support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connectivity, while Android and WP better support NFC technology, more convenient for close-range data exchange and mobile payment business, but IOS is not currently available. NFC can be used for fast file transfers, sharing contacts or Web links, and even controlling the playback of music on a mobile stereo. However, WP's current support for NFC is not very good, but in the latest WP 8.1 will be improved.

Win: Android


Most malicious applications target Android devices, so security is always the biggest hurdle for Google to face. But as long as users can no longer download apps from the Google Play store, they won't face much security problems. And the App Store, developed by a giant like Samsung, has the same security.

And Apple is doing very well in this area, for the safety of ordinary consumers is very secure, especially the latest touch ID fingerprint identification and cooperation with IBM for enterprise users, can help Apple better guarantee customer security. And that's one of the biggest advantages of IOS versus Android. As for the Windows Phone system, because of the popularity of the current level is not enough, so there is not much malicious software for WP interest. But Microsoft's security reputation among business users is also relatively good.

Win: IOS


Three platforms offer excellent map solutions, most of which are similar, including offline downloads, traffic analysis, and navigation. Google Maps, however, must do better in this area, offering more detailed points of interest, more detailed information and precision.

Win: Android


The camera is another area where Apple has a huge advantage. Although the Galaxy S5, Lumia 1020, and so on pixels surpass the iphone 5s 8 million pixels, you have to say that only the iphone 5s is the most satisfying color, detail and overall effect of the photo.

In addition, the iOS camera application interface is also quick and easy to use, not too much responsibility for the adjustment and settings, anywhere can be photographed. and Android because many OEM manufacturers will add their own photo application, so many features are actually useless gimmicks. And Apple is no doubt a winner.

Win: IOS

Ease of Use

At present, the three platforms after years of development, have become very intuitive and easy to use. If you're an older user, it's not appropriate to have some complex operations like Android. But Samsung, for its part, has developed a "simple model" to simplify the operation of mobile phones, or to install Third-party applications to achieve the same goal. Both Android and IOS have many applications dedicated to older people.

Some people think Android is more complicated than IOS, but it's a bit too absolute. As long as you don't want to, there is no need for a deeper customization. And WP is more intuitive in the interface, in the simple settings, there is no more choice can be depth adjustment.

Win: Draw


Android is by far the most full-featured platform, coupled with the support of Samsung, LG and other manufacturers, consumers have more choice of products at different prices and more free space and customization options, can be based on their preferences to create a perfect smartphone.

Google's cloud services and apps are also a big driver of consumers ' attention. But the biggest downside to Android's biggest advantage is the fragmentation of the system. The experience gap between the flagship model and the entry model is too great, and many users have a poor impression of Android, even though Google has been trying to close the gap.

IOS is a very stable, mature platform, and provides a unified operating interface. The best App Store, the most peripheral device options, and the best camera, all make it easier for Apple to get things done. In addition Apple to the system version of the update is strictly controlled, whether consumers or enterprise users, can experience the first time the latest version of the system.

The disadvantage of IOS is that the price is too high, too closed, lack of customization and less kind of cloud services.

In this comparison, Windows Phone is always in the "soy sauce" position because it has the shortest time available, but Microsoft is chasing Apple and Google with relentless effort. In the future WP 8.1 system, we can see very obvious progress, especially Cortana voice assistant advantage. However, the lack of high-quality application of the problem is the biggest soft spot WP platform. However, in the ease of use, WP can not be lost to IOS and Android. Microsoft's powerful cloud services, as well as its popular Office tools, can appeal to many corporate users. But for now, there seems to be no other reason to have a strong appeal to consumers, except Cortana.

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