IOS "Cool running every day" ipad version of the Crack Brush graphics tutorial

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The ipad version of "Every Day cool run" Brush Division Tutorial (1) "Every day cool run" is the micro-letter game of the fifth game, "every day cool run" Of course, also live in the App Store free list of the first place. But I believe that users do not want to fall behind other small partners, so how to brush out high points? Today's small edition to teach everyone is the ipad version of the ~ipad version and the iphone version is roughly the same, the ipad users look down ~ "Every day Lianmong" ios cracked changes to the version of the magazine iOS Edition "Every day Lianmong" Fast Brush Division auxiliary Graphics and text detailed tutorial iOS version "Every day Love Eliminate" Quick brush and text detailed tutorial ios "Master of Rhythm" cracked brush graphics and text tutorial million points first introduction to ios "Every day parkour" brush points to assist the revision of high and low graphics strategy 1. Make sure your device is a jailbreak device (you can find the software in the red box below to show the Jailbreak software). 2. Install eight artifact "install eight artifact Tutorial" 3. Open eight artifact, choose "Cool run every Day". 4. Enter the "Every day cool run" began to play (do not use props), in the process of playing when the first flight to eat, quickly pause "This method is the most important is hands, must quickly and quickly pause!" 】
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